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3. What could go wrong?

2. Lily, the Succubish Genassi

1. The Drafting Board

Succubus-Genie Lily: Airplane!

avatar on 2024-07-09 10:19:16

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At 11:02 PM (28 minutes to takeoff), Lily burst through the airport doors flushed, sweaty, and panting. At some point in the run some onlooker had made her change her boots to sneakers and given her a headband to jog in, and of course now she smelled great, but really, Lily didn't care, since the rest of the changes had made her a faster runner while she was at it. She kept jogging, carry-on trailing behind her, until she finally got to the end of the line at the airport's security at 11:03 PM. The pungent aroma of her succubus-spicy sweat was turning heads, and a handful of the airport customers into athletic types certainly appreciated the view, but thankfully none of them were horny enough to really cause her problems. The man she'd flashed was still horny for her, though, so of course her cheeks must've looked great while jogging, but of course he wasn't there to see it, so no problems for now.

At 11:05 PM (25 minutes to takeoff), Lily realized she DID in fact have a serious problem for now. The line had hardly moved since she got there, and looking at the length of line in front of her, she swiftly realized there was no way in hell she was getting through security and making the plane at that rate. She grimaced; she'd cast a spell for good luck on this trip earlier, but she didn't have the magic energy at the moment to make getting through this line any faster, with how much she'd been burning, nor did she have time to drain someone for it without ending up Bound. Maybe there was another way? If only she'd gotten pre-cleared by security; there was no line over in the lane for those pre-cleared, of course, but Lily hadn't had the foresight to get clearance beforehand.

11:06 PM, 24 minutes to takeoff. Lily caught sight of the guard at the end of the pre-cleared line. Her succubish senses told her immediately he was a tit man, into feet, voyeurism, and scent play, but things like public sex and humiliation were turnoffs. A risky idea occurred to her, and she sighed, knowing she was probably going to regret it later.

11:07 PM, 23 minutes to takeoff. "Hello?"

"Good evening. Identification, please?" The guard at the end of the pre-clearance line asked, standing up a little straighter now that a customer had shown up.

Lily reached into her purse and pulled out a federal ID card, enchanted to match her glamour. The guard took it from her and ran it.

11:08 PM, 22 minutes to takeoff.

11:09 PM, 21 minutes to takeoff.

"Ma'am," the guard began patiently, "you're Lily Lanoya, yes, booked for flight 316?"

"That's right. Is there a problem?" Lily asked with feigned innocence, tilting her head cutely and blinking at him though her big green eyes. She sensed the flutter in him when she did so.

"Well, I've found your flight, alright, but it hasn't been pre-cleared. I'm afraid you'll have to get in the other line," he said, gesturing towards the long, slow, winding river of flesh she'd just come from.

Lily pouted, again intending to look unintentionally cute. "It should be pre-cleared. I paid extra for that!" she complained.

"Did you keep the receipt?" He asked, keeping a Poker face.

Lily said nothing. After a beat to let it sink in, she opened her purse and started rummaging around in it.

11:10 PM. 20 minutes to takeoff.

Of course she didn't have the receipt in her purse. It was mostly just to keep his eyes on her while she changed more into his ideal girl. Her fuzzy white sweater morphed into a tight white tank top, low cut enough to show plenty of her cleavage. Of course, around him, there was much more cleavage to show off, since he wasn't so keen on the modest handfuls Lily had had before, so much as the huge, chest dominating watermelons Lily would have after the change. Jutting out from her tank top, they were easily her new body's most noticeable feature, made proportionally even more obvious by Lily losing a little height for him. Her hips and butt (thankfully, given the other guy's ongoing fantasy) slimmed down a little too; this particular gentleman like them to flow down her legs and into the sneakers where her feet were hiding.

"No, no no..." she muttered, "maybe an electronic record...?" Lily pulled out her phone and started clicking away. Of course it was an action that just so happened to make her new huge squishy boobs wobble just a little for him.

"M-Ma'am...?" the guard stammered, wide-eyed, slack-jawed, and openly ogling at one of the hottest girls he'd ever seen. How lucky he felt, that she just walked up to him on his shift!

11:11 PM. 19 minutes to takeoff.

"I can't find it!" Lily finally declared with an adorable little whine. "But I know I had pre-clearance! I was counting on having pre-clearance! If I don't get through I'll miss my flight! Isn't there any way you could just let me through anyway?"

Then she hit him with it. The Puppy-dog eyes. A quite literally magical look on her face custom-made to melt his heart like butter in a saucepan.

"M-ma'am... uh..." the guard could hardly think in words. "It, it would be a big security risk. We uh, we can't just let... well, we can, but we don't, because, uh..."

"Look, sir, the security thingy isn't the problem for me, the problem is that line, and missing my flight!" Time for the kicker. "I'd be totally okay with taking off my shoes for you, letting you take your pictures and search my stuff and whatever, but I NEED to get by you, VERY soon! Isn't there anything you can do!?"

And just like that, Lily was cutting to the front of the other line, escorted by her new friend.

11:17 PM. 13 minutes to takeoff.

The guard had certainly made it an experience to relish. She had taken her time, hopping from one foot to the other, breasts bouncing wildly while she wriggled her beautiful sweaty feet out of socks and shoes for him; Letting him breathe in the scent of those sweat-soaked things, saturated by the jog she had from the subway to the airport; posing in the X-ray machine while her carry-on and shoes were scanned; letting him "sneakily" save the images for later; she even had him "steal" her socks before getting her shoes back, no doubt so that later he could sniff one and masturbate into the other. 3 Wishes he'd be getting for his trouble, but LATER. He didn't do it on the job, thank her lucky stars, wouldn't Master her until her body had been at least 30,000 feet in the air. But dammit, she could hardly wait until then!

After all that work she'd done on the subway to calm herself down, she'd just had to go right back to being a needy, horny mess, desperate to please and be used and get fucked by the latest random stranger and his contagious fantasies! She couldn't stop herself from imagining him squeezing her soft, giant milkies, or burying his face in her cleavage and whiffing in that creamy dairy scent, or licking clean her pretty little feet while she fingered herself to it... If he didn't know as well as she did that that was inappropriate here and now, she might not have been able to force herself to saunter off and away toward her gate.

11:20 PM. 10 minutes to takeoff.

Lily plopped down into one of the chairs at her gate, and tried to breathe. The walk there from security was HELL, thanks to her new chest. Unreasonably big boobs, especially on display as they were now, always seemed to make her that much more of a sex object to everyone; nobody missed an opportunity to ogle her now, not even people who weren't really into giant breasts. And from those who WERE... Lily didn't just want them touched and bumped and squeezed anymore, she desperately needed them sucked and fucked and milked and tortured, she wanted to moo like some slutty cow while the men around nursed from her, she wanted them to inflate like balloons the more she was fucked... one passing hentai addict even left her with a craving to have them impregnated by having her nipples penetrated (whatever the hell that was supposed to mean).

But nobody was masturbating to her. Everybody together was making her horny in ways mortal minds could scarcely even imagine, but no single person controlled her. Yet.

A signal sounded from an intercom. "FLIGHT 316 BOARDING IN 5 MINUTES. REPEAT, FLIGHT 316 BOARDING IN 5 MINUTES."

This is going to be a long 5 minutes, Lily thought, squeezing her own boobs together in an attempt at relief.

11:21 PM. 4 minutes to boarding.

Sitting still, and being alone with her thoughts, was not at all an easy thing for Lily right then. It was only an opportunity for her Succubus half to remind her just how many people wished they could have their way with her, and for her Genie half to command her to let them have their way with her. The guard at airport security couldn't stop thinking about her dainty little feet; the guy she flashed on the subway was still picturing that enormous, cushiony ass; and even just sitting their at the gate, people were actively stealing glances at her buxom chest any spare moment they thought she wasn't looking. Lily felt like she was on fire.

11:22 PM. 3 minutes to boarding.

Lily was letting herself go again. It was just like on the subway, she was too horny for restraint now. In fact, the absurd fat ass she'd had back on that subway was the first to come back; her hips flared, her thighs bulged, her peach bloomed. The nervous sway she had back then returned, and if she were standing up she'd be practically dancing for the planegoers' viewing pleasure. I know I shouldn't, but I'm already basically on the plane, right? she thought, as her tight black leggings turned back into that flowy, revealing skirt. And I can't stand this anymore! Her hair grew out long, luscious and silky, pooling in the chairs besides her, and her midriff disappeared, showing off a perfect, lean abdomen. Her lips, poutier; her shoes, heels; even her carryon changed to something more fashionable. Economy Class might be turning into a fucking orgy thanks to me!

11:23 PM. 2 minutes to boarding.

First Class introduced itself to Lily shortly after she turned herself into the local zenith of feminine allure. A guy with money and a spare ticket just found a use for the latter; Lily immediately sensed in him a fantasy of her sucking him off from a seat beside him in First Class.

"Hey," he said, in his best attempt at sounding cool. "I'm Jason. Are you flying alone, little lady?"

"Oh? Hey, Jason. I'm Lily." She sighed, heaving her huge tits at him with the breath. "And yeah. Got one of those cheap tickets for economy class, so I dunno where I'm gonna end up. You know how it is."

Lily pretended not to catch him glancing at her chest again. "Ah. That's a shame. Feel like upgrading?"

She tilted her head at him, blinking her big, vacant eyes. "But like, the plane's about to take off. I can't just go to the front desk and upgrade now, can I?"

"Not from them, silly, from me!" Jason produced a boarding pass. "I have a spare seat reserved right next to me in First Class! It's a funny story, actually: I was supposed to be accompanied on this trip, but she couldn't come because-"

Lily's breath hitched abruptly, and whatever the rest of that story was, she was no longer listening to it. Someone had just grabbed their dick, with her on the brain.

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