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2. Lily, the Succubish Genassi

1. The Drafting Board

Lily, the Succubish Genassi

avatar on 2024-07-09 10:14:58

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Aware FTF MC Magic Mem Myth TF Unaware

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Her human form stared her back in the mirror anxiously, desperately hoping she was plain enough for tonight.

Of course, she was still impeccably beautiful. It was almost impossible for someone with so much succubus blood in her not to be. Right now, the human form Lily had shapeshifted up for a disguise was a somewhat older woman, maybe in her late thirties, nervously fluttering her perfect black eyelashes around brilliant green eyes that looked uncomfortably through their glasses at the pretty pink lips she was chewing on, like a model playing the airhead and blushing adorably for her photoshoot. She'd made herself tie her perfect blond locks up in a bun, and conjured up a fuzzy white sweater that stretched only a little too tightly around her body, and a long, calf-length olive green skirt to hide her legs, only revealing a little pantyhose flowing into plain black heels. Her body type, thanks to her shapeshifting, was leaner than she normally would've liked: her curves pert but slender, her muscle visible but gentle, her form tall but not not imposing. The succubus in her rebelled at something so conservative: it demanded SKIN and CURVES, it wanted her SEXY, it wanted her to turn heads and collect stares, not dress up like some clueless Mom on her way to bible study!

But this would do for tonight. Beautiful, but not distractingly so. It would have to do; she had a plane to catch, and she couldn't afford to miss it because the Genie half of her had her bound to some Master at departure.

Lily conjured up a silver watch to accessorize the outfit, and checked it. 10:23 PM. Her flight would be leaving in a little over an hour, so it was time to get going. She pulled her suitcase out from its hiding place, grabbed her purse, left her room, and stopped to listen. Moans, from Mommy and Mama's bedroom, just as usual. Her Succubus half felt the sexual energy coming off her demonic Mommy, thrusting a dick she'd wished for into the Mama that granted it, over and over, as they would probably all night long. Neither of them had any idea she was running away, thankfully, even as she was now, packed and ready to leave. No goodbyes; Mommy would never stand for Lily going away without her, she'd.. "punish" her for it, Lily realized with a pang of unwanted desire. Good riddance, Lily thought. I'm 18. I'm old enough for this! Even still she sighed, feeling that pang of lonely nostalgic finality that comes when it's time at last to leave the nest for good. I'm sorry, Mama, she wanted to say her Genie mother. Someday, when I'm Free and living for myself, I'll come back and Free you from Mommy too! It wasn't a Wish enough for Mama to read her thoughts, she was careful enough about that, but part of her hoped Mama would sense it anyway. It was, Lily hoped, the last interaction she'd have with them for a long time. Then, nervously, she left.

Thankfully, it wasn't snowy or rainy outside, but still cold and windy enough to keep random passers-by off the streets, and away from the single pretty girl they might have gawked at on her way to the airport. It was dark enough that there wasn't much to see of said gawk material anyway, but even so, Lily found herself grateful for it; the last thing she needed was some stranger getting pervy ideas about her. It stayed that way for a few blocks of walking to the subway station. Lily held her breath when she got there, heading down the steps into the metro; but thankfully, even for that time of night there were few people in those concrete halls, and she released that breath at the turnstiles. Mingling in public, especially with oh so many random strangers, was always awkward thanks to Lily's "condition", and truth be told she was dreading having to do what she was doing on her own; but it seemed that just as she told herself, she was just worrying too much! When the train finally arrived, she was delighted to see that it too only had a handful of passengers aboard, and she felt more confident than ever climbing into the subway with her luggage, purse atop her suitcase, for what would be 7 stops to the airport and freedom! She stayed close by her exit door, picked a pole to stand by, turned to said door, and smiled as she waited.

That smile vanished almost immediately. Someone on the train was staring at her ass.

Lily felt the stare. She didn't need to turn around; in fact she was trying not to. She just knew someone behind her had a penis that was twitching at what rump it could see in her snug olive skirt, and alarmingly, her own pussy was throbbing sympathetically with it. Please, no! she wanted to cry out, as both her Succubus and Genie halves started urging her to please this new onlooker, whomever he was. Her succubus half knew automatically it was a virgin, probably a college kid just starting to explore his sexuality away from home, who was developing a fascination with the feminine lower body, unfortunately for her. Already she had a good idea of his tastes, his fetishes, what exactly it was he wished for in a girl, and as for her Genie half... well, it made his wishes into her commands. Her butt had already bubbled out a little by the next stop.

Stop, stop, stop!! She thought, trying to resist the the urge to change her glamour for him. If he ends up jerking off to me before my plane takes off, I'm gonna miss it! She realized, even as she willed the hem of her skirt higher up her legs with her magic. By the time she realized what she was doing, it was just above her knees. She put a stop to that and tried to breathe, at the next stop. Why won't that perv look away!? she complained internally, just before her senses as Succubus told her because he thinks he can look all he wants without getting caught, as long as you're facing that way. He thinks it's hot, on some level. Well, of course he did, but Lily wasn't going to turn around and tell him off! She knew that despite herself she'd just end up flirting with him if she turned around: giving him a sly wink... blowing him a kiss... giving her firm ass a little smack, as if inviting h- Lily abruptly realized this was his fantasy, not hers, and snapped out of it. I just need to control myself, Lily thought just as they arrived at the next stop. He's not even hard yet, dammit! I can make it to the airport, no problem, lemme just... and as the train started moving she shimmied a little in place to readjust her skirt and squeeze her thighs a little.

This was a HUGE mistake. He got hard watching her, and before Lily's conscious mind even realized what was happening her hips had grown wide, her thighs had grown thick, her cheeks had grown heart shaped, and overall she had become a pear straight from the pear-iest and most absurd fantasies of his conscious mind. Unconsciously, though, he knew she could be bigger, and where she was horny before Lily was positively wet now, thinking of how wild she could drive him with her new body and a little bit of magic. Of course, like all mortals, he hadn't actually noticed anything had changed, nor could he; he just knew he was transfixed with this random girl's absurd posterior, the one that had come onto the train obliviously swinging her hips and swaying in place with what seemed to be a nervous tic, one that just so happened to drive men like him crazy.

Lily bit her lip and held back a moan as her changes slowed with the train at the next stop. God, why!? she thought, swaying her hips back and forth in a new bad habit meant precisely to show them off. Why now!? He's gonna fuck me for sure at this rate! She could feel other passengers, what few there were, starting to stare too. And why wouldn't they!? Her new ass was ridiculous and she was flaunting it! By the time the train was rolling again she was changing her clothes even more, pulling the hem of her skirt dangerously high up on her thighs, and her pantyhose to stockings from which her thunder thighs bulged out just above the knees. Worse, the skirt became also flowy and loose, hinting slyly at her panties in the breeze. She shouldn't have done that, she knew she shouldn't, but she simply couldn't help herself now! There was no denying it anymore, she wanted this, she wanted to flirt with this stranger, she wanted to make his wildest fantasies a reality, she wanted to show off and flaunt her ass and make him make a wish on her Succubish Genie half and bind her to him as another Master. And now, there was an obvious way to do it.

Lily's purse shook ominously on her suitcase as the train hit a bump. Don't fall, the rational part of her mind thought, even as overwhelmed as it was with the desire to see otherwise. Of course, she already knew subconsciously he wanted to see it fall too. If I do that, that image... it'll burn in his mind's eye, and then I'll-

The train braked coming to the next stop, and with a little nudge from Lily's magic her purse fell to the subway floor. She wasted no time bending over to pick it up. Of course her way-too-short skirt rode up way-too-high, so the only thing between him and her spectacular Succubus-Genie ass was a s t r e e e t c h e d pair of lacy white panties doing their best at the impossible task of making her look decent. Of course, they failed, since they were soaked through and only translucent at her cameltoe, and elsewhere could only dream of containing the big bubble butt bulging beside their borders. She swayed it to and fro, as was her habit now, in an uncontrollable attempt to get him to... to...

Hang on, where was he? Lily stood back up, pulled the hem of the microskirt back down, and looked in the direction she sensed his boner was coming from. She only caught a glimpse of him hurrying up the subway stairs before the doors closed and he was gone for then.

So that was his stop. Huh.... Thank god! Any longer and Lily really would've lost control of herself! Did he even see her flash her panties at him?

... He did. Oh, he definitely did. The train was already moving full speed again, but regardless of the new distance between them Lily could still sense that image, for however briefly he actually saw it, burning fresh in his working memory and keeping his cock rock hard for her and her incredible ass. It was part of his fantasies now. She was part of his fantasies now, Lily realized with a groan. Great. Just what I need when I have a plane to catch, Lily thought sourly.

Some types of genies had lamps. Some types of genies had bottles. Some had rings, or urns, or swords, or even more exotic things you had to rub to summon one, but Succubish Genassi? To summon a Half-Succubus Half-Genie and become its Master, the only thing one needed to rub was their own genitals while thinking of the SuccGen in question. SuccGens had more autonomy than their Genie parents in some sense, weren't confined to an itty bitty living space while not bound to a Master, and weren't compelled to grant just any Wish they happened to hear while out and about, but that came at the expense of those types of inner desires their Succubus half made them that much more sensitive to. Sexual fantasies, fetishes, perverse desires: all these were much more valid as "Wishes" to a Succubish Genassi than any random sentence that happened to start with "I wish", and if those fantasies happened to feature them (or their ass) as part of the sexytime, then unfortunately they were just as bound as any true Genie to make it a reality. Like True Genies with their two magic words, though, it wasn't "official" until they had climaxed to the fantasy to seal the deal, and thankfully it was also still usually three per customer.

Not that any of that mattered much when literally any random guy on the subway could look at you, think "hey, she's got a nice butt," and ogle his way into a night of wet dreams come true. We don't even know each other's names, god damn it! Lily thought helplessly. Please, please, PLEASE tell me you aren't running to a bathroom to jerk it to some stranger you can't even name! She was still soaking wet, going crazy sympathetically with his boner, so clearly he hadn't forgotten her... but thankfully, he wasn't immediately running for the bathroom or anything, and 2 stops later Lily was still free to get off at her own station and keep running after her own plane. Well, after she ran to the station's bathroom herself, that is.

This stupid butt's gotta go, she had the presence of mind to realize, rocking her hips on in to one of the lady's room's stalls, and nearly bumping its walls as she turned to lock the door. I'll never make it through security with this! She knew that for precisely the same reason she didn't really want it to go: each glance she got on the way to the bathroom had filled her head with one of the onlooker's new temptations, such that within the maybe-a-couple-dozen yards between the subway doors and said bathroom she'd already picked up a great many terrible urges to have it smacked, squeezed, pinched and slapped and so on, and she was too horny, too subby and eager to please the men outside to get rid of it as she was now. On the toilet, her fingers slid under her waistband to try relieving herself.

That was already a big turn off for her, unfortunately. Neither Succubi nor Genies were built to pleasure themselves alone, and god did she ever know that; if Lily didn't have a very strong fantasy of her own to get off to, she could just end up edging and edging and edging and never actually reaching that release she needed so desperately. She'd had achingly long nights before doing just that, unfortunately. But she COULD get herself off, she just needed the right fantasy to do it!

Of course, unbidden, the fantasies of the men in the metro jumped into her brain, of her getting spanked and sitting on faces and taking plenty of dick up her ass, but she quickly shoved that out of her brain: If she climaxed to that, her butt was probably sticking around for a very long time. Ideally, she'd find something to help motivate her to run away and establish herself and all the rest of what she was trying to do, but unfortunately, that was hard to sell to her pussy. Genies, and by inheritance Genassi, were largely submissive by nature: things like freedom, independence, and personal adventure just didn't get them excited, not even if they also had a very Dommy Succubus Mommy in their blood. In fact, if Lily let her imagination wander, she'd probably find herself fantasizing about getting caught by Mommy instead, and incest notwithstanding, Mommy WOULD make her obey. Mommy thought that she truly owned Mama and her daughter Lily, they were sexy little slaves and fun little toys for her to play with, as she saw it, and worst of all, she wasn't entirely wrong. If something didn't change, Genie and Genassi would be Bound to her as their Mistress together forever, and Mama couldn't have found the will in her to resist if she tried. It was... pretty hot, actually. God dammit, it was smoking hot, and if Lily really wanted to she could've gotten herself off easily to the thought of her sexy succubus mother tying her up and dominating her and making her helplessly obedient once again, and once Lily had gotten off to it she'd run home and confess to being a bad girl and beg Mommy to punish her worthless whore daughter for even thinking of running away. Lily knew she mustn't do that, but that just made it hotter.

Instead, Lily tried to picture the man of her dreams sweeping her off her feet. Prince Charming wasn't like Mommy. Well, he was a little like Mommy, in that he was constantly fucking Mommy's Little Girl like her life depended on it, but apart from that. He was more gentle. More tender. He wanted his new sex slave to be happy almost as badly as she needed to please him as her Master. He wouldn't mind her taking the lead sometimes, when she felt like showing off her experience as a succubus. Nor would he mind her going for a night out to feed as Succubi fed, when he was tired and drained of energy. Maybe, knowing one mortal wasn't enough for her, Prince Charming would get together some of his guy friends to share her sometimes: they'd gangbang her and cover her in seed and feed her a feast of all their combined sexual energy, and all the while Prince Charming would be bragging to his friends all about her. He'd tell them all what a good girl she was, how lucky he was to have her, and most of all, how proud he was, that even with all his Wishes granted and all the Men around happy to use her instead, he was the one she came back to, every night. His deepest fantasy was that she loved him truly, and nothing pleased him more than to see a big, dorky, genuine smile all over her face.

Lily was rubbing herself furiously trying to get off to it. She knew she wanted it, badly, but that just didn't seem to be enough to push her over the edge, no matter how hot, horny, sweaty, or desperate she was. Prince Charming simply wasn't a real person; She couldn't feel him like she could feel the men outside who wanted her to sit on their laps, or the man from the subway who could've pulled her panties down and fucked her right there if he missed his stop, or Mommy, with the constant stream of sex oozing off her. Those were the feelings that really set her cunt on fire, and in comparison to that her raw, aching fingers might as well have been wet matches. She needed someone whose sexual energy she could really feel, someone either just like a Prince Charming or someone who would find him just as hot, someone like... like...

Like Mama. Mama, being a True Genie, could never have dared move against her Succubus Mistress, but that didn't mean she didn't have dreams of better Masters to serve, too. She too had a Prince Charming buried deep in her fantasies, in a part of her mind not yet warped and calloused by Mommy's constant abuse. Mama's Prince wasn't as ravenously sexual as Lily's Prince, nor was he as easygoing with her status as his slave; but he too was a romantic, swollen with pride in his slaves and happy that they were just as happy to serve him. When Lily finally hit orgasm, the image in her mind was taking the place the night after she introduced her Prince to Mama: with a wish, he had changed her vessel into a wedding ring he'd always keep on himself, and once he was sure she wanted it, he went into said vessel with Mama, graciously slid between her knees, and licked her clean. Mama and Lily both belonged to him after that.

"Finally," Lily panted aloud in her hard-won moment of post-coital clarity. Magic energy had flowed out of her as she came, into the universe clearing her way to the airplane, and then back onto her, motivating her to get moving on the quest for that Prince. That moment of clarity was not a moment she wasted; before the stranger's fantasies could set back in and change her some more, she had her body changed again to something less openly provocative and more typically beautiful. It wasn't quite the same as it had been before, most notably swapping out the skirt for tight black leggings around legs that were just a bit chubbier and wider across, now matched with fluffy fur boots and her hair down for some reason, but it was much, much better than before. As that change set into reality, the horny memories of the subway strangers evaporated, and along with them most of their lust for her, with only here and there a must-have-been-imagined vision remaining. Even the man she flashed had apparently calmed down, she sensed, though he still had an embarrassing boner for what he now thought was a very random fantasy that had just popped into his head, as happened with young men sometimes. Little did he know it was still her. That he was still fantasizing about Lily even now was probably going to be annoying to deal with, she thought, but those fantasies were less intense and much more manageable for Lily now. She just had to get to the plane without losing focus again.

All the way through the terminal, through security, to the gate, and onto the plane, through however many crowds there were bound to be, without what happened on the subway happening again.

Lily checked her watch. 10:49 PM. Less than 45 minutes to takeoff, and she wasn't even at the airport yet. Fuck, how long was I masturbating!? Lily grabbed her stuff, rushed out of the bathroom, and was practically sprinting to the airport.

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