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12. Ruminations

11. Meet the Goodfellows

10. Making Themselves at Home

9. Mischief in the Making

8. Robyn the Fairy Princess

7. Don't Try Keeping Secrets From

6. The Fairy King

5. Jon stops by the Lake Point Ma

4. Meet 40 year old Jon

3. Jon wishes the stone to his fu

2. Jon tries to get some sleep

1. You Are What You Wish

Fairy Adoption: Ruminations

on 2024-05-06 23:49:02

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Titania hummed merrily to herself as she sashayed through her new domain. She'd left her daughter getting her nails painted by the ensorcelled Skylar. It was obvious to the older fairy that Robyn was naturally enjoying the topsy turvyness of taking the Duncans' roles, like any fae would, even if she was cutely trying to fight it due to her old human memories. Well, it wouldn't be long till her darling dew drop saw the light; she was her mother's daughter after all.

As she strutted through the halls of the Duncan house in her stolen outfit, Titania waved her her hands about letting her magic spread. Just as she'd done in Robyn's room, she was eliminating all signs this mansion belonged to the Duncans and replacing it with the Goodfellows. A wedding photo on the wall suddenly had 'Tania' in the dress and 'Oliver' for the groom, all the credit cards and financial documents bore new names, all of the human gizmos were taught their new masters, and on and on. Arriving back on the ground floor, the fae queen flounced onto the couch, stretching out and relaxing in her new home for the foreseeable future. "Oh, Rachel, please attend to me," she called out.

It only took a moment for Rachel Duncan to come running, wearing a similar maid uniform to her daughter and magically eager to serve the woman who'd usurped her position. "What can I do for you mistress?"

Titania turned to address her and magically loosened the hold on the human's mind momentarily so she could ask, "what did you have planned for the day?"

Rachel's expression shifted to slight confusion as she answered, "uh, I was going to work out and snap a few pics for the gram, then go do some last minute Christmas shopping. What's going-" the question trailed off as Titania reasserted control and the maid asked, "er, I'm so sorry, what were we talking about, mistress?"

Titania smirked, "I was just informing you that I've decided to skip my workout, since I'm already fabulous, but I'll still be going to the mall for some Christmas shopping this afternoon, so I'll want you to prepare the horseless carriage." With a blink all the presents already under the tree in the hall had their labels changed for new recipients. "In the meantime, fetch me a bottle of red," Titania commanded as she idly picked up the television remote and Rachel scurried off to comply. Titania smiled smugly to see the former woman of the house acting like a simple maid, before flicking on the smart Tv to see what modern mortal telly was like.

Up in 'her' room, Robyn was finally alone and able to take stock of everything that had just happened to her. Well, more or less alone, since Skylar was currently painting her toenails lavender, but the mesmerized teen didn't seem likely to interrupt. Leaning back in Skylar's vanity chair, the fairy princess took stock. In the span of a day she'd rediscovered the wishing rock she'd perhaps prudently sealed away two decades ago, met the two mad demigods who were the source of the stone's wish granting power, found out she'd royally pissed them off by being boring, only to end up adopted by those same beings.

"Well, more than adopted," Robyn muttered ruefully to herself in her lovely little alto. She'd become their daughter literally and on some level knew that instinctively. If she closed her eyes and tried to picture her mother, Titania's face was the first one she saw. She knew academically that Linda and Roger Gibson had been her parents, and she still cared about them quite a bit, but they didn't feel quite the same. They weren't the ones she'd call out for when she was scared, or seek comfort from when she was distraught anymore.

And she certainly looked like their daughter, her current human disguise notwithstanding. That's the best part really! I'm so pretty now, like mum, instead of a fat old man, the voice in Robyn's head inserted into her thoughts, causing her to nod along, again not noticing the slow intrusion of foreign thoughts. She really did feel pretty now, and surprisingly happy about that fact. Changing her entire body was something she thought would make her awkward or uncomfortable, but being Robyn, being a fairy, must felt right. She fluttered her invisible wings and cupped one boob in her left palm, giving it a playful little squeeze. There was no dysphoria; this really felt like her body, like she'd had it all her life.

"I mean, if you think about it," she thought aloud, "things could have gone a lot worse. I mean, being Robyn's not so bad..." She couldn't deny she felt brilliant in her new form; she wasn't sure if all the energy she felt was a result of the change in species or just having her clock wound back, but she was absolutely buzzing compared to how she felt as Jon. She bit her lip, on the other hand, I've totally lost my connection to my old family and friends and Lake Point is about to be caught up in some serious mishief. Not that a little mischief is bad, but...

She couldn't help but worry about Zoe or Linda or Roger or Mikey and so on unknowingly walking into the about to be revamped Lakepoint mall and getting turned into like a gerbil or something. Then again, her mum had promised to put the Duncans back like they found them, so maybe it would be like that for anyone caught up in the fairy magic? Yeah, maybe, just maybe, Robyn could actually have fun helping her folks out with this mall caper; everyone deserved a little excitement here and there, and it wasn't like anyone would really get hurt, right? Maybe she should feel her folks out to see what the plan was, and she could try and steer it in a good direction.

Bouncing to her feet as Skylar finished the job, and drying the polish with an instinctual flare of wind magic, Robyn headed downstairs to find her mum.

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