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11. Meet the Goodfellows

10. Making Themselves at Home

9. Mischief in the Making

8. Robyn the Fairy Princess

7. Don't Try Keeping Secrets From

6. The Fairy King

5. Jon stops by the Lake Point Ma

4. Meet 40 year old Jon

3. Jon wishes the stone to his fu

2. Jon tries to get some sleep

1. You Are What You Wish

Fairy Adoption: Meet the Goodfellows

on 2024-05-05 00:13:11

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Not really knowing what else to do, Robyn let Skylar lead her up the stairs and further into the house, until they arrived at what she assumed was a typical teenage girl's room, albeit a very rich one. As Jon she hadn't seen a wide range, pretty much just her childhood best friend Karyn's, and Karyn Black had been both quite the tomboy and a kid over two decades ago, so it didn't have a lot of resemblance to the one she was in now. There was a canopy bed with a white heart print bedspread in one corner, a big white vanity, a wall mounted flat screen television, a new looking laptop sitting on a fine cherrywood desk, and quite a bit more stuffed into the spacious room. A shelf held what looked like a collection of sporting trophies of some kind and several plushies, there were pink and purple beanbag chairs, and she noticed partially open doors leading to both a walk-in closet and an ensuite bathroom, while on the right wall a big bay window looked out onto a personal veranda that overhung the lake, giving an admittedly spectacular view.

It looked like Skylar had been in the middle of painting her toenails when she'd been summoned, as her left foot was only half purple and an open vial and kit sat on her bedside table. However, one thing was out of place in the room, an old fashioned multilayered maid's outfit was hanging in the middle of the room, sitting in the air as if supported by invisible wires. Skylar closed the door behind them and immediately grabbed the uniform from the air, laying it on the bed, before turning back to Robyn, "I'll be just a moment mistress, sorry for the delay."

Robyn felt her cheeks warm and she turned away when she realized Skylar was starting to change in front of her; she might be a girl of the same age now, but that morning she hadn't been and she still felt awkward about it. She found herself looking out at the view from Skylar's room and wondering at the bizarre turn her life had taken. I mean, I feel like I should be fighting back, but how would I even start to do that? I don't have the stone anymore and mum and dad just want what's best for me after all. She didn't realize the slight shift in her thoughts as an internal voice that matched her new one interjected itself into her ruminations.

"I'm ready to dress you, mistress." Robyn turned back to see Skylar now wearing the petticoats, dress and apron of the maids outfit, her cute casual outfit folded up in her hands.

"Oh, uh, go ahead I guess," Robyn said before Skylar went to work. Moving like she'd done it a hundred time, the new maid removed Robyn's simple slip with practiced ease, before pulling out a pair of black polka dot panties and shimmying them up the blushing Robyn's legs. The pair felt still slightly warm from having been worn by Skylar a few moments ago, and miraculously, just as Robyn was about to point out the issue, grew and refitted to accommodate her slightly bigger rear, fitting snugly but not uncomfortably, the little bow sitting just above Robyn's womanhood.

Then there was the matching bra, which similarly expanded, actually quite a bit more as Skylar helped her gently slip each of her new breasts into the cups. Robyn actually saw the label change as it was shifting, staying the same brand but going form 30-B to 32-D. Due to her fairy anatomy, she hadn't actually been at all bothered by the lack of support, but knew it would be odd for a human girl of her proportions to never wear a bra. Then she had the shirt pulled over her head, pulled to reveal her lovely shoulder just so, noting ruefully she'd pretty much never listened to the modern popstar her shirt now indicated she was a mega fan of, before the shorts were pulled up her legs, mostly leaving her svelte lower limbs on full display.

Skylar then plucked the two golden heartshaped earrings from her ears, before setting them in Robyn's lobes, where they then dangled, and lifted the matching heart shaped golden locket from over her head, to drape it around Robyn's neck, the pendant settling atop her impressive chest. Finally she gathered up Robyn's long hair and put it in a partial pony with the pink scrunchie she'd had on. Minus makeup and the partial nail polish, Robyn was now wearing everything Skylar had been fifteen minutes ago, and she couldn't help admiring herself in the vanity while Skylar stepped deferentially back. Pushing her chest out and twisting this way and that, she couldn't deny she looked damn cute in the causal outfit, feeling a bit of superiority that she filled it out quite a bit better than its original owner. Still, she realized as she frowned a bit, she couldn't help but feel bad for essentially having stolen it from Skylar and she turned back to look at the girl in the maid costume saying, "um, I'm sorry for taking your clothes and stuff..."

The Duncan girl looked confused and shook her head, "no, those are your clothes mistress. I see that now and I wouldn't dream of trying to wear my mistress's clothes."

Unsure of how heavy the magical conditioning was, Robyn pressed, "but this was your room just a moment ago, right? I mean, those trophies on the wall say Skylar Duncan, and there's a picture of you and I guess your friends sitting on the bedside table."

"I'm not sure about the picture," Skylar began, rubbing her temples, before shaking it off and smiling placidly again, "but those are your trophies, mistress. I could never be such a great tennis player as you." Skylar was a very skilled young player, winning several regional tournaments, and planning to join the Lakepoint team when she started school there next semester, but now that wall applied to Robyn.

"It's not nice to push their perceptions," Titania's voice said from the doorway, making Robyn turn to see her mother. Titania was now in the outfit Rachel had been wearing, the red sports bras stretched tight across her glorious melons, significantly bigger even than Robyn's owns, potentially an E-Cup, and her legs poured into the skin tight yoga pants. She even had Rachel's wedding rings resting on her fingers and had shortened her hair to be only a bit longer than Rachel's so it could go into a similar pony; seeing that made Robyn instinctively try and do the same, realizing she could pull her temporarily red hair in to be only shoulder length so the loose pony worked better. Strutting in Titania gestured for Robyn to sit with her on Skylar's bed while Skylar stepped back against the wall, to wait to be called upon. Titania waved a hand at the picture Robyn had pointed out and it shimmered as Roby replaced Skylar in the photograph, and a similar effect permeated the rest of the area, putting everything in Robyn's name or bearing her image where Skylar's had been before.

"I just feel guilty about what we're doing," Robyn tried to explain, "I mean, these are there lives." Surely her mum could understand that.

Titania slung a comforting arm around her, "ohh, you have such a soft heart, petal, but you have to remember they're only human. There's nothing wrong with taking what we need from them. You'll make much better use of it anyway."

I mean, she's not wrong, the voice in Robyn's head agreed, just look how much prettier mum and me are in these outfits than they were, to start with. Robyn shook her head and said "but won't they be missing out on a lot, and what about people who know them?"

"Well, everyone with an important or public connection won't know the difference, since they'll have it with us instead. Your father will take over all of Duncan's financial relationships with no issues, and I'll bet taking charge of all of Rachel's public obligations like running something called an instagram account, and you'll do the same for Skylar. Anyone who knows them personally will just forget about them, so there's no worry about having to bluff. Meanwhile, they'll get the honor of serving fairy royalty."

"If you say so," Robyn said glumly looking down.

After a moment Titania sighed indulgently, "okay, if it bothers you that much sweetie, I promise we'll put them back just like they were when we're done. So long as you promise to let the servants do their work and you take full ownership of the role you've taken without getting all mopey, I'll make sure the Duncans are put back like we found them."

Robyn instantly lit up and squeezed her mum in a big hug, before realizing what she'd done and stepping back, still smiling though. "Oh thank you so much, mother!" That promise let her for the moment at least reconcile her new instincts with the guilt her old human perspective was giving her. Now she was just borrowing all these cute clothes and nice room from Skylar, so there was no need to feel bad about enjoying it. The fact that she was genuinely looking forward to taking on the role of a high school girl not at the moment really registering.

Titania rolled her eyes fondly at her youngest daughter's excitement. (From her perspective the situation was a bit like having your kid name the lobsters at a restaurant to stop you from eating them). She didn't want to spoil her kid, but if a little latitude improved Robyn's attitude, she'd go along. Eventually the princess would hopefully get over her sentimental attachment to humans, but Titania would be patient with her. Besides, putting the Duncan's back wouldn't be that hard, though it might cause a good deal of confusion if the Goodfellows stayed for a couple of years and then zapped the Duncan's back to how they'd been that morning while the rest of the world spun on, but she was sure it'd be fine.

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