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8. Robyn the Fairy Princess

7. Don't Try Keeping Secrets From

6. The Fairy King

5. Jon stops by the Lake Point Ma

4. Meet 40 year old Jon

3. Jon wishes the stone to his fu

2. Jon tries to get some sleep

1. You Are What You Wish

Fairy Adoption: Robyn the Fairy Princess

on 2024-05-02 22:42:34

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Jon was somewhere dark and warm. She wasn't totally conscious, more just floating in a vague realm of simple sensations and emotions. All she knew was she felt safe and calm. Time passed with no markers and she stayed in that state, a bundle of condensed energy, floating along. Then, all of a sudden there was a light in the darkness, first a small pinprick then a gradually growing window that Jon felt herself drifting inexorably towards. Then, all at once, she felt gigantic strong hands grab hold of her and pull her fully into the light.

The ball of energy that Jon had become coalesced into the form of a tiny infant girl with pointed ears, messy celadon hair and tiny black fairy wings. The moment her new lungs sprung into being and air hit her form she instinctively started bawling, most upset to have been plucked from the warm safe darkness she'd been in before. She felt herself being passed from one set of hands to another softer pair and a female voice cooed "there, there Robyn," as the hands drew her close. Jon was pulled against something pillowy and naturally comforting and instinctively nuzzled close as much as she could with her limited mobility.

"That's right my darling girl," the voice gently soothingly said, "your new mummy has got you."

"I have to say, she makes a surprisingly adorable little sprite," a male voice added. "She has your eyes, moonmuffin."

"And your wings, dew drop," the female voice agreed, "but as cute a cherub as she makes, we do need to move things along."

Jon started sniffling again as she felt herself being pulled away from her mother's bosom, threatening to break back into a full wail before a strange energy began coursing through her. As she was set down on the floor, dark green energy began to glow all over her body and she felt her newly realized form shift and change. She was growing at an astonishing rate, in the matter of seconds shifting from an infant through the early stages of childhood until she finally began to slow down as she neared an apparent teenage state. With a flash of light the transformation subsided and a bewildered young fairy woman was standing in the middle of the lounge.

Jon blinked her long lashes, finding herself staring at a mirror she swore hadn't been there a minute ago. Wait, a minute ago; she winced in brief pain as all of her memories that had been suppressed came flooding back to her. Gasping deeply with new lungs, she couldn't help but stare at the reflection before her. The figure in the mirror was like a cross between Jon's niece's fantasies about fairy princesses, and one of those 'anime waifus' Jon and his teenage nephew both pretended the former hadn't seen the latter ogling on his phone the last time Jon was home for the holidays. With pale green hair spilling over her back, a dainty frame, fine elfin features, pointed ears, doelike green eyes, a heaving bosom, tiny waist and big shimmery black wings, there wasn't a single feature Jon recognized from the shlubby pot bellied older man that had been her reflection when she shaved that morning

Everything felt different, from the tips of her dainty little feet up to the points of her wings. Experimentally she tried moving them and jumped a little when they flapped effortlessly, feeling like just another part of her body as natural as a leg or an arm. The movement made her new chest jiggle, and she realized, even though she was quite a bit younger than her mom and Zoe, she'd suddenly become easily the most endowed member of the family in the breast department, even if she wasn't quite at Titania's mammoth mammary level. Her new larger nipples were way more sensitive than she was used to, stiffening a bit from the somewhat cold breeze flowing in from the destroyed doorway, that she now saw looked out straight onto a verdant field.

Breathlessly she ran her thinner fingers over her now perfectly flat tummy, having lost the gut she'd been lamenting that morning and started to explore further down her transformed state, before coming back to her senses and turning back to see Titania, who looked a little tired but smiling proudly, and Oberon looking at her expectantly. "What, what happened to me?" Jon's voice had returned but it was now a high alto, frankly kind of similar to Titania's own voice, just a bit more immature. More bizarrely, she spoke with the same refined English accent both fairies had.

"You were reborn little one," Titania replied as she stepped towards Jon. The Fairy Queen snapped her fingers and Jon suddenly found herself wearing a simple white roman style dress, of some impossibly light material. "You are now our daughter, Robyn. Not your true name, of course, but you'll learn enough when you're old enough to be responsible with it."

Jon scoffed and gestured down towards herself, "it seems my age is highly negotiable at the moment, mother. Why not just skip me along to whatever age you feel is appropriately responsible? Wait, why did I call you mother, why am I British?" Jon absolutely hadn't meant to call Titania mother, whatever the fairy matron had to say.

"Not skipped, sweet one, just set aside for the moment," Titania replied. "Obviously I don't want to miss my own daughter's childhood, so of course you'll get the chance to experience it once we're done acting out our little mischief in the human realm. Thankfully the land of the fae isn't so frustratingly linear when it comes to time. As for why you called me mother, it is because that is what I am."

Oberon leaned forward, "we didn't just transform your body, Robyn. Your mother is very doting and convinced me to rewrite your fate entirely. It was the most drastic way to fulfill that wish to alter Jon's fortune, but your whole thread of destiny has been rewoven. Of course, you'll still have all your memories of your old self, but you should quickly acclimate to your new superior form. Soon it'll be second nature, but for the moment I've put a little charm on you to keep you from slipping up."

"But I'm Robyn," Robyn tried to protest, but it came out all wrong. "I mean, I'm a fairy, a girl fairy. I'm sixteen years old and a girl. I'm your daughter and my name is Robyn and that's who I've always been." Every time she tried to protest she was who she used to be, she found her words coming out differently.

"Isn't that wonderful?" Titania beamed as she stepped forward and pulled the shorter Robyn into a hug. Despite herself and her Jon memories screaming that she should be scared of these two reality bending entities, Robyn felt herself instinctively returning it, feeling an echo of the comfort she'd just felt as an infant. Titania stroked her hair, "you're going to make a lovely Fairy Princess, Robyn."

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