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8. How Helen Met Luna

7. The Costume Department

6. And the Rest

5. Mrs. Luna Nguyen Richmond

4. New In Town

3. UnReality Show

2. A wish for something interesti

1. You Are What You Wish

UnReality Show 2: How Helen Met Luna

on 2024-04-30 23:38:52

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Four hours later, Jon found herself sitting at the end of a hotel bed, alone for the first time since the producers barged into her life and turned it upside down. The whole afternoon had been a blur of trying on, what seemed to her, an impossible array of outfits while the intern Sally tried to fill her in on her assigned backstory. Only a small amount of it had really sunk in, but what had stuck out was the overview of the show's scoring system she'd had explained to her. In general it seemed they could earn points for embracing their new roles, with bigger rewards for more difficult or drastic tasks, but consistent points for routine things too. The whole family would share a point total and be competing with another constructed family, that was apparently going through the same thing in a different city. The eventual season of television they were making would involve a lot of cutting back and forth between them and seeing which family was winning, but during filming it seemed the new Richmonds would be completely in the dark about their competitors except for the weekly point tally. Whichever family had the higher score at the end, would win the big prize money.

Jon sighed and stretched her arms up above her head, trying not to pay attention to the way her new chest jiggled as she incidentally brushed her arm past. If she threw herself into the game, (something she was weighing against her other option of making a break in the middle of the night to reclaim the stone), it seemed she'd have a full slate of optional goals for scoring. There were the easier missions, that tended to be low scoring but repeatable, like using their new names at home, acting motherly to her new 'children', supervising household tasks, cooking, gardening and so on, but the big earning goals would be a lot harder to hit. "How the hell am I supposed to become president of the PTA and/or the country club?" She muttered to herself. Jon was basically a total wallflower and had like three friends; she spent most of her free time playing video games and didn't have the first clue about how to navigate the complex social waters they were throwing her into.

A knock at the door sounded and she snapped her head towards it, sending her long glossy dark hair tumbling across her face. They'd put her in a frankly very nice hotel room for the evening, and she'd kind of assumed they were done with her at least until the morning. "What is it?" She called out, walking towards the door. If they want to stuff me in another evening gown before they let me sleep, I swear to god-

"Oh, I see you changed into your pajamas," Bethany, now in her new Helen form, observed softly as the door swung open to reveal her. Jon blushed a bit, feeling a little self conscious in the set of monogrammed pink silk pajamas they'd provided her. Even if they were relatively modest, it was a loose and light material, and more to the point, fitted enough that her new curves were easily visible. Bethany, on the other hand, seemed to be still wearing one of the outfits her own stylists had given her, and it only made Jon's blush deepen. The statuesque woman was over half a foot taller than Jon's new body, and wearing only an expensive looking single breasted blazer for her top; it was held by one button to preserve modesty, theoretically, but it was clear she wasn't even wearing a bra under it, giving Jon a glorious view of the newly made amazonian bust. She wore matching fitted slacks, and had big square cut golden diamond earrings and a golden Rolex on one wrist, but the piece of jewelry that drew Jon's eye was the big gleaming diamond ring on her left hand, mostly because it was the mirror image of the one resting on Jon's own.

Finding her voice, Jon stuttered, "w-well it's pretty late, and they had me trying on stuff all afternoon..."

Bethany nodded understandingly, an easy smile on her face, "I get it, I'm basically running on adrenaline too. But since we're both still up, do you mind if we talk a bit?"

Jon nodded and stepped back from the door, letting the other woman in. She didn't know exactly how to describe it, but there was some quality to this transformed Beth that was so different from the Ms. Black he knew. The physical transformation was obvious, going from meek plain jane Bethany to Helen's supermodel body was definitely a part of it, but... I mean, is she just more charming, or, I don't know, confident? Bethany took a seat on Jon's bed, crossing her legs and dangling one of the black pumps she'd been wearing off her foot while she patted the spot next to her; "come take a seat, no reason to stay on our feet all night."

A little shyly Jon took the seat, awash in all the new sensations that came from even that simple action, still getting used to that new padding she now carried around with her. Almost instinctively she wanted to lean against the taller woman, but instead she stayed ramrod straight and kept her hands in her lap. "I'm surprised they let you out of your room; I kind of thought we were locked down for the evening."

Bethany chuckled, "I figured there was no harm in asking, and they were happy to let me come over as it turns out. They put me just down the hall anyway, so it wasn't a long trip."

"Did you already check in on Karyn?" Jon asked, curious how her best friend was coping.

The redhead shook her head, "Karyn, or I guess Renee for the moment, will be fine. I wanted to talk to you."

Jon felt a thrill of butterflies in her stomach from the intense focus Bethany was giving her, "oh, so, uh, what did you want to talk about Ms. Black?"

"Please, call me Bethany, or better yet, Helen," she replied before adding teasingly, "after all, we're married now, so we should at least be on a first name basis."

Jon felt her cheeks warm, "Oh, right, I'm sorry about that. I realize this is going to be awkward. I guess we'll just-"

"I'm not," Bethany interrupted, "sorry that is. If anything I'm relieved to have a partner in all this, and such a gorgeous one at that." Jon felt herself getting excited at the offhand compliment, even if it was for a transformed body that she'd had nothing to do with. Bethany continued, "I've done the single parent thing for sixteen years and it'll be a relief to have someone to rely on."

"Oh, uh, that's nice," Jon replied softly, a bit unsure of herself and still not really knowing how to talk to Ms. Black at the moment. Normally she just kind of categorized the woman now sitting next to her, staring at her with vibrant green eyes, as just, 'Karyn's mom' and didn't really think of her outside of that context. Having her sitting next to her, talking to her like a peer, and being so damn hot, was sending her for a loop. Then again, 'Helen' wasn't exactly Bethany in the same way 'Luna' wasn't exactly Jon, at least on the physical level. "I guess I'm looking forward to, uh, working with you too."

Bethany smiled sweetly, and shocked Jon by reaching out to hold her hand before continuing, "Look, Jon. I'm going to put my cards on the table. This show is the biggest opportunity that's ever fallen into my lap, and I think the same is true for your family. The prize money we could win is enough to make a real difference in our lives and I want to do our best to win it."

Jon found herself nodding along; since it seemed unlikely she could easily wish this crazy show away, trying to win seemed like the smart move. Sure, she could wish up money directly, but given how wild the unexpected consequences of her previous wish had been, she was feeling a little gun-shy of the rock, sitting back at the empty Gibson house. Who knew, maybe doing the show could even be a little fun? Besides, the longer the gorgeous 'Helen' sat next to her holding her hand, the more attractive the prospect of being Luna, and being temporarily married to her became. "I get it, we need to be aggressive in going after goals and scoring points if we want to beat the other family."

"Very true," Bethany agreed, "but more than that, I think we really need to embrace our new roles for the duration of the show. All the little daily goals are tied up in being the Richmonds even when we're at home or just with each other. I guess what I'm getting at is that we're the parents and when we move into the new house tomorrow, we're going to have to set the tone. I was hoping we could have a united front when we reunite with the kids."

"So, like, I'll call you Helen, and you'll call me Luna?" Jon asked.

Bethany nodded eagerly, "yes, and more than that though, Jon. We're going to be the mothers, with all the authority and responsibility that comes along with that. I know that's a bigger change for you than for me-"

"Yeah," Jon jumped in, "I still can't believe I'm supposed to be this 36 year old mother of four."

"Well, don't tell the production staff, but you look closer to 26 than 36, whatever your new license says, not that I'm complaining," Bethany teased. "I know it'll be an adjustment, but there are a lot of upsides, right? You're not a kid anymore, you're the woman of the house. You'll make the rules, set the curfew, and get to make the big decisions. Hell, I think they told me you have, like, an incredible wine collection now, and you're old enough to enjoy it."

Jon turned the idea over in her head, and found herself seeing the appeal. It'd be kinda nice to have the shoe be on the other foot with her parents, being the one in charge of them for once. Plus, I think the Richmond's are supposed to be totally loaded, so it's not like the 'responsibilities' are going to be that rough. Jon was about to reply when she became aware of Bethany leaning down to whisper directly in her ear, "it also means we'll be married. Luna and Helen are supposed to be totally in love, college sweethearts and frankly, looking at you, I think the romantic goals they gave me will be the easiest points to earn. Unless you disagree?"

The warm breath of the other woman on her ear gave Jon the entirely new sensation of her nipples stiffening and a building need between her legs, altogether distinct from the feeling she was used to getting from that area. Turning to face her 'wife' she found herself gasping, "no, I think I'm looking forward to that, Helen."

The newly minted Helen grinned like the cat that caught the canary, before using her free hand to cup Jon's cheek and pull her into a kiss. For Jon it was her first, and, even if it wasn't long, the feeling as their lips touched was electric. As she gently pulled back, Helen softly replied, "I'm happy to hear it, Luna," before slowly rising back to her feet.

Luna felt like she'd had a bucket of cold water dumped on her as Helen drew away, disappointment starting to replace the bubbling excitement she'd been feeling. "Oh, right, I guess you need to get back to your room; we probably both need our sleep for tomorrow."

Helen turned around and said, "what are you talking about? We're married, darling, of course I'll be staying. I just need to get out of these clothes," as she unbuttoned her blazer to let her ginormous rack sway freely. Somewhere in the far far back of her mind, a tiny voice was telling Luna that a woman of Helen's age with boobs that big should be dealing with serious sag, not to mention back problems, but, considering her new spouse's nanite forged body was ignoring those facts, Luna did too, instead just fighting the urge to drool.

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