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5. Regeneration Like Doctor Who

4. Transform

3. Play Transform or Dare

2. Transform Your Girlfriend

1. The Drafting Board

Transform Your Girlfriend - Transform Or Dare: 1st Girlfriend Regeneration

on 2024-04-16 23:39:04

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"Now for your "Transform", whenever you turn on, you will regenerate into a completely different person like the show called 'Doctor Who'," you answer to your girlfriend as she laughs.

"Teeheehee... wow, that's... well... pretty nerdy, honey. I didn't realize you are a fan of Doctor Who." your girlfriend replies as she's teasing you. "I bet you're a Doctor Who fan after all, aren't you?"

"Well, not really. I was THE Doctor Who fan when I stopped watching the 13th Doctor," you say as you're a little disappointed.

"Don't worry, hun. I know how you feel." your girlfriend says. "Anyway, who do you think I'm going to be when I'm regeneration? Or what will I look like when I'm a completely different woman when I regenerate."

"I don't know, babe. Probably, someone randomly. But we'll see when you're turned on," you reply.

"Well, okay,... but come to think of it, why do I feel so horny of all sudden?" Your girlfriend asks as she turns on.

"Umm... babe... you might as well look at your hands, they're growing..." you tell your girlfriend as you look at her glowing hands.

"Oh my god, it's happening." your girlfriend responds.

"Babe, did you just turn on?" you ask.

"Well, yeah, I guess. I am regenerating hun. Just like you just said." your girlfriend answers. "And why don't you just stay back while this... is... going to... get... Aaaaahhhhhh"

With that, when she almost finished her sentence, your girlfriend's body glowing as you've seen Doctor Who do this in the TV show. It's so bright that you can't see her body as she's transforming... or should you say regeneration. So the 'Transform or Dare' actually worked, your girlfriend did regenerate. 50 seconds later, when your girlfriend's regeneration was complete, her whole body stopped glowing as she was no longer your girlfriend, she was now...

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