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4. Transform

3. Play Transform or Dare

2. Transform Your Girlfriend

1. The Drafting Board

Your girlfriend choose Transform

on 2023-10-31 16:07:07

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Magic TF

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"Hmm... I think I'll choose Transform." Your girlfriend answered with her excitement.

"Transform, huh? I thought you're going for a dare but awesome. Transform, it is." You said as you as you're excited as you get to transform your girlfriend. "So for your transformation,... er... hold on..."

You then try to think as you don't know what kind of transformation for her to be. Dammit. "What's wrong, hun? Is it hard for you?"Your girlfriend asked you.

"Wha... n, no, I'm just trying to think." You respond as you're stressing out a lot. "C'mon, gotta think fast."

"Y'know, we could quit the game if you want. Don't force yourself into this game, hun." she said as she worries about you.

"Oh wait, I got it." you replied as you figured it out.

"Are you sure? Well, okay, I'm listening, hun." Your girlfriend, wait to hear your response.

"Now for your transform,..."

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