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6. "I wish my daughter was her no

5. Mom! (She calls her mother for

4. She turns into a slutty versio

3. I wish I was sexier

2. The Changing Mirror

1. The Drafting Board

Like Daughter, Like Mother

on 2023-11-03 09:22:27

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"I wish my daughter was her normal self," said Sally's mother.

Sally was off to the side and couldn't see what her mother saw in the mirror, but her mother suddenly looked terrified and said "What? No --"

Her body then rippled, and suddenly she was standing there altered much as Sally had, now a bronzed, hourglass-figured platinum blonde, albeit one who was in her mid-40s. Her clothing was still vaguely recognizable, with the now-skimpier silk blouse tied beneath her massive breasts, her skirt now short enough to display the lacy tops of her black stockings, her shoes now shiny patent-leather pumps with what seemed to be impossibly high heels.

"Oh, my God, Mom, that's not what you wished for at all!" exclaimed Sally.

"'Mom'? I haven't heard that in a while. What happened to 'Jewel'?" asked her mother.

Sally's mother's name was Julia, and she'd never gone by a nickname, as far as Sally knew. "Okay, Mo-- I mean Jewel, but what about what you just said into the mirror, about wishing me to be my normal self?"

"Why would I wish that?" Jewel retorted. "You are your normal self."

"What?!" Sally stepped closer to her altered mother, so that they were both looking in the mirror together. "You think what you're seeing is normal?"

"Well, of course, honey. I'd always wanted to look like this, but I had to wait until I was an adult. You're so lucky that I've been willing and able to give you everything you need to be beautiful and sexy during your teenage years -- the plastic surgery, the tanning salons, all that crap. My parents wouldn't even let me bleach my hair."

"No, Mom, listen to me," Sally practically pleaded. "This is a magic mirror, remember? And you wished I was normal, but I guess since you were looking into the mirror, it had to change you, so I guess it made you into the kind of person who thinks having a daughter like this is normal!"

"Jewel," retorted her mother forcefully, and then said, "Magic mirror, huh? Then I wish..."

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