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5. Mom! (She calls her mother for

4. She turns into a slutty versio

3. I wish I was sexier

2. The Changing Mirror

1. The Drafting Board

Sally needs her mom help

on 2023-10-30 22:47:29

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Sally didn't know what to do, so she went to her door and yelled "Mom!"

The answer came back from her mother's bedroom. "What?!"

"Can you come here?!"


"Just come here and try not to freak out!"

Sally heard footsteps in the hall, and then saw her mother, already dressed in a silk blouse and knee-length skirt for her job as a legal secretary. Her mother's eyes went wide, and as she crossed the threshold into Sally's room, she started sputtering. "What are you wearing?! What, do you think it's Halloween?! What makes you think you can dress like that for school?! And -- and how did you get dressed like that so fast?!" She seemed to suddenly notice the mirror and said, "And where did this come from?!"

"I don't know!" Sally exclaimed, then said, "Okay, Mom, just take some deep breaths. The mirror was just here after breakfast. I was wondering where it came from, but I was also just looking at myself in it, and I just said, 'I wish I was sexier.'"

She realized her mistake an instant later when the image in the mirror rippled and changed. The reflection in the mirror now had breasts a couple of cup sizes larger, as well as a much thinner waist and noticeably wider hips that gave her a significant hourglass figure. Her skin had darkened to a bronze tan, and her platinum blonde hair was now thick and wavy and down to her knees. Her eyes were a brilliant, sparkling blue, her lips even plumper, her makeup somehow even thicker and more colorful. She still wore a white minidress of sorts, but it was in two pieces, the bottom just a microskirt and the top ending just below her enlarged breasts, and appeared to be made of latex; she also wore thigh-high latex boots, still with tall platforms and high heels. Jewelry had appeared on her, including a small silver hoop through her navel and one through a nostril, plus several hoops in each ear, along with several bracelets, and a ring on most of her fingers.

"What-" began Sally's mother, but then Sally felt her body shudder once again. She didn't need to look down to know that she'd changed once again, to match this new reflection. She moved an arm and heard bracelets clink; she could feel the odd sensation of latex against her skin.

"I-I -" her mother stuttered, but couldn't spit out what she was trying to say. She looked from her drastically altered daughter to the mirror, back to Sally, and back to the mirror.

"It's a magic mirror, right?" Sally asked. As she spoke, she felt an odd weight in her tongue; she reached with a thumb and finger -- almost poking herself with nails that were now even longer and curled slightly into talons -- and cautiously felt what she realized was a metal stud.

Her mother had walked around and ran her hand over the back of the mirror, apparently examining it for a manufacturer's label or some other explanation. She walked back to the front, facing it directly with her hands on her hips, seemingly contemplating her own reflection. She took a deep breath, and finally said...

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