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6. Nano Case 87 - Bridal Party Sh

5. Case 62 Resolution

4. Nano Case 62 - Basic Couple

3. IOC: Nano Complaints

2. The Institute of Change

1. The Drafting Board

IOC: Nano Complaints Case 87 - Bridal Party Shenanigans

on 2023-10-10 09:29:33
Episode last modified by B5 on 2023-10-10 09:47:48

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Age Aware FTF SciFi TF Twin

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Henny was back in the office for another day of dissatisfied customers. “Fuck me this is why we need to be regulated.” She said as she opened the dashboard of complaints; a list that was impossibly long and longer by the day. She moved slowly, and as if she had arthritis pains, although there was no actual pain there. “And this damn uniform requirement is such bullshit.” At 22 she should not have grey hair pulled up in a tight bun, need glasses, nor having sagging breasts but the IOC required her to have the look of a matronly librarian for these meetings. “I mean why do I need fucking control hose?” She said with a smoker’s voice.

Full body Copy

Physical Change: Copy current physical form of Trinity Matherson prof 57940305

Mental Change: None

Other Change: none

She skimmed the complaint and pushed a button on her desk, and after a moment the door opened.

“Have a seat” Henny said, not looking up from the screen and seeming disinterested. She read from the screen some more. “So one of you is a copy of the other.”

She looked up and saw two women in their early 20’s. They were identical in hairstyle, facial features, and build, but while one was wearing a simple blouse, jeans, and sneakers the other was wearing a tube top and a jean skirt. Her big hoop earrings and multiple gold bracelets made her seem very expressive.

“Yes.” The girl with the simple blouse and an upset expression said.

After a moment of dead silence in the room Henny asked, annoyed “And which of you is the copy?”

“Her, obviously!” Said the girl who was plainly dressed.

“Nothing is obvious. I don’t know you.” Henny said. She looked over at the twin that was dressed more nicely. “So you know you can’t change back because of the nanos. I don’t see what’s wrong - you look just like her. Nice earrings by the way.” Henny said.

“Thank you!” The dressed up girl smiled.

“What’s wrong is there are two of me and she is fucking up my life.” The plain girl said.

Henny looked at the other girl. “Is this true - are you impersonating..” she looked back at the computer screen “ Trinity here?”

“No! Not at all. I mean, not since the wedding which was why I changed in the first place. Because Trinity couldn’t be bothered to come to her best friend’s wedding.” the twin said. “I’ve been straightforward that I’m a 53 year old aunt this whole time.”

“But those photos you keep posting are of MY body. Not yours. And she has a whole porn site now. And I was quarantined in Africa. I couldn’t leave the country!” Trinity said.

“It’s not porn and it’s only a profile. But what can I say? I’m hot now. I am going to enjoy it.” The twin said.

“Yes it is April! It’s fucking porn. You are naked. My boss has photos of me masturbating! Well, you but same difference!” Trinity exclaimed.

Henny interjected. “Okay, enough bickering. So you are upset that the product worked as designed. I don’t see how this is the IOC’s problem.”

“She wasn’t even supposed to take the nanos. It was supposed to be her niece - my friend - and then she was supposed to change back after. Not this permanent bullshit.” Trinity said.

“I don’t understand” Henny said.

“Okay, so I was stuck in Africa on quarantine. I couldn’t leave for 3 months. My best friend was getting married and we decided that we wanted someone to be me so we can have pictures together. Tina - Her niece - was supposed to fill in for me; we’ve known each other for years and she was going to the wedding anyway and was happy to be the maid of honor. Well, instead of going to the IOC and paying full price like she was supposed to - I mean I was going to cover the cost anyway - she got lazy and went online and ordered these damned nanos. Didn’t read a damned thing.
Next thing you know Tina is talking about being me for the wedding at a family dinner and this bitch gets the clever idea to steal the vial and take it herself. And now I’ve got some menopausal woman running around in my body fucking my boyfriend and god knows who else.”

“I didn't know it was permanent, but i’m not upset now.” April said with a big grin.

Henny struggled to hide her smile. She was liking this aunt more and more - this job can be boring and April is a decent agent of chaos. “Fucking your boyfriend?” She asked.

“Yes, at the goddamned wedding she pretended to be me and surprised my boyfriend and then fucked him after the reception.” Trinity said.

“It was amazing.” The aunt said smiling.

“Fuck you bitch. And she was acting all slutty at the wedding and everyone thinks that it was me.” Trinity said, pulling out her phone and showing a video of the aunt posing as her giving a lapdance to the groom during the reception. He looked uncomfortable.

“Well, did the wedding photos go well?” Henny asked.

“Yeah, I guess they went great.” Trinity said. “Like, i’m in them but not me. She was pretty good there.”

“Yeah, I made a great you and now I’m being a great me!” the aunt said.

“You’re ruining my fucking life! My employer has contacted me about my conduct online and I have to explain it all away every fucking time!” Trinity exclaimed.

“Okay, so I think I have a solution. The nanos worked as intended and your friend signed the release forms. There’s nothing I can do to reverse this but I do have an idea of a way you can fix this. You said your life is ruined and that you can’t live it anymore. I can give you a discount for permanent change that I think should fix your issues.” Henny said.

“I’m open to anything at this point.” Trinity said, exasperated.

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