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5. Case 62 Resolution

4. Nano Case 62 - Basic Couple

3. IOC: Nano Complaints

2. The Institute of Change

1. The Drafting Board

IOC: Nano Complaints Case 62 Resolution

on 2023-10-10 09:09:19
Episode last modified by B5 on 2023-10-10 09:41:38

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45 Minutes later:

Henny watched disinterested as the doors to the IOC booths opened up. She felt so uncomfortable in her control hose and mules and just wanted to go back to her little complaints office, even if it smelled like potpourri and butterscotch candies.

“You just had to make them this big didn’t you,” a petite blonde woman said, in a cutesy voice. She hefted a C cup breast in her hand with a slight frown.

“Aw come on babe, you know you were a breast man. I needed something for me.” a ruggedly handsome man with a 5 o'clock shadow and a soccer star’s haircut said.

“Well, you’d better not forget what it's like to have a pussy later. If you get to ogle my tits I’d better get some fun on my end.” the girl said, a little too loudly.

“Oh that's not a problem.” The man said. “So dinner?”

The girl’s stomach growled. “Yeah, I guess so. Damn I wish I could have, like, pizza. Can we stop by the coffee shop on the way out? I need me some Frappe I guess.” she said, a bit dejected.

“Sure thing babe. I think it’s wings and fries for me tonight. Or maybe a steak again. Fuck I can eat all the Onion Rings I want!” The guy said, happily.

As they began to walk towards the mall’s coffee shop the girl’s eyes drifted over to a lingerie store. “You know… I need some new underwear…”

The guy’s pants showed an instant boner. “Lead the way.”

“Nice! And then some more shoes. Can’t just wear boots all the time.” She said, eying a shoe store down the hall.

Without emotion, Henny trundled back into the offices and opened up a new complaint.

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