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4. AF: John, Divorced Father, exp

3. AF: John, Divorced Father, exp

2. John, divorced father

1. Altered Fates

Brad's Box

on 2023-06-16 18:13:51

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John sat down on the end of his bed and took a look at the boxes, trying to decide where to start. Chuckling, he slugged back his beer and decided if this worked, he would rather not transform into a copy of his daughter. At least not on his first try. Even in his buzzed state, John figured that might be a little too weird. So for now, he was going to start with Brad's box. At least if he became Brad, he would still be male. Where to start? Something from Brad's childhood like his T-Ball jersey he wore when he was in kindergarten or first grade? Or his cub scout uniform? He last wore that when he was around 10. It would be kind of cool to be a kid again, but what if he needed to go somewhere or something. He obviously couldn't drive or go out alone if he was in a little boy's body. John chuckled again at the absurdity of the idea that magic medallions were real. "Oh well, I've gone this far. Might as well see if this thing works." He decided to try out Brad's football jersey from his senior year of high school. "If this thing works, I'll at least be an 18-year-old male. I was one once, so it won't be too strange."

John cracked open his other beer, slipped the medallion over his head and grabbed Brad's jersey. Taking a long drink from the beer, John touched the jersey to the medallion. He felt a shock like from static and a tingling all through his body as if all his muscles had fallen asleep and were trying to wake back up. All at once. "Whoa! That feels weird. Maybe this thing really does work." John held the jersey to the medallion as he got up on unsteady legs and stood in front of the full-length mirror on his closet door. He watched in curious awe as his hair began to thicken up and take on a lighter shade. "That's weird. I know Brad's hair was longer and thicker than mine, but it's basically the same color." As he watched, he could see that instead of growing the couple of inches to reach Brad's height, he was somehow shrinking. He also noticed that his shoulders were narrowing, and his facial features were softening. "Oh no! Brad must've let Amy wear his jersey!"

Amy was Brad's girlfriend during his senior year. She had moved to town at the beginning of the senior year and Brad had fallen hard for her almost at first sight. Amy's dad was military, so they moved a lot and she had learned not to get too attached to a place or it's people. While Brad seemed to be head-over-heels for her, Amy just liked to have a star varsity football player as her boyfriend. When her dad got orders to Europe at the end of the senior year, Brad was devastated. Amy and her family left about a week after graduation and Brad was still not over her leaving.

John watched in shock as his hair continued to grow longer and lighten to nearly platinum blond. At the same time, his whole body was changing. He shrank down to Amy's petite height of 5'2". His beer gut and love handles shrank down to Amy's thin waist and flat, toned abs. His hips and breast expanded at the same time. John remembered that Amy had a curvy, yet athletic body. You could definitely see the results of her active lifestyle. Amy was a cheerleader, dancer, and gymnast. She had also lettered on the swim and tennis teams. All these changes were too overwhelming for John and he started to become light-headed. He slumped down onto his bed and continued to stare at his reflection as he took note of the changes to his face. His eyes seemed bigger and a deeper shade of blue. John's eyes had always been a blue-grey color, but Amy had deep blue eyes. She also had naturally long eyelashes, a small, button nose, high cheekbones, and bee-stung lips. All-in-all, she was beautiful. And now John was her for the next 12-hours.

After sitting and staring at Amy's reflection for a while, John felt a familiar feeling in his belly. He needed to pee. All that beer was overloading his now tiny bladder. John stood up and started towards the master bathroom. Taking his first step, he tripped over his much too large pants and fell face first onto the floor. When he hit the floor, he had a new and unusual sensation. Apparently, breasts are more sensitive than he was aware. He rolled over, sat up and rubbed his breasts. John sat there trying to clear his head from the alcohol and the fall. He decided that he needed to take off his male clothes before he really gets hurt. He reached down and unbuckled his belt and slid his pants down his now smooth, toned legs. He then stood back up and realized his t-shirt now hung down almost to his knees, and his boxers were too big at the waist, even for his now wider hips. "In for a penny, in for a pound," he said as he giggle and slid the boxers down to the floor and pulled the t-shirt over his head. Leaving his clothes in a pile he hurriedly made his way into the bathroom to relieve himself.

At the toilet, John realized just in time that he needed to sit down now in order to answer the call of nature. He sat down and tried to pee. He figured that even though the "plumbing" was different, the act itself was probably very similar. He just needed to relax and let it go. Once it started it was like someone opened the floodgates. He felt the relief in his tiny bladder as the fluid flowed out of his new equipment. When he finished, he knew he needed to wipe. He got himself a small handful of tissue and wiped, then flushed. Finished, he stood up and stared at his reflection while he washed his hands. He was studying everything about his borrowed face. The light freckles across the nose, the plump lips and sparkling white teeth, those startlingly blue eyes! Wow! He was now a gorgeous babe! He giggled again at the thought that he was a babe.

John started to feel a chill and decided he needed to look for clothes that would fit his new body. Going back into the bedroom, he dug through Brad's box but didn't find anything he felt would fit his small body. Looking over at Sara's box, he figured she might have something he could use. Sara and Amy had been friendly and had occasionally shared clothes, so he knew they were close enough in size. John opened Sara's box and found her cheer outfit, some yoga pants and sports bras, a bikini that he thought would be way too revealing for his daughter, some tiny shorts and crop-tops, and her prom dress. John set the cheer outfit and prom dress aside and picked a pair of yoga pants and a matching sports bra. He was already beginning to realize that his new breasts needed support. He also found a few pair of panties that could only be described as micro. But something was better than nothing to cover up his new womanhood. John pulled the sports bra over his head and down over his perky new C-cup breasts. The bra sort of squished is boobs against his chest. He then pulled a pair of the tiny panties up his legs and realized why the seemed so small. This pair of panties was a thong. John looked at the others and realized they were all thongs. Shaking his head and resigning himself to the fate of having what amounted to a string in his new butt-crack. He then took hold of the yoga pants and pulled them up his legs. Turning around he looked at his reflection and realized he looked very athletic and sexy in this outfit. His shape was very much on display in this outfit. The sports bra didn't cover much and the tight, yoga pants left little to the imagination.

Still feeling the buzz from the beer he had been drinking before the change, John staggered back over to the boxes to look for something to put on his feet. He found a pair of socks but no shoes. He slipped the socks on his feet and stumbled over to the dresser where he left his beer. He picked up the beer and took the last small sip. He didn't like the taste and realized he now had Amy's tastebuds. "This magic medallion is amazing! Changes everything. Even my tastes and preferences. Wow!"

John then made his way to the kitchen to look for something to drink. He looked into the fridge and found some white wine he kept on hand for cooking and to serve to his rare guests. He took out the bottle and went to the cupboard to get a glass. The wine glasses were in a cupboard that was normally easy for John to reach. Now, no matter how much he stretched he could not reach the glasses. He had to grab a kitchen chair and slide it up against the counter, climb up on the chair and reach into the cupboard. He took down a glass and hopped down off the chair. He left the chair where it was and took the wine and glass into the living room. He sat down in his recliner, opened the wine bottle and poured himself a glass. He took a sip and it tasted very good. He then picked up the remote control and turned on the stereo. The radio was set on a talk radio station. John was quickly bored with the talk host and his callers. He starting tuning the radio until it stopped on a pop station. John liked the sound and found himself swaying along to the beat. He put the remote down, sat back and sipped more of the wine. He didn't realize how much his tolerance for alcohol had decreased and was soon beyond buzzed. The music and wine soothed him into a mellow mood and he soon drifted off to sleep in his recliner.

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