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3. AF: John, Divorced Father, exp

2. John, divorced father

1. Altered Fates

AF: John, Divorced Father, experiments

on 2020-06-01 11:34:02

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John grabbed another beer on his way to his garage. In his garage he selected several boxes and took them to his bedroom. He had to make a couple of trips and two stops at his refrigerator for more beers. When he finally had all the boxes on the floor in his bedroom, he sat down and looked at them, trying to decide what to experiment with.

He had a box of his old things, which included his high school letterman jacket, his military uniform, and some other things he just couldn't part with.

He had boxes for both his son and his daughter.

Brad's things included his football jersey from last year, some of his current clothes, baseball caps from when he played little league, his cub scout uniform, etc..

Sara's box contained a dance outfit she wore when she was about 9-10, a costume she wore for a middle school musical show, her cheerleading uniform, her senior prom dress, etc.

John had also grabbed a couple of boxes he had inherited when his parents passed away and he had no idea what was in them.

He laughed at himself for going to all this effort for something that was probably just a joke cooked up by someone with a twisted sense of humor. John decided to grab another beer while he mulled over his decision. He had a fleeting thought that he might want to go easy on the beer and maybe not try this experiment while he was buzzed. He thought that if this worked he would want to be clear headed to enjoy the experience. He also thought that if this didn't work he could blame his gullibility on being intoxicated.

Returning to his bedroom with a beer in each hand, he sat down and opened the first box...

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