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4. What a Cliffhanger, right?

3. What could go wrong?

2. Lily, the Succubish Genassi

1. The Drafting Board

Succubus-Genie Lily: The Climactic Moment

avatar on 2024-07-09 10:21:40

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"So close..."

Her purse falls, and its contents roll all over the subway train's floor. "Oh, dear!" escapes her pretty little lips, and she obliviously bends over, unknowingly giving me a perfect flash of her big, perfect ass in those big, tight granny panties. She has no idea how it makes her look, wobbling that glorious posterior around while she tries to pick up her stuff, how badly it makes everyone else want to pull down those uselessly modest panties and fuck her squealing all the way, so to protect her, I miss my stop, come up behind and offer to help. When I catch a look at her bespectacled face for the first time, it's blushing as I offer her purse. "Thank you, dearie," she replies, taking it back and holding it close. We talk, and she tells me just how hard it's been since her kids left the nest; how lonely it is with her husband out of the picture...


Stretch marks appeared on Lily's groin as the stranger from the subway rubbed his own. Part of her was thrilled, but the other part was panicking. Oh, coME ON! YOU'VE GOTTA BE FUCKING KIDDING ME, THE PLANE IS RIGHT THERE! Lily wanted to scream. One minute to boarding at the gate, and she might be missing her flight anyway. Already her Glamour perfectly reflected the sexy, oblivious milf of his dreams, and the thought of leaving the man almost certain to become her new Master was making her feel sick. But she had to leave. She had to get out from under Mommy!

"... and, well, suffice it to say I won't be seeing her again for a good long while," Jason finished his story with a sad, forced sort of chuckle. "Funny how things always seem to end up, y'know?" he concluded, not even slightly noticing how desperate the woman he was hitting on had just become.

"Oh, honey, that's just dreadful," Lily guessed, without even the slightest idea of just how dreadful it actually was. "I certainly wouldn't object to following you on board, letting you vent a little more of all that stress with me. You are boarding with the first group, here in just a minute, correct?" She asked, hoping and praying the answer was yes. Jason couldn't see it, but she was shimmering in place.

Viola's hips rock nervously in place as she takes in the bedroom. I bring my hand around her waist, and set in on her other hip, to calm her down. "Oh, pardon me, darling," she apologizes, blushing profusely. "It's just, it's been so long since I've done this, I... I... Heavens Above, I'm such a mess!" Viola unbuttons her dress. Her huge, soft boobs were just as supple and spectacular as they'd been in her twenties, and now their only confines were her comfy cotton bra, evidently made custom for someone her size. Then her skirt comes off. Her vast hips were just as amazing to look at from the front as the back: her thick tree trunks of thighs tapering up to her slim waist, all pointing down in a delicious V toward the obvious, needy cameltoe sweating under her panties. Beet reed, she was swaying again, and even from the front I could see her ass jiggling behind her. "Should we... should we get started?"


Viola... no, Lily, her name was Lily... Lily was literally beside herself moaning as Master pleasured himself to her. Her own fingers just couldn't compare! He was so close, She was so close, they would cum together and she would miss her flight and be his!

A few feet away, Jason had led her body by the hand a bit towards the plane, together with his boarding group. As said, Lily was literally beside herself in the airport; her body, the busty milf human body with the delicious ass she had for a Glamour, was all nonchalance with Jason and the other passengers, but her real self, her spirit, was trapped in the summoning circle appearing around her and hadn't moved an inch. Invisible and inaudible to most mortals, the Sensitives that could perceive spirits would've beheld a pink-skinned demon in a harem outfit sobbing in ecstasy as if she were being fucked, hard. She didn't look quite like most succubi; she was missing wings, most noticeably, had a less snakelike and more simian tail, and smaller, more graceful horns, wrapping around her head like a tiara, and stopping just short enough to accent a ruby protruding from the skin of her forehead. Unlike either Succubi or Genies, she had actual human feet instead of cloven hooves or vapor trails, albeit tiny little things much smaller than a human's, only just peeking out from under her puffy crimson sirwal; In fact, it seemed like there was disproportionately waayyy too much leg visible through the transparent fabric of said harem pants. Apart from that and a face veil of a similar cloth, there was no other fabric on her body; everything else was gold, rose gold, or jewel. Gold arm bands, gold collars, gold leg bands, gold cuffs, gold chains, gold piercings hanging from her bare nipples, gold earrings, gold anklets, gold hairbands, gold tail rings, gold everything that wouldn't actually cover her addicting succubus form, only here and there encrusted with rubies, clamping down harder to Bind her. Just below her navel was a black womb tattoo, with a symbol matching that in the summoning circle starting to glow beneath her, and the most obvious tell that she was a Genie? All of it was turning to vapor.

"Welp, time to board. Ready to go, Viola?" Jason asked her body.

"Oh, just one thing, honey," Viola replied with whatever waning focus she could muster. "I want you to carry me on board."

That stopped him short. "What?"

Her huge thighs were wrapped around me, keeping me inside her as I thrust in and out again and again. "GOD!" she cried. "DON'T STOP! I haven't felt this way since my honeymoon!"


"I want to feel like I'm married again," Viola tried her best to explain, since I can't voluntarily take another step away from Master anymore wasn't going to work. "Forget my luggage, I want you to carry me like a princess on her wedding day to our seats on the plane. Don't worry, I'm not that heavy, darling! It's just a bit of fun~."

Viola cried out "YES! YES! MAKE ME YOUNG AGAIN! HAVE MY BABIES!" as I came inside her, filling her up with my seed.


Master Came. Lily Came. Viola Came, although Jason didn't see it. He had shrugged, picked up her body, and was carrying it on board even as it turned listless and passive from the loss of its soul for just then. Lily had finally gotten her body aboard that damned plane.

As for her soul, it had become a fine mist, passing through the summoning circle as it closed in the airport, and opened up in front of her new, very bewildered master in his apartment. Now that she was Bound to him, he could see her, Spirit and all. "Hello, Master~" the pink, nearly naked apparition he now owned bowed to him. "I believe you wished to, what was it, 'Make me young again'? 'Have my babies'?" As a Succubish Genassi, Lily was eager to obey.

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