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134. DMU - Lara’s little idea

133. DMU - the party winds down

132. DMU - the obvious choice

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DMU - Lara’s little idea

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Lorna dutifully followed Lara to one of the spare rooms upstairs, just next door to the master bedroom. Lara opened the door to reveal a small room filled with overflowing clothes rails, and a small table with a sewing machine sitting on one wall.

“I’ve been using this as a dressing room seeing as Rocky refuses to pay anyone to knock through to the bedroom to make it a walk-in” she explained.

“I could always ask Shaun” Lorna relied with a smile, “he’s always looking for a new project.”

“If it’s free, I’m sure Rock will bite his hand off!” Lara laughed, “but that’s not what I wanted to show you, come here!” She added, leading Lorna over to a rail of clothes next to the sewing table. There appeared to be an assortment of different costumes and uniforms, all hanging in a random order.

“It took me a while to find this, it was hidden behind a few other rails, but do any of these look familiar?” Lara said with a tipsy grin. Lorna cast her eye over the assorted garments, and something clicked in her mind.

“Oh my god Lar!” She gasped, “are these from…” she continued.

“They are,” Lara chuckled, “all our old work uniforms” she added with a grin.

“I had no idea Lucy kept them!” Lorna laughed.

“I’m glad she did” Lara continued, “I think it’s about time we let the boys know what they used to get up to. Don’t you?” She added.

“Lara!” Lorna gasped in shock “just what are you suggesting?” She asked, already knowing the answer.

“Oh come on Lorn” Lara grinned, “you know exactly what I mean. We could slip on one of these numbers each, and give them a little show” she added, trying to sound innocent. Lorna thought for a minute. She couldn’t tell if was the several glasses of wine in her system, or just some new part of her, but she was feeling like it would be quite funny to see the looks on the guys faces. She sighed, then motioned for Lara to pass her the bottle of wine in her hand. She took a swig from and shook her head.

“You could get a girl into trouble you know” she smirked, “but fuck it, let’s give them a little shock” she chuckled. Lara clapped her hands together excitedly.

“I knew you’d say yes!” She exclaimed, “I’ve picked out the perfect outfits for us.!” She added slyly as she grabbed a hanger off the rail and passed it over. Lorna looked at the costume in her hands.

“I remember this,” she said, “from Chasing the Grade!” She added as more memories formed in her mind.

“Well remembered!” Lara smiled, turning back to the rail, “I’m going to go with Knight in Leather I think” she giggled as she pulled a black leather corset from the selection.

“Was that one of your solo ones?” Lorna asked, taking another swig from the bottle for courage.

“It was yeah.” Lara grinned, “now, underwear! Let’s see what I’ve got!” She mumbled as she began rifling through the rail again. Eventually she made a satisfied noise and produced two near identical blue lace lingerie sets.

“You ready?” She asked, holding one out for Lorna.

“As I’ll ever be!” She replied, setting the bottle down on the table and taking the garments.

“Great!” Lara chuckled as she began stripping off her bikini. Lorna was about to suggest changing separately, but stopped when she recalled they’d already seen each other in the nude countless times. With a shrug she too began to remove her swimsuit. Before long both women were excitedly pulling on the underwear.

“Wow Lorn!” Lara gasped as Lorna finally finished fasting her stockings, “you look amazing!”

“You look pretty incredible yourself!” Lorna replied as her friend pulled her panties up to her hips.

“Thanks hun,” Lara beamed before reaching down and adjusting the hem of one of the leg holes, “are yours riding up a little?” She grumbled

“A little, but that’s the price you pay for looking this good!” Lorna smirked.

“When you’re right, you’re right” Lara grinned back, “ok, now for the rest!” She said excitedly. Lorna nodded and grabbed the outfit Lara had given her, and quickly put it on. First came the white blouse, followed by a grey pencil skirt and heels. She completed the outfit with a matching red belt and red chunky necklace. She turned and looked over at a large mirror hanging on the far wall.

“We need to discuss your grades!” She purred, remembering her lines clear as day.

“Oh I’m sorry!” She heard Lara say from beside her, “guess I need to be punished!” She added, causing Lorna to turn to face her.

“Oh wow hun!” She gasped as she took in the sight of her friend decked out in a leather corset, holding a riding crop against her thighs.

“You like?” Lara asked with a wink.

“Oh yes! You look fantastic!” Lorna smiled back.

“Great, let’s go find the guys and see what they think” Lara grinned wickedly as she grabbed the wine bottle and finished it off in one swig.

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