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133. DMU - the party winds down

132. DMU - the obvious choice

131. DMU - Ruby’s proposal

130. DMU - some more answers

129. DMU - the truth comes out

128. DMU - What’s in a name

127. DMU - catching up

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125. DMU - More guests arrive

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123. DMU - the Gibsons arrive

122. DMU - Final preparations

121. DMU - the morning passes

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117. DMU - Buster gets a phone call

116. DMU - Lydia and Max

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114. DMU - 4th morning at the MacMi

DMU - the party winds down

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The party ran on for the rest of the afternoon, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. It seemed Rocky’s plan had worked and everyone was relieved to be able to talk freely about what they had gone through the last few days. Lorna looked around the garden. Kym and Annie were sat talking animatedly, Vicky had disappeared off somewhere with Sabrina, Joey and Athena were lazing together at the shallow end of the pool, Marty was playing with Eva and the two dogs. Shed picked up in snippets of conversations, and hearing Dr Phillips moaning, that Ruby’s position as head researcher had gone to Evelyn Harris, it was almost like she’d vanished from existence.

‘For now at least’ Lorna thought to herself, idly laying a hand on her bare stomach.

“What you thinking about babe?” She heard Shaun ask, snapping her out of her ruminations.

“Just an old friend” she replied.

“Should I be jealous!” Lara joked, drawing a chuckle in return form Lorna.

Another couple of hours, and two or three more glasses of wine, later the guests started leaving, bidding farewell to the hosts. Soon it was just the Madisons and the Knights left. Kym, Joey, Athena, Vicky and Sabrina were all dressed and sitting on a now empty table, as Monét set about clearing away discarded plastic cups and cans. Saff and Billy were still sitting together on the far side of the pool, and Martyn was back on the switch.

“Guess we’d better call it a day too” Shaun sighed, checking the time on his phone.

“Seriously, I felt like we” Rocky said gesturing to the four of them sat together “we’re just getting started!” He chuckled.

“Yeah, you sure you can’t stay longer!” Lara asked, “we could have a little games night, just us, like we used to!”

“I dunno Lar,” Lorna said looking over at the kids “we really should get them home” she added sadly.

“Hell with it!” Shaun said seeing the look on her face, “Joey!” He called, beckoning for his new son to come over. Joey obliged and walked over.

“Yeah dad?” He asked.

“Rocks and Lara have invited your mother and I to stay a little longer. Think you’d mind taking your brother and sister home?” Shaun said, “Athena and Sabrina can go too” he added to sweeten the deal. Joey seemed to think for a moment.

“Throw in some snack money and extra allowance this week and you have a deal!” He said with a cheeky grin.

“Snack money?” Lorna asked.

“Yeah, to get popcorn and stuff, we can have a movie night after I put Martyn to bed” Joey replied, “final offer, take it or leave it!” He chuckled, folding his arms.

“Done!” Shaun said happily. He pulled his wallet out of the bag they’d brought with them and handed his son a few notes.

“Get what you need and keep the change” he added with a wink.

“Thanks dad!” Joey grinned, before turning around and heading back to the others. After a quick explanation the six of them headed out, leaving the four adults behind.

“Right boys!” Lara said after draining her glass, “ you get that grill put away, Lorna, you come with me, I’ve got something else I want to show you!” She said with a wink.

“Oh god, should I be worried?” Lorna said with a mildly nervous laugh, so far everything Lara had wanted to show her had surprised her in some way.

“Not at all, I’m hoping you’ll enjoy this one” Lara grinned, grabbing her wrist with one hand and the half empty wine bottle with the other, “come on” she added as she half-dragged her friend out of her chair.

“I think we’re the one who should be worried!” Rocky chuckled as they disappeared inside the house, “oh hey sweetie!” He added as Saff and Billy appeared, making their way towards them.

“Hi daddy” Saff said sweetly “it was a great party” she added, a slight hint of sarcasm in her voice.

“The Madisons are staying a bit longer, but I’m sure you two can occupy yourselves for the evening” Rocky said, ignoring her tone.

“Sure” Saff replied with a smile, “we’re going to meet Stan and Moose and catch a movie anyway” she added as the two of them headed inside.

“Right!” Rocky said turning back to Shaun, “let’s get this put away. You grab that end!” Between the two of them they manhandled the bulky back into its corner of the patio, then sat back down to finish their beers.

“This is the life” Rocky said happily, enjoying the cool evening air as the sun disappeared behind the hedgerow. Shaun nodded in agreement

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