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Just an amateur writer who loves transformation stories. My favourites are those with role/personality swaps, especially between family members.

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DMU RB Andrews - Into Tiffany’s room2023-10-17You Are What You Wish127
DMU RB Andrews - Abby makes her choice2023-10-07You Are What You Wish126
DMU RB Andrews - Abby lunches alone2023-10-06You Are What You Wish125
DMU RB Andrews - second school day begins2023-10-02You Are What You Wish124
DMU RB Andrews - outfits for the 2nd day2023-09-22You Are What You Wish123
DMU RB Andrews - Do Andrews dream of electric sheep?2023-07-31You Are What You Wish122
DMU RB Andrews - Conversation at dinner2023-07-14You Are What You Wish121
DMU RB Andrews - Getting clean2023-07-14You Are What You Wish120
DMU RB Andrews - Killing some time2023-07-13You Are What You Wish119
DMU RB Andrews - Abby’s exam2023-07-11You Are What You Wish118
DMU RB Andrews - Abby keeps her head2023-07-11You Are What You Wish117
DMU RB Andrews - Abby gets it out2023-07-10You Are What You Wish116
DMU RB Andrews - In the teachers lounge2023-06-20You Are What You Wish115
DMU RB Andrews - Landons choice and Abby’s idea2023-06-16You Are What You Wish114
DMU RB Andrews - The first morning2023-06-15You Are What You Wish113
DMU RB Farber - Day 3 ends2023-06-14You Are What You Wish142
DMU RB Farber - Dinner and questions2023-06-13You Are What You Wish141
DMU RB Farber - Anne returns home2023-06-12You Are What You Wish140
DMU RB Farber - Afternoon Delight2023-06-09You Are What You Wish139
DMU RB Farber - Further changes for Jason2023-06-08You Are What You Wish138
DMU RB Farber - Jason has some alone time2023-06-08You Are What You Wish137
DMU RB Farber - Emma and Steve, home alone2023-06-07You Are What You Wish136
DMU RB Farber - Macey’s punishment2023-06-06You Are What You Wish135
DMU RB Farber - Anne meets Macey2023-06-06You Are What You Wish134
DMU RB Farber - Steve’s turn2023-06-06You Are What You Wish133
DMU RB Farber - Anne’s examination2023-06-06You Are What You Wish132
DMU RB Farber - Housecall2023-06-05You Are What You Wish131
DMU RB Farber - Steve’s in trouble2023-06-05You Are What You Wish130
DMU RB Farber - The third morning2023-06-05You Are What You Wish129
DMU RB Farber - End of day 22023-06-02You Are What You Wish128
DMU RB Farber - an eventful evening2023-06-01You Are What You Wish127
DMU RB Farber - A butting of heads2023-06-01You Are What You Wish126
DMU RB Farber - Steve gets cleaned up2023-05-30You Are What You Wish125
DMU RB Farber - Steve’s accident2023-05-26You Are What You Wish124
DMU RB Farber - Anne and Emma at home2023-05-24You Are What You Wish123
DMU RB Farber - Steve gets dressed2023-05-24You Are What You Wish122
DMU RB Farber - Waking up on day 22023-05-22You Are What You Wish121
DMU RB Farber - Off to Dreamland2023-05-22You Are What You Wish120
DMU RB Farber - Bath time2023-05-12You Are What You Wish119
DMU RB Farber - Dinner time2023-05-12You Are What You Wish118
DMU RB Farber - Anne’s afternoon2023-05-10You Are What You Wish117
DMU RB Farber - Steve gets checked over2023-05-05You Are What You Wish116
DMU RB Farber - Steve’s day at school2023-05-05You Are What You Wish115
DMU RB Farber- Breakfast time
DMU RB Farber - breakfast time
2023-05-04You Are What You Wish114
DMU RB- Farbers first morning
DMU RollBack - Farbers first morning
2023-05-04You Are What You Wish113
DMU - a break before the party2023-05-04You Are What You Wish112
DMU - Day 3 ends2023-05-03You Are What You Wish111
DMU - Sarah’s plan cums together2023-05-02You Are What You Wish110
DMU - Sarah puts her plan into action2023-05-02You Are What You Wish109
DMU - Sarah confides in Lucy2023-05-02You Are What You Wish108
DMU - Earlier with Sarah2023-04-30You Are What You Wish107
DMU - Jon and Laura’s evening reaches its climax2023-04-28You Are What You Wish106
DMU - Jon gets his2023-04-28You Are What You Wish105
DMU - a new experience for Laura2023-04-27You Are What You Wish104
DMU - Jon’s turning point2023-04-27You Are What You Wish103
DMU - Movie night2023-04-27You Are What You Wish102
DMU - Jon and Laura’s evening continues2023-04-27You Are What You Wish101
DMU - Jon takes a shower2023-04-26You Are What You Wish100
DMU - Jon and Laura’s evening begins2023-04-26You Are What You Wish99
DMU - Lydia discovers some more changes2023-04-25You Are What You Wish98
DMU - Lydia takes a nap2023-04-25You Are What You Wish97
DMU - Simon and Karyn talk2023-04-13You Are What You Wish96
DMU - Lucy’s plan2023-04-12You Are What You Wish95
Accidental triple post
Need help accidental triple posting
2023-04-09The Forum2
DMU - at the mall part 3
DMU - at the mall part 3: paths cross
2023-04-08You Are What You Wish94
DMU - at the mall part 2 - Mikey joins the goths
DMU - at the mall part 2
2023-04-06You Are What You Wish93
DMU -at the mall part 12023-04-03You Are What You Wish92
DMU - Things progress2023-04-03You Are What You Wish91
DMU - Biff repays the favour2023-03-31You Are What You Wish90
DMU - Mollies morning2023-03-31You Are What You Wish89
DMU - catching up in the tub2023-03-31You Are What You Wish88
DMU - Some more changes for Jon2023-03-30You Are What You Wish87
DMU - Revelations with Sarah2023-03-30You Are What You Wish86
DMU - plans for the day2023-03-29You Are What You Wish85
DMU - Lydia’s visit2023-03-28You Are What You Wish84
DMU - Jon makes some plans2023-03-23You Are What You Wish83
DMU - Karyn & Ruby2023-03-22You Are What You Wish82
DMU - Jon and Laura talk2023-03-22You Are What You Wish81
DMU -Laura’s turn
DMU - Laura’s turn
2023-03-21You Are What You Wish80
DMU - Jon gets some answers2023-03-13You Are What You Wish79
DMU - another test2023-03-10You Are What You Wish78
DMU - the results are in2023-03-09You Are What You Wish77
DMU - Jon and Karyn catch up2023-03-08You Are What You Wish76
DMU - Back with Jon and family2023-03-08You Are What You Wish75
DMU - Lydia’s breakdown2023-03-08You Are What You Wish74
DMU - further changes2023-03-08You Are What You Wish73
DMU - waking up on day 32023-03-07You Are What You Wish72
DMU - End of the 2nd day2023-03-07You Are What You Wish71
DMU - Karyn’s bedtime2023-03-06You Are What You Wish70
DMU - Laura’s shower2023-03-06You Are What You Wish69
DMU - Time for bed2023-03-04You Are What You Wish68
DMU- Jon and Laura in the tub
DMU - Jon and Laura in the tub
2023-03-04You Are What You Wish67
DMU - a good workout2023-03-03You Are What You Wish66
DMU - After dinner with the Gibsons2023-03-03You Are What You Wish65
DMU - Robert learns his lesson
DMU - Robert learns his lesson.
2023-03-02You Are What You Wish64
DMU - a taste of his own medicine2023-03-02You Are What You Wish63
DMU- the final chore
DMU - the final chore
2023-02-28You Are What You Wish62
DMU - Dinner prep
DMU - Dinner prep
2023-01-30You Are What You Wish61
DMU - after school2023-01-28You Are What You Wish60
DMU - ladies that lunch2023-01-25You Are What You Wish59

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