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20. Getting Zelda on Board

19. What's Yours is Mine

18. Turns Out You Can Pick Your Fa

17. Uh What do We Make Again?

16. Circle of Protection

15. Building a Better In-Law

14. Mama's Home

13. Happy Wife, Happy Life

12. Aftermath

11. Acquisitions

10. Athena' Migrane

9. Back With the Triplets

8. Changing Standards

7. Every Gibson Loses the Stone

6. Becoming Triplets

5. Jon Becomes a Girl

4. Karyn is Different

3. What do you mean?!?!

2. The next day at school

1. You Are What You Wish

The McMillan Triplets: Getting Zelda on Board

on 2024-05-01 00:44:56

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"You can't just make that woman my wife, or play with people's lives like this, Stephanie!" Zelda protested while on the monitor, Winona and Charlotte were exchanging outfits. "I'm not your sister, I'm not the governor, and I'm not some normie bimbo-"

"I'm getting really annoyed by the lack of gratitude," Esme ground out, fire behind her eyes. "I'm giving you a life people would kill for and all you can do is complain? I'm doing this for you, and you should be grateful. In fact you are grateful, incredibly so. This is what you always secretly wanted. All that goth crap was just a front, since you didn't think you could have what you really wanted, until I gave it to you. You're overjoyed to be my sister, and ecstatic about your new body and life. You and I are a team, with me as the leader, and you're utterly devoted; I run the family business and you handle the political side. You're charismatic, politically savvy, and loved by the people, but your first loyalty is always to me and the family. Understand?" Esme crossed her arms beneath her breasts and stared imperiously down at her newly made little sister.

Zelda's face instantly shifted from one of anger to one of shame, "I am SO SORRY, sis! I can't believe I said those things. Of course I'm grateful, this is who I was always meant to be. It's such a relief to be cut free from all that childish foolishness, and united with my true family." In an instant all familial affection for the Whitefields had vanished, burnt out by the blazing sisterly bond that Esme had just forged. "Having to pretend I cared what Zoe and her gothlings were interested in, or, ugh, act like I was attracted to Trevor was killing me."

"So," Esme said with a smirk, "you're happy about your new wife?"

"Of course," Zelda agreed cheerfully, "she's going to be perfect."

"What's this about being perfect?" Winona asked as she slipped into the room, casually crossing over to the still technically frozen Zelda like she'd done it a hundred times before, and kissing her on the cheek. "I'm so sorry for the delay, sweetums. Some horrid old waitress was wearing my clothes for some reason."

Zelda returned the gesture before saying, "no worries, I was just chatting with my sister. What were we discussing again, Alexandra?"

The meek assistant, who had come into the room one of the most powerful men in America, said "Mrs. McMillan was asking for the governor to make sure McMillan industries gets the building contracts for the new stadium facilities, and I was explaining that wasn't how the bidding process worked-" The transformed politician turned assistant found herself naturally subservient to Zelda, but was doing her best to express her own view on the process.

Zelda didn't seem to agree though, as she just interrupted, "oh, obviously you'll get those contracts, sis. Nothing's more important than family."

"Um, if it gets out you're giving your sister preferential treatment it'll be really bad for your poll numbers. Ma'am." Alexandra interjected.

"That's not a problem, Alexandra," Esme replied, stressing the former man's new name, "Zelda is the most popular governor in the history of the state; massive public approval and diehard support, or whatever." Esme personally found the idea of playing politics boring, but she liked having power, preferably ALL the power, and having her loyal little sister running the government seemed like a win-win. All the chips stayed with the perfect new family Esme was making, but she wouldn't be bothered with all the boring day-to-day crap. The CEO pouted as she had a thought, "oh wait, if your Governor, you're going to be away in Olympia all the time. What's the point in having a sister if you're never here? I wish Lakeview was the State Capitol!"


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