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5. Become anyone you want

4. Transform

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2. Transform Your Girlfriend

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Transform Your Girlfriend - Transform Or Dare: Into Anyone You Want

on 2024-04-16 23:33:26

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Age BE Bimbo Culture FTF MC Magic Size Super TF

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"Okay, here goes nothing. For your 'Transform', you will transform into anyone I want you to turn, and when you have this, you will do what I say want to be."

"Wow, it sounds like you make me your personal slave, hun." Your girlfriend reacts when you just answer. "But you know what, I'm fine with that."

"Babe, I'm sorry, I did mean to say it. It's just that... well... I... want you to try something, it's not that I'm making you a slave or anything." You awkwardly reply.

"It's fine, hun. I'm not upset about that." Your girlfriend responds and smiles. "I don't mind if you said it on purpose."

"That's a relief. Thank you, babe." You kiss her and appreciate that.

"So, what's gotta happen next, hun?" She asks.

"Well, okay, um... let's test something. I'll try anyone who I could think of, transform into my dream girl, and kiss me on the lips after the transformation." Suddenly her blonde medium-length hair grew down at her ass and changed into a nice red hair. Then her youthful and petite face has changed into a mature and adult one with a few freckles on her face, along with her makeup. Her red lip, ends with the eye shadow, turning purple, and her blue eyes color turned green. Then, her arms grew a little thinner, her C-cup boobs grew into a great double EE-cup, and her hips get bigger as her entire body into an hourglass figure. Her ass grew bigger and her legs grew thick. Finally, her skin grew paler and softer, along her casual clothes changed into a sexy, green bikini. "Hello, handsome," says your transformed girlfriend in her mature, sultry, feminine, and sexy tone of her amazing voice.

"Woah,..." You get speechless as you successfully turn your girlfriend into a sexy Redhead. Then she glumps on you by kissing you passionately like a madhouse, on your belly. You continue to kiss her and after touching her soft big breasts. "Well, looks who here?" The redhead sees your boner and strokes it. With that, she pulled your pants down and sucks it so lightly as you like this sensation and decided to touch her bareass. After that, you release all of your seeds and spray them on her face. "Wow, that was amazing," your girlfriend is so happy.

"Yeah, although this was fun, it's time for you to turn back now," you say as it then pops as your girlfriend back to herself. "Woah, What's happened?" Your girlfriend asks as she doesn't know what happens just now.

"Well, it's nothing really. I just turned you into a redhead as you kiss and give me a blowjob, that's all." You honestly answer.

"Oh really? Then how come I can't remember any of that?" She asks again.

"Hmm... that's probably I didn't just change you physically, but mentally as well."

"Could be." She replies. "But it seems like somebody still turned on."

She looks at your boner still rising up and twitching. Maybe you weren't satisfied enough. "Well, I don't think it won't go down. You wouldn't mind if you can help deal with this?"

"Sure thing, anything for you, hun." Your girlfriend smiles.

"Well, not anything. Anyone, now I want you to transform into..."

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