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126. DMU - a new friendships forms

125. DMU - More guests arrive

124. DMU - Swim-suited and booted

123. DMU - the Gibsons arrive

122. DMU - Final preparations

121. DMU - the morning passes

120. DMU - More changes at Lydia’s

119. DMU - Mikey’s gets some more c

118. DMU - Back to the Gibsons

117. DMU - Buster gets a phone call

116. DMU - Lydia and Max

115. DMU - Biff and Mollies new rou

114. DMU - 4th morning at the MacMi

113. DMU - More changes in the hous

112. DMU - Day 4 starts off well

111. DMU - Day 3 ends

110. DMU - Sarah’s plan cums togeth

109. DMU - Sarah puts her plan into

108. DMU - Sarah confides in Lucy

107. DMU - Earlier with Sarah

DMU - a new friendships forms

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With more and more people arriving, the party was soon in full swing. Zoe, Mikey, Athena, and Sabrina had moved into the pool properly and were sitting in the shallow end chatting, the medical team was mingling with several other families that had turned up, most of whom Jon didn’t recognise. He and Sarah were sat together at a table near the grill watching Lucy and Laura laughing and joking while cooking. Jon looked across the pool to where Simon sat alone, and felt a pang of sadness. Sarah studied him and followed his gaze.

“Right” she said getting to her feet, “think it’s time we put this plan into action” she added becoming for him to follow. He stood and walked with her to where Abby and Landon were sitting.

“Hey guys” Sarah beamed as she approached them, “enjoying yourselves? “ she asked.

“We are yeah” Abby replied, her teenage voice sounding strange coming from the mouth of a grown man, “you’ve got a lovely house Sara”

“Thanks” Sarah grinned in reply, “I was wondering if we could borrow Lannie, there’s someone we want her..him, to meet” she added. Abby glanced at the teenage girl that sent be her father, who looked back at her and shrugged.

“Sure, I guess” he said.

“Perfect” Sarah smiled again, “this way” she added as Landon got to his feet.

Simon was sat alone watching everyone in the garden, it was weird to think that some of them used to be people he’d known for years. Jalison Farber for instance, they’d gone to school together, now he looked like a complete stranger.

“SKym!” Jon’s voice pulled him out of his thoughts. He looked up to see him approaching with Sara, followed by another girl in a navy bikini with a white leaf pattern. They came to a stop next to the table he was sat by, and he looked the girl up and down. He found himself somewhat enamoured with the way she stood there a little shyly.

“Kym, this is L…Annie Andrews” Jon said indicating the girl, “ Annie, this is Kym. We thought you might like to get to know each other seeing as you’re both in the same situation from this change” Jon continued. Annie gave Kym a slight smile.

“Uh, sure,” Kym stammered, “if she wants to I mean” he added.

“Yeah, I think so” Annie replied, looking Kym over, “that’d be nice. I haven’t had the chance to really talk to anyone going through the same thing” she added as she took a seat opposite.

“Great!” Sara said happily, “we’ll leave you girls to it!” She added, grabbing Jon by the arm and pulling him away.

“So…” Kym said slowly, “I’m guessing you used to be…”

“A middle age guy? Yeah, and you?”

“Yeah” Kim replied shyly, “how are you finding all this?”

“It’s weird actually” Annie said, leaning back in her chair, “I know I should be, like, freaking out, but I’m finding it more and more natural. Aren’t you?”

“Actually, yeah, I am” Kym said with a sigh, “At first I was really bummed out about it, but the more I embrace everything. The easier it all feels”

“Like, I’m so glad to hear you say that!” Anne said happily, “I was scared I was the only the one, and it was weird you know” she added, as she raised a hand to her shoulder to adjust her bikini top. The movement actually pressed her boobs up, making to the top slide down a little. Kym had to stop her eyes bulging at the sight of Annie’s nipples peeking over the edge of her top.

“You… err…” she stammered, “you’ve got a bit of a malfunction there” she finally said, nodding at Annie’s chest. Annie looked down and chuckled.

“Thanks babes” she said sweetly as she readjusted her clothing, “still getting used to these” she laughed.

“Tell me about it!” Kym chuckled, “I never realised how annoying these could be!” She added, prodding her own chest.

“Well you’ve got a nice pair for what it’s worth” Annie said with a wink, causing Kym to blush a little at the compliment. Why was she feeling so flustered all of a sudden? Annie was staring at her, oh god, she needed to say something, anything.

“Not as nice as yours” she blurted without thinking. She cursed herself inwardly for a moment, before realising that Annie was smiling, and maybe blushing a little herself?

Jon was trying not to make it too obvious that he was watching their interaction for across the garden. After what appeared to be a stilted start to the conversation, the two girls seemed to be talking animatedly now. He breathed a sigh of relief, genuinely happy that Kym had found someone to talk to.

“Another drink Lorna?” Sarah asked. Jon looked over to his old friend who was waving an empty glass at him.

“You read my mind Lara!” He chuckled as she grinned back at him and walked away to retrieve another bottle. Lorna relaxed into her chair and looked around at everyone there.

“Ah Mrs Madison, could I have a word with you?” A voice asked from behind. Lorna paused for a second, wasn’t that her name? Why did it sound strange? The feeling passed quickly and she turned around to see who was asking for her.

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