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125. DMU - More guests arrive

124. DMU - Swim-suited and booted

123. DMU - the Gibsons arrive

122. DMU - Final preparations

121. DMU - the morning passes

120. DMU - More changes at Lydia’s

119. DMU - Mikey’s gets some more c

118. DMU - Back to the Gibsons

117. DMU - Buster gets a phone call

116. DMU - Lydia and Max

115. DMU - Biff and Mollies new rou

114. DMU - 4th morning at the MacMi

113. DMU - More changes in the hous

112. DMU - Day 4 starts off well

111. DMU - Day 3 ends

110. DMU - Sarah’s plan cums togeth

109. DMU - Sarah puts her plan into

108. DMU - Sarah confides in Lucy

107. DMU - Earlier with Sarah

106. DMU - Jon and Laura’s evening

DMU - More guests arrive

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Authors note: few more weird names here, please bare with it, as they’ll be levelling out soon. Also apologies for my absence here, unfortunately life, and writers block, has a way of interfering with the best of plans

Robert opened the door, and was greeted by a cheery red-haired woman, flanked by several other, one of whom he recognised as Dr Phillips, the disgruntled older man who’d been visiting them as part of the science team.

“Bonjour” he smiled, “please come een” he added stepping to the side.

“Thank you…” the red head said, pausing when she realised she didn’t know his name.

“Ronet” Robert replied.

“Ruby,” the woman smiled back offering her hand. Robert simply nodded and gestured down the hall.

“Everyone iz gathering in ze garden” he said, “you are most welcome to join zem” he said politely. The science team filed past him, and he was just about to close the door when he saw a family of four making their way up the driveway. A man and a woman, flanked by a teen boy, and a young girl.

“Hi, we’re the Farbers, we had an invite to a party,” the man said with a grin, “this is Jalson, Sanne, and Steva, I’m Jems” he said, indicating the woman, the teen boy, and the girl in turn.

“Bon” Robert replied with another curt nod, “please ‘ead through to ze garden” he added, allowing them to pass by before closing the door behind them. He was a only halfway down the hall when the bell rang again.

“Mon Dieux!” He grumbled as he turned on his heels, “ je ferais aussi bien de rester ici!” He added as he opened the door to a man and teenage girl.

“Bonjour” he said, slightly annoyed now, “are you ‘ere for ze partie?”

“Yeah, Abbigan and Lannie Andrews, we got an invite” the man replied. Robert nodded and directed them through the house. He closed the door then quickly scurried down the hallway behind them. He reached the garden and grabbed one of the folding chairs from the patio. With that he returned to the front of the house and stepped outside. No sooner had he set the chair up on the porch, a voice called out.

“Is this the MacKnillan party?” He turned around and was greeted by mixed group of a Japanese man and woman, a young Japanese girl, and two Caucasian women.

“Oui, it eez” Robert replied, “and you are?”

“Great!” The man said, “I’m Yomi…Yuki, this is my girlfr…mother Crits….Mitsuko, my uncle Toshi, and his mo…partner Cariko, sorry Carrie” the man replied, indicating one of the two Caucasian women, the young girl, and the Japanese woman respectively.

“Bon” Robert replied, “and zis is?” He added looking at the final woman.

“Macey Harper” the woman beamed, “I’m not…changed, but I’m here with my sister if that ok?” She added, moving to the woman Yuki identified as her mother, then quickly moving to the Japanese woman.

“ Pas de problème” Robert replied, “other guests ‘ave brought a plus one. Please go on through” he added, opening the door for them. As the family filed past, he was unsure if the Harper woman hadn’t given him a sly wink. He shrugged and closed the door and took a seat on his chair.

“ j'aurais dû faire une liste d'invités” he muttered as he sat and wondered just how many more people were due to arrive.

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