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124. DMU - Swim-suited and booted

123. DMU - the Gibsons arrive

122. DMU - Final preparations

121. DMU - the morning passes

120. DMU - More changes at Lydia’s

119. DMU - Mikey’s gets some more c

118. DMU - Back to the Gibsons

117. DMU - Buster gets a phone call

116. DMU - Lydia and Max

115. DMU - Biff and Mollies new rou

114. DMU - 4th morning at the MacMi

113. DMU - More changes in the hous

112. DMU - Day 4 starts off well

111. DMU - Day 3 ends

110. DMU - Sarah’s plan cums togeth

109. DMU - Sarah puts her plan into

108. DMU - Sarah confides in Lucy

107. DMU - Earlier with Sarah

106. DMU - Jon and Laura’s evening

105. DMU - Jon gets his

DMU - Swim-suited and booted

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As Laura and Lucy were messing round with the grill, and Jon and Sarah were pouring their first glasses of wine, everyone else was settling in around the pool.

Mollie and Biff were lounging on their towel la at the far side of the pool away from everyone else. Mollie was on her back enjoying the warmth of the sun.

“Urgh, I just don’t know if I can deal with all of them” Biff moaned out loud, glancing over at where Zoe, Athena, and Simon were heading towards the small pool house to change. Mollie looked over at him where he was sat upright, his back to house and looking at her through his white rimmed sunglasses. She thought he looked amazing in his little lavender coloured bikini, and a small pair of heels. He also had a hair scrunchie wrapped around his wrist.

“Hopefully they just stay over there babe” Mollie replied with a shrug as her eyes were drawn once again to Biffs ample chest. This didn’t go unnoticed by her new girlfriend.

“Like what you see then?” Biff ask as he rolled around onto all fours and stared at Mollie over the rim of his glasses.

“You bet I do!” Mollie replied, “you are the hottest thing I’ve ever seen Baffron!” She added with a cheeky grin, causing Biff to blush.

“Milly!” He gasped in pretend shock “stop it!”

Zoe was sat at one of the tables by the pool house waiting for the other two. She was thankful that all she had to do now was take a t-shirt off and she was in her board shorts, ready to go. The first to emerge was Simon, dressed in a navy and white striped one-piece suit, and a pair of black rimmed sunglasses. He walked over to the table and took a seat in the shade under the large parasol. Zoe smiled to herself, happy that he’d managed to find some confidence in his new body after what had happened in the mall yesterday.

“That really suits you Sym” she said, putting an emphasis on the pun. Simon lowered his shades and started at her incredulously.

“Seriously?” He smirked, “now I know how bad my jokes used to sound!” He chuckled.

“They don’t sound any better coming from her!” Athena said as she appeared next to them. Zoe turned to look at her girlfriend and her jaw almost dropped. Athena looked amazing in a black and purple gradient one-piece. It had bats printed on it, a spiderweb lace effect over the chest, giving Zoe a nice view of her impressive cleavage. Her amazing tattoos were on full display, and she wore a black, wide brimmed hat on her head.

“Let’s go dip our toes!” Athena said commandingly and she grabbed Zoe’s arm, “coming Sym?” She asked.

“Nah, I think I’ll stay here for a bit.” He replied. Athena shrugged and dragged Zoe away with her. They reached the pool and sat down on the edge, feet dangling in the water. Zoe couldn’t tear her eyes away from the young woman in front of her.

“What you thinking about?” Athena asked, breaking her concentration. Zoe blushed and looked her girlfriend in the eye.

“That most guys would kill to have a hot goth girl like you” she smiled.

“Lucky for me, you aren’t like most guys at all then” Athena replied with a wink.

Robert stood by the wall on the edge of the large patio at the back of the house. He looked around at all the others already there. People he had once known, now all looking and acting so different, and he was no exception. He was thankful that Lucy had let him join in with the party, and taken the opportunity to put on something other than a maids uniform. After digging through Mollies closet, he had found a cute pink bikini set with a flower print on the top half.

Even though he’d been technically invited, he still felt a bit of an outcast here, almost at a loose end with nothing to do. He was interrupted from his thoughts by the sound of the door bell.

“I will get eet!” He said to nobody, and headed in through the house to the front door. When he answered it he was greeted by the sight of two young goth girls, both wrapped in black shawls and sarongs.

“VMicky Gibdison” Mikey said with being asked.

“Bon!” Robert replied, “follow me sil vous plait” he added, leading the two girls to the poolside.

“Ah you made it sweetie!” Jon said as they emerged onto the patio, “Sabrina, nice to see you to.” He added with a smile, which Sabrina returned.

“You can go change in the pool house” Sarah said, indicating the building by Simon.

“No need” Mickey replied as the he removed his shawl and sarongs to reveal his swimsuit underneath. He was dressed a black and white one-piece, printed to look as though he were wearing a corset.

“Oh that’s nice sweetie!” Jon said, “it looks good on you” he added with a smile.

“Whatever” Mikey shrugged, “come on Sabs” he said as they walked away towards an empty table. When they found some seats, Mikey placed his outer garments on the table, and Sabrina removed hers to reveal a black two-piece with laces along the thighs of the bottoms. The straps on the top were arranged in the way to form the shape of a pentagram. She out her hands on her hips and looked around.

“Never thought I’d be invited here in a million years” she muttered as they both sat down in the shade of another parasol.

“Same, let’s just make the most it” Mikey replied, we can always duck out early if we want” he added with a shrug.

Meanwhile, Robert had started ferrying out a couple trays of finger food when he heard the doorbell ring again. He looked around and confirmed that nobody had given it any attention.

“Prenez l'après-midi libre de Ronet, profitez de la fête Ronet ! Rien ne serait fait si je le faisais” he grumbled to himself as he once again made his way to the front door.

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