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6. And the Rest

5. Mrs. Luna Nguyen Richmond

4. New In Town

3. UnReality Show

2. A wish for something interesti

1. You Are What You Wish

UnReality Show 2: And the Rest

on 2024-04-02 01:28:26

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Jon couldn't resist, it was like magnetism as her new smaller hands rose up to cup the breasts that now pulled her shirt tight across her chest. There was no question that they were entirely real, since she could feel everything about them. Hefting them slightly she got a feel for their weight, and maybe it was just her slim tiny hands, but they seemed enormous to her. Everything was disorienting, from how much taller everyone else was, (she must have lost at least six inches of height), to the entirely new center of gravity she was grappling with. She'd always been essentially boxy with her square shoulders and nondescript torso, but now she was curvy. *Like super curvy * she realized as she ran her hands down from her new chest to her flat stomach and tiny waist, before tracing the shape of the wide hips she now possessed. Her whole outfit was barely hanging on; the shirt was tight against her chest, but not unbearably so, but her pants were only staying up by a prayer given her change in height and new figure.

"Jon, is-is that you?" Zoe asked. The whole rest of the assembled Gibsons and Blacks were basically staring at the new woman in shock and awe.

"Yeah," Jon replied, a much higher pitched voice than she was used to coming out of her mouth, "it's still me."

"Of course, Mrs. Richmond's life wouldn't be complete without the rest of her family," Mr. Stiltskin announced, mugging for an unseen floating camera, and breezing past the contestant's obvious shock. "Why don't we go ahead and summon the rest of the Richmond household?"

"Wait, no!" Karyn cried, but it was too late, Kenji was already hitting the controls. Now it was Jon's turn to watch from the outside as another was transformed by the nanobots, but she didn't know where to look. The entire rest of the families were transforming at the same time. Bethany, Mikey and Zoe were growing while Roger and Linda shrunk, though he kept shrinking well after his wife stopped. Karyn stayed roughly the same height but her shape was changing as surely as the rest, as Jon marveled at her red hair fading to to a light brunette.

Some of the changes mirrored ones Jon had felt and seen herself undergo; the other Gibson's were all having their skin shimmer and shift, adopting a tone close to Jon's own, but slightly lighter, while the Bethany's stayed pale and Karyn's turned even darker, settling on a tan mocha. Like Jon, hair exploded and cascaded from Roger, Mikey, Bethany and Zoe's heads, but Karyn's actually shortened a bit and Linda's was shortening a lot. Jon's mom quickly acquired a short boyish cut, and it was being followed by a boyish verging on manly figure; the matriarch of the Gibson family lost her curves along with her flab, gaining a muscular but decidedly masculine frame that looked increasingly ridiculous in the blue cotton dress she'd been wearing.

Jon's dad meanwhile had now shrunk down well past Jon's new height, and even shorter than Mikey, while pretty dark curls cascaded from his head and his features massively rearranged themselves. His kind of square jaw vanished entirely to give him a more oval face, his eyes changed color to match Jon's new ones and more until the older man's face was replaced by that of a young girl's and his body was quickly following, swimming in the larger outfit he'd been wearing.

Mikey and Zoe both seemed to age a few years, but nowhere nearly as drastically as Jon had. If she had to guess, she'd say Zoe looked around Jon's old age and Mikey seemed to be settling around where Zoe had started. Mikey had similarly crossed the gender line, with modest developing breasts pushing out and her figure becoming more waifish. Dark hair, quite like Jon's, spilled down to his, or rather her, middle back, and her eye's changed to a vibrant green. Jon's little brother had shifted bit by bit to appear as a young woman with a definite physical resemblance to Jon's own transformed state. That resemblance was even more pronounced with Zoe, who looked like a 17 or 18 year old version of the woman Jon had become, or at least close to it. Zoe was actually a bit taller than Jon, by an inch or two, and unlike Roger and Mikey, her hair was a deep scarlet.

Bethany meanwhile had shot up in height to a bit over 6 foot, and as she did so, the mousy meek little woman had steadily gained the proportions of an amazon. Her k-mart sweater had pulled up above her newly defined set of abs and stretched itself ludicrously tight against the woman's growing breasts, which were even bigger than the set Jon now sported. Her legs lengthened to be the envy of any runway model and gained toned muscle, while the flat ass she'd always been disappointment with inflated itself to stretch her jeans to the breaking point, popping the front button off. Her hair stayed red but gained a glossiness, body and bounce it had never had, falling in loose waves down past her shoulders. Finally her face was almost like it had been hit with a beautification filter, gaining full lips, perfect teeth, big green eyes you could drown in, all while imperfections were eaten away.

Finally there was Karyn, who had one of the less drastic transformations, but a significant one none the less. Her proportions hadn't actually changed much that Jon could tell, so the main differences were down to her new facial features, hair and skin tone. Jon's best friend had seemingly turned into a frankly normal seeming hispanic woman in her 20s, and pretty much the only person in the room who's original outfit still mostly fit them.

"Is, is this us?" Roger asked in a squeaky little voice. She appeared now to be a girl of 6-8 and was staring up wide eyed at the room full of relative giants around her.

"I think so, honey," Linda replied in his new lower register. He, like Mikey, Zoe, and Roger, appeared to be a half asian, half white youth. In his case he was an athletically built teenager, around Zoe's new age, and a rather handsome one at that. Poking at his new abs he muttered, "this is so freaky."

"But it will be completely worth it for the ten million," Bethany declared with a confidence Jon wasn't used to hearing from her, not to mention a slightly deeper, huskier voice. The newly made tallest woman in the room kept having to stop herself from checking her new body out.

"What are you talking about?" Karyn protested, seeming the most alarmed by everything that happened. Jon was sympathetic for sure, but also didn't really know of anything she could do to help in the moment. The stone that had likely caused all this was hidden up in her room for the moment, and even if she retrieved it, wishes weren't easily reversible. Besides, she's changed the least except for maybe her mom, what's she complaining about?

"Yeah, I didn't sign up for this!" Zoe protested, stomping her foot down. The goth's clothing and makeup looked ridiculously out of place on her taller, more developed body and Jon had a sinking suspicion that would be going away soon, based on the producer's talk of wardrobe.

"Technically you did, when you signed the contract," Mr. Stiltskin chimed in.

"And we're all going to bear with it," Roger said firmly, even if it sounded very silly coming from her new tiny form. "That kind of money is life changing."

"I think our lives may have already changed," Jon quipped, earning a few small laughs.

"Heh, good one MOM", Mikey threw in with her new alto voice, drawing a few looks of confusion from Linda and Jon. She shrugged, "what, it's obvious Jon's the mom now, so that makes us her kids." Mikey surprisingly seemed to be taking her new form in stride, at least compared to Zoe and Karyn.

"Very astute, Autumn," Ms. Cane cheerily commended her. "You are Autumn Richmond, about to be freshman at Lakeview High. Your mothers are Luna Richmond and her wife, Helen Richmond," Ms. Cane pointed to Bethany. "While Luna is a homemaker, Helen is a successful banker and has just been hired as the new executive at Empire Trust downtown."

"I'm rich!?" Bethany asked while at the same time Karyn asked, "how the hell did you get them to go along with that?"

Mr. Stiltskin chuckled, "oh, the old chief was convinced to retire and they were all quite excited to have Helen as the replacement. After all she has an exemplary record, and graduated summa cum laude from Harvard Business school, where she earned her MBA." Jon glanced over to see Bethany almost tearing up about the news, and she could understand why. For a woman who'd never gotten the chance to go to college, getting by with the jobs available with her GED, suddenly being thrust into such a prestigious position with a supposed background to match had to be like a dream, and the new spectacular body probably didn't hurt. It was at that moment Jon registered she was now apparently married to the owner of said spectacular body and she felt her new cheeks warm at the though; she might not have ever had a crush on the old Bethany, but the new Helen was a smokeshow.

Ms. Cane pointed over towards Zoe and Linda, "you two are the twins, Julius and Summer Richmond, juniors at Lakeview like the former Karyn and Jon would have been. Julius was a star of the basketball team at his old school, and Summer topped the cheerleader's pyramid, so I'm sure both of you will be eager to continue your extracurriculars at your new school." Not pausing to let that sink in she turned towards Roger and said, "you're going to be Winter Richmond, the youngest and attending Lakeview Elementary," she turned finally towards Karyn and dismissively said, "while you're Renee, the maid."

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