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4. New In Town

3. UnReality Show

2. A wish for something interesti

1. You Are What You Wish

UnReality Show 2: New in Town

on 2024-03-28 22:14:15

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"Actually, before we get started, we need all the participants in here," the well dressed man announced. "It looks like we're still one short." Jon, who had already been surprised to find Karyn there, looked around in confusion, wondering who the odd man could be talking about.

"Sorry, sorry, I was just using the bathroom," came a voice from the hall before Bethany Black, Karyn's mom, came hurrying in. The mousy woman, who was wearing a simple green sweater and a pair of mom jeans and sneakers, hurried over to take a seat on the couch beside her daughter. The Black women looked similar in a lot of ways, same red hair and green eyes, but Bethany was actually a bit shorter than her daughter with even fewer curves than Karyn's already modest ones. She was only in her early 40s, but the glasses she'd worn since Jon could remember, short cropped curly hair, and conservative fashion sense prematurely aged her a bit, at least as far as Jon was concerned. Not that he'd really thought about it much, and really, if Karyn's mom had been some sort of MILF that would just have been awkward for Jon.

"Wonderful," the man declared, clapping his hands together, "it looks like all the Gibsons and Blacks are here, so we can get down to business. Welcome everyone, to season one of New In Town!"

There was a pause, like he was waiting for applause, before he turned to the blonde woman, "Ms. Cane, why don't you go ahead and fill our lucky participants in on what the show's all about."

"Yes of course," Ms. Cane replied primly, while gesturing towards Kenji who pulled some sort of grey tube, the size of a marker, out of his bag. Kenji then started walking from person to person, touching the pen to the back of their hand. Huh, I guess they're stamping us for some reason, must have something to do with the show. Probably one of those UV light things, Jon reasoned until Kenji got to him and it hurt when the strange looking device touched his skin. Not massively, but it was like a sharp momentary sting, almost like a mosquito bite.

"What the hell was that?" Jon demanded as he rubbed his hand.

"Language, Jon," Linda admonished.

"Kenji's just administering the adaptive nanites necessary for the show's production, it was all in the waivers you signed," Ms. Cane explained as Kenji followed up. Jon certainly had no memory of signing any such contract, but then again he had no memory of signing up for this show at all; this was clearly a changed past caused by the stone, and one he was getting increasingly worried about. "Now, to explain the format a bit; on this show we're going to follow a family moving into a new town and their trials and tribulations as they integrate into the community, enjoy new experiences and face all the challenges along the way."

Roger crossed his arms, "so, what, you're just going to move us across the country or something? Isn't that basically just a vacation?"

"Ooh, a vacation would be nice," Linda cooed.

"Um, not that I'm not happy to be a part of the show, but nobody said anything about leaving Lakeview during production," Bethany nervously chimed in, "I'm not sure my boss is going to be okay with that." Bethany, who had gotten pregnant as a teenager and never made it to college, worked as the assistant manager at the local big box store. Jon's family were far from rich, but, while it wasn't exactly something you talked about, he was aware his best friend's family was a few rungs further down the economic scale. Leaving her job for an extended filming probably wasn't feasible for Bethany.

Ms. Cane smirked, "Actually all filming will be done here in Lakeview, although as far as the rest of the town is concerned, the Gibsons and the Blacks will have moved away over the summer." The last comment made Jon check the date on his phone, only to have his eyes bulge at the fact the clock had somehow rewound back to the end of the previous summer instead of the middle of spring, like it had been before he made his wish. If nothing else, that was concrete proof this whole thing was wish related.

"That doesn't make any sense," Zoe complained. "Stop being coy and just explain the damn show!"

"Language, Zoe," Linda chided.

"Your wish is my command," the man in the pinstripe suit replied, "as Ms. Cane said, the show will be following a new family, freshly arrived to town. The town will be Lakeview, and the family will be the Richmonds, and most importantly, all of you are going to be the Richmonds. Each of you will be assigned a new role in this constructed family, and given a set of goals relating to your new identity. Each goal completed earns you points; the harder the task, the more points you get."

"What do you mean new role?" Jon asked while at almost the same time Bethany asked, "what are the points for?", speaking on top of each other.

"If you manage to get enough points, beating out the other family this season will be following, each of you will win ten million dollars," Ms. Cane replied, choosing to answer Ms. Black's question and stunning the family into silence.

The man chuckled, "I thought that would peak your entrance. Yes, if, over the course of the next year, you beat out your unknown competitors, great financial rewards are in your future, but you won't be able to do it alone. Even if one of you achieves all your goals, that won't be enough on it's own, so you'll need to pull together as a family."

"Oh we can absolutely do that," Roger declared, almost salivating over the just announced reward. "So, how do we start? Some sort of heavy duty make-up so no one around town recognizes us?" Jon felt like he was the only one freaking out about the fact the guy had just said they'd be doing this show for an entire year. I mean it's not like Mrs. Black or mom and dad can be away from work that long without losing their jobs. Then again, I guess the prize money is worth way more than that, but that's only if we win.

Ms. Cane shook her head, "that would be far too limiting. We want to break all of you out of your comfort zones and simple makeup could only go so far; for instance, you Roger would still pretty much have to be the father. Instead, the nanites that have now fully circulated through your system will rebuild you from the ground up, getting you ready for our team to make you over into your new looks. The Richmonds just closed on a house up on Cork Street and school, not to mention new jobs for some of you, will be starting soon, so we have no time to lose! Our goal is for you to move in tomorrow, so unless you have any questions, we'll get started."

"Wait, what exactly do these nanites do?" Karyn demanded.

"Why don't we demonstrate," the man said with a smile, "Kenji, if you would, let's introduce everyone to the lady of the house." The so far quiet technician hit a button on his pad and Jon felt his stomach lurch.

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