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18. Turns Out You Can Pick Your Fa

17. Uh What do We Make Again?

16. Circle of Protection

15. Building a Better In-Law

14. Mama's Home

13. Happy Wife, Happy Life

12. Aftermath

11. Acquisitions

10. Athena' Migrane

9. Back With the Triplets

8. Changing Standards

7. Every Gibson Loses the Stone

6. Becoming Triplets

5. Jon Becomes a Girl

4. Karyn is Different

3. What do you mean?!?!

2. The next day at school

1. You Are What You Wish

The McMillan Triplets: Turns Out You Can Pick Your Family

on 2024-03-21 23:39:08

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Alexander Cromhold was counting the seconds until he could be rid of the McMillan woman, at least for the moment. Oh, he wouldn't let her know that, remaining perfectly cordial as he took the offered tumbler of whiskey, but it was true nevertheless. He had made the trip to her lousy little dinner due to the irritating reality that the McMillans were major campaign donors, but he resented being pulled around like he was some dog on a leash. He appreciated her money, but he didn't need it, and he was perfectly willing to remind her of that. "Nice room you have hidden away back here," he offered. It was a small executive lounge, with plush leather armchairs, dark wood paneling, a large fireplace, and a cabinet stocked with cigars and every liquor under the sun, plus a few others.

"Oh, you know I always like for things to look nice," the redhead said somewhat flirtily as she recrossed her long svelte legs. Alexander pointedly ignored her and just sipped his drink and took a seat opposite. He knew Esme was gorgeous, that much was obvious, but he wasn't the type to get taken in by a pretty smile. Frankly he assumed a lot of the woman's success was down to her ability to get most of the people she negotiated with to think with their libidos and not with their heads, but he wasn't so easily swayed. He was a red blooded man, so he'd enjoy a look here and there of course, but he'd leave it at that.

Esme frowned at him, which made him smile. Then the redhead began talking again, "I was wondering if the selection committee has made any movement on the project?"

"I can't possibly tell you that," Alexander said stiffly, "you'll find out when everyone else does."

"Oh come now, Alex, surely we're friends and there are no secrets between us," Esme drawled twirling a long strand of red hair with her finger. "I mean, I scratch your back and you scratch mine, right?"

Alexander smirked, "I have no idea what you're talking about ma'am. I appreciate McMillan Industries contributions to my last campaign, but that doesn't buy you any special treatment. There are some people you just can't charm your way past, Mrs. McMillan."

A flash of anger crossed Esme's face before she calmed her features, and bizarrely reached down the top of her dress to pull out a rock?

"Okay, I'm done with you," Esme decided, "I wish Alexander Cromhold was unable to move until I willed it and nobody would disturb us for the next hour." Her new business acumen had been screaming at her that she shouldn't push the governor, and instead try a different tactic, but she just didn't have the patience. This guy thought he was too good to fall in line with her, so he'd forfeited his position as far as she was concerned. Besides, opening up a vacancy would let her bring an old friend back into her orbit, with a few little modifications of course. As the governor began to grow panicked as he discovered he couldn't move, she made another wish, "I wish Zelda Whitefield would teleport into this room and then remain stuck like Alexander until I let her move."


Zelda had been walking into the Snake Pit when suddenly there was a blinding light and she found herself somewhere else entirely. The cyber-goth had been looking to blow off steam after wasting an afternoon looking for one of Athena's little magical doodads the other girl had lost. She didn't want to dismiss her friend, but Zelda was way more of a sci-fi fan than a fantasy one and she didn't reaaaally buy into all of Athena's occult stuff. It was why she'd skipped out on whatever ritual Thena and Zoe were cooking up that night, and made her way towards the mosh pit instead.

She was dressed for the rave, wearing a neon blue and silver body suit that matched well with her electric blue dreads. However, she looked very out of place suddenly standing in the middle of an old fashioned smoking room. "Where the hell am I, who are you people?"

"It's good to see you again, Zelda," Esme said genuinely. She might have hated her life as Stephanie but Zelda had been one of her few friends, and she still had a soft spot for the girl. It was why she was going to make her so much better. "I wish that for the next fifteen minutes Zelda would remember the original reality and know who I used to be.'


Zelda's eye's widened in shock as she suddenly knew the uber fancy looking model of a woman sitting in front of her was somehow plain and poor Stephanie Wright. Two sets of memories warred inside her, but she focused on the woman in front of her. "What the hell did you do to yourself, Steph!?!?"

"Please, call me Esme," Esme said somewhat sharply, "that's who I am now."

"You have ten seconds to explain what the hell is going on and who this deviant is before I-" Alexander began before getting cut off.

"Oh shut it, Alex. Nobody's listening to you and nobody's going to come running," Esme explained.

Chastened, he ground out through gritted teeth, "what do you want then, the contract? Fine you can have it!" He just needed to get away from whatever crazy technology was letting Esme do this and he could come back with the National Guard to seize it. Clearly this woman was dangerous.

Esme let out a little laugh, "oh, you had your chance to work with me, Alex. Now, you've forfeited your position and I think it's high time we got a new governor. I wish the lives, minds and bodies of these two would alter according to my will."


"Whoa, wha-what are you going to do Ste-uh, Esme?" Zelda asked hesitantly. Stephanie was her friend, but something extreme had clearly happened to her and she wasn't sure Esme still was. "You said you wanted to change the governor, what's that got to do with me?"

"Well you're going to be the new governor, duh," Esme explained. "I'd do it myself but it seems like a lot of trouble and I've got a company to run. I'll just be the power behind the throne. But don't worry! I'm not going to make you some boring old dude like Alex here. All that weird Cyberpunk stuff will have to go, you'll obviously need to look respectable for the voters, but I think you're still going to have a lot of fun with what I have planned!"

"Wait, wait, let's slow down, Esme. I'm your friend, remember?" Zelda stammered, trying to grasp what in the hell her friend turned bombshell CEO was talking about.

Esme smiled widely, "oh, we're closer than friends Zee, you're my little sister Zelda McMillan, and you absolutely look the part."

It started with Zelda's eyes, which went from brown to vibrant green between blinks that also seemed to lengthen her lashes. Then her face began to pop and shift as her literal bone structure rearranged itself. Cheekbones became more prominent and lips plumped, a small beauty mark appeared below her left eye and her ears shrank to become more proportionate. She wasn't turning into Esme's twin but she suddenly had a strong family resemblance any one would see. There was a hissing sound as her hair dye boiled itself out of her hair and her dreads unwound themselves, for just a moment showing her natural sandy brown color before it turned a coppery red. Her undercut disappeared as her hair grew until it tumbled around her shoulders, longer than she'd had it but still a good bit shorter than her 'sister's'.

Her back suddenly arched as she felt her shoulder blades pull in and her shoulders became more narrow, taking away from the somewhat boxy figure she'd had. Her legs grew toned below her silver leggings, but actually lost maybe an inch in height and she felt her skin buzz as a healthy tan replaced her hyper-pale complexion. Then, like a sudden cannon blast her tiny AA cups blasted outward as her breasts seemingly quadrupled in size. It stretched then tore her tight blue top and she had some trouble breathing for a moment; they weren't as big as Esme's but she'd easily hit D and she felt like she'd trip forward if she could move from the new weight. The expansion of her ass was almost an after thought though it similarly made her clothes way too tight and start to tear at the seams.

A hundred other little changes accompanied the big ones, turning her into Esme's new little sister. They had the same hair color and eyes, but Esme was a bit more well endowed, and a good six inches taller even without her heels. Esme smiled approvingly, adding, "and I said all that goth shit needed to go, so you're dressed appropriately for your station, but still like, y'know, hot."

There was a shimmer all around the reeling Zelda, who resented her style being ripped away but grudging appreciated the new better fitting clothes that let her breathe. She didn't get a new bra but discovered her large breasts were improbably perky all on their own, and they were amply showed off by the low cut sparkling silver dress she was now wearing. A slit showed off her newly tanned legs, and her nose ring had disappeared along with the piercing, but dangling silver earrings were now attached to her ears. Her red hair tied itself up into an elegant updo and matching silver heels pushed her back to actually a bit higher than her old height in flats.

"Ooh, silver and gold, we match, sis!" Esme said cheerfully, oblivious or uncaring of how shocked Zelda was by everything. All the while Alexander stared in horror at the incredible power Esme was so casually wielding. "So, like I said, you're my little sister, we'll say like a year younger, and your the governor, not this asshole."

"How can I be the governor, I look like I'm what, 25?" Zelda asked in her new deeper, throatier voice. It was a little thing to fixate on but she was feeling fairly hysterical at the moment.

Esme pursed her lips, "I hadn't really thought about it. Old Esme was 24, so I think I would be too, but Richard was in his 50s. I have teenage daughters but, like, obviously I'm not that old and neither are you. I guess we'll say I'm 35 and just look fabulous for my age, and Susan and I had the triplets when we were 18. You'll be 34, but stay looking like you are now. Good catch on the details, sis! See what a good team we make?"

"You're mad," Alexander muttered, unintentionally drawing Esme's attention back to him.

"How rude, someone needs to teach you some manners," she informed him. "You've had people listening to whatever you say for too long, it's time for you to follow orders for a change. Zelda could use a personal assistant who knows the ins and outs of her new role, so you're going to be Alexandra, her 20 something PA. Let's make sure you look the part!"

Years melted off Alexander in an instant as his wrinkles smoothed and his flesh renewed itself, while at the same time his body convulsed, turning from an old man to a young woman. She felt an odd sucking sensation as her penis and testicles pulled back inside her, never to reappear and a fresh new clitoris formed. Modest breasts, no more than a B-cup but way more than she was used to dealing with swelled up and all her features softened, subtle curves appearing all over her body. Unlike Zelda, or Esme's other favorites, she wasn't becoming a knockout, instead being mildly pretty but nothing to write home about. She kept her aristocratic nose, but it looked a bit too big with her new feminine features and she her eyebrows stayed on the thick side. Her hair did go back to dark brown, and grew down to her chin, before finally a pair of black framed glasses popped onto her face and her tuxedo vanished, to be replaced by a modest sleeveless teal dress and a pair of low kitten heels appeared on her feet.

Mrs. McMillan didn't miss a beat, the only person pretty used to these transformations by this point, "you can keep all your knowledge and experience in your head, but your education belongs to Zelda now. You can have a bachelors in communications or whatever. You will act as the perfect assistant, doing everything you can to help and support your boss Zelda, who you can't in anyway act against. You can't act against me for that matter, either. Your family is lower middleclass, and you're actively trying online dating to find a guy, but you'll always put your job first. So obviously you're not married to Charlotte anymore. Oh, and you're a pretty submissive person, a follower, not a leader."

The rambling instructions wrapped themselves around the new Alexandra, shaping her new life. She still knew who's she'd been, but in a moment her personality shifted and she felt much less defiant, more scared. More to the point, she had a deep seated need to support Mrs. Zelda in anyway she could, and she was already cataloguing everything she'd need to do to get the new governor up to speed.

"Hey, Stephanie," Zelda said as firmly as she could, intentionally using her friend's original name. "I think you need to stop and think about this. I know you're, uh, trying to be nice, but I don't want this. I don't want to be governor, and I don't want to be this person you've turned me into. I just wanted to hit the rave tonight and maybe make out with Trev a bit, not, like, stage a coup or whatever it is you're doing."

Esme frowned, pouted really, "Don't be silly, sis. Your old life sucked just like mine did, and now I'm making it better. I'll make you see, and we'll start by forgetting all about Trevor. He's just some stoner kid and you need a first lady."

"So, what, I'm married to this guy's wife now? I'm not even gay, Stephanie," an exasperated Zelda protested.

"My name is Esme, and you'll refer to me as such," Esme commanded, "and you're very attracted to women. A powerful woman like you needs arm candy and some himbo in a tux isn't going to cut it. I won't make you get hitched to Charlotte though, you'll get to pick!"

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