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8. She pranks on you by transform

7. She notices the zipper on her

6. She may look and act like your

5. She thinks you're her son. (Me

4. You command the suit to transf

3. Stuff her into a bodysuit

2. Transform Your Girlfriend

1. The Drafting Board

Transform Your Girlfriend - Bodysuit: Your Girlfriend Play A Little Prank on you

on 2024-03-19 12:52:07

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Age BE FTF FTM SciFi Size TF

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Your girlfriend stared at the fallen bodysuit on the floor for some seconds. "Right! Now I remember," she said as her memories came back, she remembered all the things she did while using the suit and the fun she had with you, she noticed that her personality went back to normal after she wore off the skin suit, but even with the suit she was still herself with some bits of your mom's personality.

She lifted the suit dripping some drops of cum, stretching it again thinking of wearing it again, she loved having a MILFy and mature figure, so why not keep going? Before she closed the suit she had another idea, as she looked at you sleeping through the opened door of the bathroom, what would happen if she could play a little prank on you by transforming herself into another woman? After questioning herself, she puts on the suit back as she finally becomes your mom again. When your girlfriend is still in the form of your mom, she thinks of herself and tries something more interesting. Suddenly, she quickly remembers that you also did command the suit to change her, and then she wants to try to command the suit and see how it works, hopefully, it won't change mentally. With that, she closes the bathroom door so she can do it quietly without making a noise, plus, she wants to surprise you when you wake up. "Okay, let's try on something. Hopefully, this suit would change me into someone more interested. I love being his mom again, but I think I want to try out something. Oh, I know what I gotta do." your girlfriend has an idea. "Command: Transform me into..."

The next morning,...

You wake up tiredly as the bright sunlight comes from your window. You can't even get up because you had too much sex on yesterday with your mom who was your girlfriend in the suit. It was tiring, but you gotta admit it, it felt so great about yesterday with her. At first, you bought the suit so she could wear it as you commanded the suit to turn your girlfriend into your mom, this is the kinkiest and some weird incest thing that you ever had, this is going to be the best relationship you ever had with your mom/girlfriend. After you get up on your bed, you realize that you're naked. "Of course, we have sex without some clothes on." you thought to yourself as you remembered yesterday. "Anyway, I better be prepared for breakfast, it's just me and my girlfriend. Oh wait, I forgot she's now my 'mom'."

With that, then watch your girlfriend/'mom' who was sleeping next to you last night, but she's covered by your bed sheet. "Wake up, 'mom'. It's time to wake up, your 'son' is calling you." you said.

"What? Who are you talking to? And did you just call me 'mom'?" she responds as she sounds so tired, but you hear your girlfriend/mom with a different voice. You're shocked as you open the blanket to reveal and then you see a person who isn't your mom/girlfriend on the bed. "Ah! Who the hell are you!?" you fall and trip as you are surprised that the person on the bed is a...

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