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7. She notices the zipper on her

6. She may look and act like your

5. She thinks you're her son. (Me

4. You command the suit to transf

3. Stuff her into a bodysuit

2. Transform Your Girlfriend

1. The Drafting Board

Mom finds the zipper on her back.

on 2023-10-30 17:17:31

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After you and your mom finish several more rounds of sex you’re both incredibly tired and soaking in sweat and fluids. Your room is an absolute mess but both of your insane libidos felt satisfied for now.

While you slept and regathered your strength mom stood up and stretched with a moan. Then pulling a blanket over you and placed a kiss on your lips. It was late at night but she still didn’t want to go to be reeling of cum.

She then went into the bathroom to get herself clean up. Turning on the shower catching her reflection in the mirror. Your cum had worked wonders on her skin leaving her without any wrinkles. Smiling at herself and putting a finger to her cheek to wipe off some of your cum then licked it off her finger with a moan.

As she turned to go into the shower she saw something on her back. A zipper running the length of her spine.

“What’s this doing here?” She asked then tugged on it.

Your mom’s bodysuit fell away and standing right in the pile of the cum covered suit was your naked girlfriend. Steam wafting up from the suit and her body covered in sweat.

“Holy shit.” She said…

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