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DMU - Mikey gets some more clothes

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“Wow Micky look at you!” Sabrina said as she answered the door to her new friend, “you managed to find something in Zoeys closest then”

“Yeah, not exactly what I had in mind though” Mikey shrugged.

“Well she never really went for the full Victorian feel” Sabrina replied, “come on, I’m sure I’ve got a few things you can have” she added as she motioned for him to follow her into the manor like house. Mikey followed her through the main entrance hall and up a flight of stairs. Before long they reached Sabrina’s room which was a vast contrast to the rest of light and airy house. Thick dark velvet curtains hung over the windows, the walls were a dark violet colour, with posters of various gothic bands hung all around.

“This way” Sabrina instructed, leading him over to a pair of dark mahogany doors.

“I thought you said your parents didn’t like you being all gothic “ Mikey said looking around, “how did you get away with all this?” He added with a gesture.

“They told me I could do whatever I wanted with my room, they still value personal space” Sabrina replied with a shrug. She opened the two doors to reveal a walk in closet, the size of which would have made the old Sarah envious. Various dresses, skirts, tops, and boots were all neatly arranged in the shelving along the walls, and in the centre was a large dark wood vanity and a stand filled with all sorts of jewellery.

“First things first, let’s find you a better outfit” Sabrina said as she began to leaf through the various clothes, “here, this will be perfect!” She said after a moment. She produced a deep red dress with long sleeves and puffy shoulders.

“Oh wow Sabrina, that’s beautiful!” Mikey gasped, already picturing himself in it.

“Yeah, I bough this and haven’t really worn it. I think it’d suit you better” she replied with a slight smile as she passed it over to him.

“You mean I keep this?” He asked astonished.

“Yeah, I’ve got more than enough” she replied with a wide gesture, “there’s plenty more you can have too, but for now, get that on and let’s see”

“Is there somewhere I can change?” He asked.

“Ah, just do it here, I don’t mind if you don’t.” She replied. Mikey thought for a moment, feeling a little nervous about undressing in front of his new friend, but the desire to try on the outfit soon overtook him. He hurriedly stripped down the black bra and panties he was wearing, and was vaguely aware of Sabrina giving him a quick once over before she started rifling through the racks again. Mikey managed to get the dress on with relative ease, and admired himself in the mirror.

“These will go great that” Sabrina said as she passed him a pair of knee high boots, “they look about your size”. Again Mikey managed to slip them on and lace them up with no problems.

“Told you,” Sabrina said matter of factly as she returned with another armful of clothes, now let’s sort your hair and add a few accessories.” She added as she guided him over to the seat at the vanity. She grabbed a set of hair curlers and set to work. It wasn’t long before Mikey’s new dark tresses were nearly styled in waves.

“Out this on” Sabrina said as she handed him a wide lace choker with a red stone set in the middle. Mikey did as he was told and fastened it around his neck. Next she passed him some ornate earrings.

“Now these” she said. Mikey nodded and instinctually raised one up to his ear. He wasn’t surprised to find that he now had a small hole in earlobe. He fastened them both on, and Sabrina took a step back to look at him.

“Perfect” she said. Mikey studied himself in the mirror, once again amazed at how good she had made him look.

“Thanks Sabrina, I look amazing!” He gasped, then he grabbed the small bag he’d brought with him and pulled out his phone.

“Would you take a picture for me?” He asked.

“Sure, not in here though, come with me.” She replied as she led him out the room and down through the house. Mikey enjoyed the way the long dress swished around his leather clad ankles. They exited through the back into an expansive back garden. They crossed over the lawn to a secluded spot at the back, next to an old looking wall.

“Right, stand there, and look up at the house” Sabrina said as she took his phone from him. Mikey did as instructed and Sabrina took a few pictures. She flicked through them and deleted the ones she didn’t like.

“Here you go, what do you think?” She asked as she passed the device back to him. Mikey was stunned at the image on the screen.

“Perfect” he smiled, “you’ll have to teach me everything, otherwise I’ll be bugging you every morning to get me ready!” He chuckled.

“Oh I’m planning on it!” Sabrina chuckled as she looped her arm through his, “now let’s go try and some more outfits” she added as the two of them walked back to house, looking very much like two darkly dressed Victorian ladies taking a stroll through the grounds.

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