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118. DMU - Back to the Gibsons

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101. DMU - Jon and Laura’s evening

100. DMU - Jon takes a shower

99. DMU - Jon and Laura’s evening

DMU - Back to the Gibsons

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Jon stepped out of the shower feeling refreshed and clean. He expertly wrapped his towel around his waist, and then used another to make a turban for his hair. He re-entered the bedroom and looked over to where Laura laid, a big grin still on her face.

“That gets better every time” she purred happily, “a guy could get used to that very morning” she added as she clambered out the sheets.

“I must admit, I love the way you feel inside me” Jon replied with a smile, “but I think I might get a bit sore if we fucked like that every morning” he chuckled.

“Yeah, I’ll say!” Laura grinned back, “guess I’ll go wash off” she added as she disappeared into the bathroom. Jon watched her naked form with keen interest, and once the door had closed he set about drying himself off. Once his body was dry he selected a matching pair of powder blue panties and bra, getting them on with no problems at all, smiling at the way his new tits fit the bra cups perfectly. Next he quickly dried his hair with the hairdryer, and then straightened it with Laura’s hair straighteners as if he’d been doing it all his life. Finally he chose his outfit for the morning, a simple blue vest top, and a pair of white jeans. He completed his ensemble by slipping on a pair of Laura’s old glasses out of instinct, along with her wristwatch.

“Perfect!” He said as he took a step back and checked himself over in the mirror.

“I’ll say!” Laura’s voice said from behind him. Jon turned around and saw her emerging from a very steamy bathroom. The sight of her muscular torso still glistening from the water almost made him want to try for round 3, but he thought better of it.

“Get dressed you!” He laughed, “I’ll go start on breakfast!” He added as he left the room. As he headed downstairs he could hear movement in the kitchen already. He entered the room and saw a young boy sitting at the table digging into a bowl of sugary cereal.

“Jom!” Karyn exclaimed through a mouthful of food, “you look so different! Like me!” She continued as she sprayed food over the table.

“Wow, you certainly do Karin!” Jon replied, “but don’t talk with your mouthful sweetie, ok?”

“Kay!” Karyn replied.

“Morning Mo…Jom” came Zoe’s voice from the other side of the room. He looked up and was surprised to see his sister stood there in his old Iron Maiden T-shirt and baggy jeans. She looked every part the teenage boy he used to be.

“Morning Zoey sweetie” Jon smiled back.

“Hope you don’t mind, but me and Symon got breakfast ready” Zoe continued, indicating the other figure stood by the counter. Jon barely recognised his father, he had seemingly embraced his new found figure by wearing a tight pink top, and denim booty shorts.

“Wow!” Jon gasped, surprised at how much like Karyn he looked, “I love the outfit Symon” he smiled.

“Thanks Jorn” Simon replied.

“Urgh, Zoey, your closet fucking sucks!” Mikey’s voice grunted as he arrived in the kitchen, “I took me forever to find something halfway fucking decent!” They all watched as he came in wearing a puffy black top and long frilly black skirt. His hair and makeup styled to match his new gothic vibe.

“Micky! Watch you language!” Jon chided. Mikey simply rolled his eyes and continued on towards the back door.

“Whatever, I’m heading out to meet Sabrina!” He grunted, “she says she’s got some clothes I can have. Hopefully better than this!” He added, and with that he was gone. Jon sighed and walked over to coffee pot. He poured two cups, one for him and one for Laura.

“Right then, you guys can do whatever you like this morning, but make sure to be back here for lunch, then we’re heading to Sara and Locys for the party thisafternoon ok?” He said, looking round at them all. They all made some noise or gesture that they understood before heading their separate ways. Jon took a sip of his coffee and sat back in his chair. He couldn’t believe how much everyone had changed, even their mannerisms were small amalgamations of each other. He absentmindedly toyed with the wedding ring on his finger.

“Oh is that for me?” Laura asked as she came down dressed in a plain green polo shirt and jeans. Jon actually felt his heart skip a beat when he looked at her, an overwhelming feeling of love and affection washing over him.

“Sure is honey” he smiled.

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