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117. DMU - Buster gets a phone call

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DMU - Buster gets a phone call

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While Lydia and Max were trying to disconnect themselves, Buster and Penny were both waking up in the main bedroom. Like their two owners, their bodies had drastically changed shape. Now appearing as very hairy humans, but rapidly balding in all the right places. Also like Lydia and Max, they both still sported their canine muzzles and ears, but like their fur, these were dramatically decreased. Buster had been the first to wake and he had already gotten himself dressed in a a plain white bra and pantie set, a pair of jeans, and a sheer white top to show off the assets he had gained in exchange for his tail. He had also taken the time to lightly style his hair. He heard Penny stirring in the bed and he glanced over from where he was sat at the vanity.

“Good morning” he said, finding it easy to speak clearly despite the shape of his face, “did you sleep ok Penn?” He asked. Penny yawned and stretched her new arms over her head.

“Morning Busta,” she replied, “I did thanks. You look pretty” she added as she looked him over.

“You look pretty good yourself” he replied cheekily, looking her more muscular human form up and down, creating some strange feeling in his new crotch. Suddenly they heard a buzzing sound coming from the bedside table. Buster got to his feet and walked over. He saw it was Lydia’s phone, and with a shrug he picked it up and answered.

“Hello?” He asked.

“Oh, err… hello. This is Dr Michaels,” said the voice on the other end, “I was hoping to speak to Lydia Warren?” He added.

“Oh, Dr Michaels!” He said brightly, “how are you!” He added.

“I’m….ok” Michael’s replied a little confused, “I’m sorry, to whom am I speaking?”

“This is Busta” Buster replied, “a lot has changed since we last saw you” he added as he watched Penny climb out of bed, wearing nothing but a pair of Max’s boxer shorts. She gave him a smile before heading off into the bathroom.

“Buster?” Dr Michaels sounded shocked “seriously?”

“Seriously” Buster continued calmly, knowing the doctor probably wasn’t expecting to be having a full conversation with a dog this morning.

“I can fetch Lyddi for you if you want,” he continued, “but if the way I am this morning is anything to go by, I’m not sure how useful that would be” he added.

“Well,” Dr Michaels replied after a moments thought, “I did just have some information to relay, but I think perhaps it would be best if I stopped by for another visit… if that’s ok with you?” He asked. Buster found it slightly strange that the dr was asking him for permission now.

“Of course,” he replied, “Penn and I have just got up, so maybe stop by in an hour or so?” He added as Penny returned to the bedroom. His eyes were drawn to the obvious bulge in her boxers. Then a new idea came into his head.

“Actually, better make that two” he said with a grin.

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