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DMU - Lydia and Max

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Lydia stirred as that strange scent filled her nostrils again. She lazily opened one eye and looked around. She was still laying curled up in Busters old bed, and she could see Max just a few feet away stretched out on the floor. She moved to get up and was not surprised to find that she was still forced to remain on all fours. Even more so now that her arms had reshaped to match the front legs of a dog. She caught sight of her reflection in the tv and her eyes bulged. The entire area around her mouth and nose has stretched out to form a muzzle of sorts. Her blonde hair had lengthened and was seemingly merging with a set of canine ears protruding from halfway up her head.

That me? she whimpered in surprise, finding it hard to articulate her words, and even harder to speak them. She looked herself up and down, and noticed that her chest was now completely flat. Suddenly she felt something brush the inside of her back legs. She whipped her head around to try and see what it was, causing her to run in a small circle. The muscles at the base of her spine twitched and something came into view. A length of fur flicked into her eyeline, a strange grey, almost a mix of her blonde hair and the dark colour of Busters old fur.

Tail!?! she yelped, the noise causing Max to stir. Lydia glanced over at him and took I the sight of his form. Like her, his face had begun to form a muzzle, but his shaven head had yet to show any signs of hair growth, but his ears had also started to migrate up the side of his head. He too had a new addition at the base of his spine, but it looked nothing like Pennys tail, this one was bushier, and had light and dark stripes.

Lyddi? he grumbled as he got onto all fours and stretched, arching his back and flashing her his entire rear end, his tailing flicking up and resting over his back.

Instantly Lydia’s nose was filled with the strange scent again. She felt her canine penis harden almost instantly.

Maxie…smell nice she growled, almost hungrily. Max turned to look at her, and instantly spotted his new tail.

wha.. he began, but his eyes fell on the protrusion that had now appeared along Lydia’s underside. He suddenly felt a strange feeling of wanting. Without thinking he turned away and lowered his front limbs to the ground, pushing his ass further into the air, almost presenting himself to her. Lydia didn’t hesitate and moved towards him, placing her now paw-like hands on his back and lifting herself up. She edged herself forward and felt the top of her cock brush against his vagina.

I take she growled in an animalistic way, before thrusting her hips forward and entering him. Max let out a quiet yelp in surprise but soon lost himself in the feeling of her filling him up from the inside. Lydia was also surprised at how she felt, driven by her new animal hormones and instincts. She felt powerful, in control, she was the alpha. She kept pounding away, feeling Max move below her with every thrust. Finally she felt herself erupt within him, and they both remained stationary for a few moments, tongues hanging from their new mouths, panting heavily. Lydia moved to climb off his back when she felt a tug on her penis. Thats when panic set it.

Lyddi? he asked.

Maxie…I stuck she whimpered.

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