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10. Meet the Parents

9. Figuring out the Curriculum

8. Karyn Makes Some Corrections

7. A Slight Miscalculation

6. Karyn's Place

5. Getting Ready

4. A New Reflection

3. Karyn (Alt)

2. The stone is gone

1. You Are What You Wish

Suddenly Sarah: Meet the Parents

on 2024-03-01 00:49:04

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Aware Body_Swap MC MTF Stuck

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Jon yawned as she stretched her limber arms over her head, having just parked, at the moment, her convertible back at the McMillan mansion. They'd spent a couple more hours trying to ram as much as they could into her head about how to bluff as Sarah, and it had worn her out a little. Still, that was relative. When she was in her old body, being tried would mean being dead on her feet, but even now there was an almost electric energy to her new form. The whole time they'd been at Karyn's doing the impromtu cram session on all things Sarah, she'd found herself bouncing on her feet, and eventually had Sarah walk her through a few stretches. Her new body was just a lot more conditioned for physical activity, which would probably be a very good thing once she went to her first cheer practice later in the week. Well, if she was still in Sarah's body; technically they could swap back tomorrow morning for all she knew, but since they had no clue if that would happen, they were planning as if she was going to be Sarah for the foreseeable future.

She felt she should be more upset about that, but couldn't really find it in herself to get angry or distraught over the situation like Sarah was, constantly scowling from his new male body. Sure it was a really weird, really disorienting experience, but on some level she couldn't deny it was kind of thrilling. Jon's life was pretty dang average, and fairly monotonous, so having a whole new, honestly more exciting one thrown at her was a bit exhilarating. Making sure to grab her purse from the passenger seat, she shot a quick text to Karyn and Sarah letting them know she'd not gotten lost on the way back and hopped out of the car to walk up to the big fancy house she'd be living in.

It was only mid-afternoon, around 3:00, but, despite having a lot more they needed to try and teach each other, they'd decided to call it for the day. Sarah was now stuck with Jon's promise to clean the gutters that day and had to head back to the Gibson house, Karyn was going to research possible causes of the switch, and Jon was starting to get overloaded since they'd mainly focused on her that day. Besides, they didn't want Ms. Black getting suspicious of why Sarah, a girl she knew Karyn didn't get along with, was suddenly hanging out with Jon and Karyn; the rather flimsy excuse of a winter holiday group project they forgot to do was only going to hold for so long. They'd need to come up with a better cover for future meetings.

'Or,' Jon thought to herself as she tentatively opened the front door, still feeling like a stranger intruding at the McMillan house despite the face she wore, 'we could just tell Ms. Black that Sarah apologized and I'm turning over a new leaf. I mean, I WANT to be close to Karyn, and people do change, right?' She was really glad Karyn had pointed out she didn't need to emulate all the negative aspects of Sarah's personality. The fact that the thought of becoming a bully made her stomach turn aside, Karyn was her best friend, and well, someone she had a massive crush on. Having to be mean to the redhead specifically would have been hell on earth, however nice her new body was.

"Oh, Sarah, darling, your home!" Jon, who was standing in the McMillan's grand entryway, looked up to see Susan McMillan walking down the grand staircase towards her, a smile on her face. Susan had a strong resemblance to her daughter, which was to say she had a strong resemblance to Jon right now, with the same golden hair and generous 'assets'. She had more mature curves, only natural considering she was 36 to Jon's 16, and was an inch or so taller, but in general the two gorgeous women were obviously mother and daughter. At the moment the McMillan matriarch was wearing a loose purple tanktop that bared her midriff, over a tight sports bra, and a pair of sinfully tight luxury purple yoga pants. Jon guessed she must be on her way to her yoga class, something Sarah had mentioned was part of her usual routine when she'd asked about what to expect at home.

The older woman swept Jon into a gentle hug, pulling her to her chest and saying, "I'm sorry we missed you before we had to get to that meeting. Frankly I wish I could have gotten out of it too. I was bored stiff listening to that man prattle on about this figure and that figure with your father," Susan pulled back to look at her apparent daughter, "did you have a good time with your friends?"

"Uh, yeah mom, it was totally great," Jon chirped in her best impression of Sarah's usual cadence, at least when she was talking to someone she nominally liked. Floundering for what to say she asked, "did uh Mister Mc- I mean, did daddy seal the deal?"

Susan rolled her eyes fondly as she separated, giving one last loving pat on Jon's shoulder, "he did, but you'd have to ask him if you want the details. I gotta run for my class sweetie, but I'll see you for dinner unless you're out. Ooh, I almost forgot, I decided to go for a mani-pedi at Chez on Wednesday afternoon, you want to come with me?"

"Uh sure!" Jon agreed, mostly hoping to get through this conversation without messing up too badly. She'd never had a manicure or a pedicure before, so that was going to be another adventure it seemed like. She might have been able to say no, but Mrs. McMillan sounded so enthusiastic about spending the time with her daughter that Jon couldn't turn her down. Linda Gibson hardly ever tried to do anything one on one with Jon or engage with her interests, so having a parent who, the moment she walked in the door, was attentive, kind and involved was a bit overwhelming. To be fair it was only one interaction, so not the best thing to judge on, but still.

Susan sent off a quick text to the upscale nail salon adding Jon to the appointment, before saying goodbye and heading out to her own car. Jon really wanted to beeline it for Sarah's room at that point, but figured if she'd said hello to one parent, it would only be nice to say hello to the other. Mr. McMillan, a fit man in his early fifties, was reading the paper in his study on the second floor, clad in a polo shirt and tan slack. Despite being a bit older, and 16 years his wife's senior, he was still handsome in a sort of silverfox kind of way, with his hair graying at the temples but still brown on top. Not that Jon was a perfect judge of what made a guy attractive, given that she was only attracted to women, something that hadn't changed with her new body based on certain sensations she'd had when Karyn hugged her before they left. Who knew boobs were so sensitive?

"Good Afternoon, pumpkin," Richard McMillan said, looking up from his paper, "did you have a good day so far?"

Jon unconsciously clasped her hands together behind her back, swaying back and forward cutely, "I did, daddy; just hanging out with a couple of friends. Me and some of the squad are going to the mall tomorrow for some team bonding before practice starts back up," Sarah hadn't said she had to inform her parents she was going to be going, but it only seemed the polite thing to do.

Richard nodded, "make sure you remember your Amex, and have your pepper spray and alert button ready just in case. I hope you girls have a great time, and let your friends know we might be taking the yacht out this weekend if any of you want to come along. We should have enough jet skis for everyone, but if now, I can order another one."

The apparent Sarah smiled sweetly, and, going on instinct, threw her arms around Richards neck and gave him a hug before saying, "of course, daddy," and stepping off. Jon was trying her best not to show her shock at the casual displays of wealth that seemed to be the norm with the McMillan family. I can totally see how having all this stuff since you were a kid could make you pretty spoiled Jon mused, thinking of Sarah, 'but then again, Mom and Dad, er, Mrs. and Mr. McMillan seem really nice and they're living the high life just as much as Sarah is, er was.'

What Jon didn't know was that Karyn's last wish for Sarah's parents and close friends to support and accept her, had slightly changed the relationships in the McMillan household. It wasn't drastic, she'd always been daddy's princess and fairly spoiled, but now he was primed to be just a bit more emotionally attentive and not just throw money and gifts at a problem. The somewhat larger change was between Susan and her daughter. Sarah hadn't had a bad relationship with her mom per se, but it wasn't quite as a close as what Jon had just experienced. In short, Sarah had been in her rebellious teenager phase the last few years, sneaking out, spending all her time with Biff, ignoring her parents etc. It was fairly typical teenage angst and rebellion, but it put a strain on her relationship with Susan, who grew frustrated with the behavior. Now though, with the wish to always support and accept Sarah, the relationship had reverted to the closeness Sarah and Susan had experienced when Sarah was younger, just in a somewhat new context.

Regardless of the context she didn't know, Jon couldn't help feeling a bit warm and fuzzy inside as she shut the door to 'her' room behind her. It was nice being doted on like that by Sarah's parents. She couldn't remember ever really being doted on like that in her life. Hell, her own father had abandoned the family when Jon was 10, and hadn't been that great when he was around, so just having two functional parents at the same time would have been a novelty in of itself. Crossing over to her bed she collapsed into its exquisite fluffiness with a sigh, stretching out. She had a lot to do that afternoon, review what she'd learned, practice her physicality, phone Sarah to put together an outfit, practice applying her makeup for herself and doing her hair and on and on, but for the moment she was just going to take a second to relax and sink into the soft covers, letting the day wash over her.

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