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9. Figuring out the Curriculum

8. Karyn Makes Some Corrections

7. A Slight Miscalculation

6. Karyn's Place

5. Getting Ready

4. A New Reflection

3. Karyn (Alt)

2. The stone is gone

1. You Are What You Wish

Suddenly Sarah: Figuring out the Curriculum

on 2024-02-29 21:14:11

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Aware Body_Swap FTM MC MTF Stuck Unaware

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Using the bathroom for the first time as a girl had been an interesting experience, but like with her bra that morning, her hands kind of seemed to know what they were doing. She'd tried not to dwell on her new vagina, thought there was only so long she could put off thinking about it. She was keenly aware of the absence between her legs as she walked and moved; honestly it was kind of nice not having anything there to worry about. She'd thought she'd miss her manhood more, but so far at least she just, didn't.

When she refastened her pants, she made sure to tuck in the front of her blouse this time and admired in the mirror how that little change helped accentuate her figure, pulling the garment a little tighter across her breasts and subtly demonstrating her tiny waistline. She brushed a golden strand of hair back in the mirror and on a whim blew herself a little kiss, marveling at the Sarah in the reflection copying her every move. She had to admit she looked good, felt good in a way she never had in her old body. 'If this is how Sarah feels all the time, no wonder she let it go to her head. I think being hot is going to be a major confidence boost' Jon thought as she stepped back out of the bathroom to rejoin Karyn. When Sarah got back they still had a lot of ground to cover, and she wanted to get as much as she could done today. She'd decided she wasn't going to literally do everything the way Sarah would, but she desperately needed to learn some of the original's skills, habits, routines, and information on her relationships, if she had a snowball's chance in hell of not crashing and burning.

Meanwhile, across town, Tiffany had been lounging by her pool and texting while she plotted her grand plan to rake the Cheer Captain position. She already had Melissa and Jessica on her side; if she could convince Amber and Scarlett to flip, the rest of the squad would fall in line. It shouldn't be that hard with how exceptionally bitchy Sarah had been recently. The queen bee seemed to think dating the quaterback meant she was automatically in charge of everything. 'ugh, I'm so the better choice for captain. Sarah shouldn't have even gotten it as a junior in the first place and I'll be fucked if she keeps it two years in a-'

Suddenly Tiffany's thoughts became fuzzy as her green eyes glazed over momentarily. Then like a band of elastic snapping back into place, she started up again.'It's going to be soooo fun to hit the mall with the squad tomorrow. Sarah's been so busy with Biff lately, I feel like we never get to hangout' Tiffany thought as she shot off a couple more texts, trying to firm up their plans. Something had shifted in her mind and now her friendship with Sarah was much more genuine on her part, and much of her politicking and planned maneuvering disappeared from her mind. Did she still dislike how mean Sarah could be sometimes, absolutely, but Sarah was her friend and it was important she be supportive no matter what.

There was a chime from her phone and she smiled in excitement when she saw her captain had confirmed her attendance tomorrow; she couldn't wait to go shopping with her bestie!

Sarah trudged back into Karyn's room, having been let in by Miss Black, carrying a brown paper bag full of greasy diner food. He'd only gotten stuff for him and Karyn, having strictly forbidden Jon in Sarah's body from putting something so unhealthy and fattening in his temple of a body. 'If that dorkwad puts so much as a pound on me before we switch back, I'm going to have Biff put her stupid head through a wall,' Sarah brooded, conveniently forgetting he currently owned the head in question.

When he swung the door open he found his old body and Karyn sitting next to each other on the bed, giggling, and looking through Sarah's phone. Karyn looked up when he came in, "Hey Jon-boy, Sarah was just texting the squad that she'd be there for the shopping trip tomorrow, so we need to triage and focus on anything she needs to know for that first."

Jon, who was now wearing her shirt properly, flashed her a lovely smile, "I was also familiarizing myself a bit with the new phone, but I'll need you to help me with some of it. Did you know I have over two thousand instagram followers?"

"Of course I know," Sarah huffed as he set the food down on the desk, "they're my followers. You need to keep my content up there too. Oh god, I'm going to have to teach you how to take a fucking selfie aren't I?"

The blonde looked a little sheepish, still an alien emotion on Sarah's old body's face, "that's probably a good idea. I don't use a lot of social media, so I'm going to need a crash course."

Sarah sneered, "well that makes sense, it's not like you had anything worth posting before." He sighed deeply, the need to help Jon get ready to be Sarah McMillan as much as possible winning out over his desire to lash out at the boy currently in his old body. "We'll add it to the list, first thing first is learning how to talk to the squad before you go shopping, and then, ugh, prepping as much as possible before school starts on Monday." They were just at the tail end of winter break, with spring semester starting up on Monday. Unfortunately, it looked like Jon was going to be the one leading the squad at the back to school pep rally, and Sarah would need to make sure she didn't break her temporary neck before Sarah got it back.

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