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DMU - Biff and Mollies new routine

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Mollie was just finishing up getting dressed in a white vest and grey sweatpants. Like Robert, her changes were a lot more drastic. Her skin was now Biffs former colour, and she had put on a lot of muscle mass. Her once long silky hair was now short, and she even sported a neatly styled short beard on her now chiselled jaw. She flexed her muscles in the mirror and felt immensely pleased with her appearance.

“Looking good” she smirked to herself.

“Finished flirting with yourself Molly?” Biff asked from where he laid on the bed. He had slimmed down more, and his hair was now at Sarah’s old length, reaching down between his shoulder blades. He was dressed in just a pair of lavender panties, and a white lace-effect hoody that was cropped at his waist. Mollie studied him for a moment, admiring his now plump rear.

“Sorry Biff” she said, blushing a little as she felt a stirring in her boxers, “I’m just not used to feeling so strong” she added.

“It’s fine” Biff chuckled as he rolled over onto his back, “it’s strange, I don’t really feel like a Biff anymore” he added, gesturing to his new form.

“Well what should I call you?” Mollie asked as she took a seat next to him.

“My full name is Buford, maybe just call me that for now” he suggested.

“Bufron…” Mollie said slowly, “I think I can do that” she added with a smile. Her eyes were drawn to the see through material of Biffs hoody, and she noticed that he wasn’t wearing a bra, the pert breast he had grown overnight on full display underneath. Instantly her member began to stiffen, tenting her sweatpants. This didn’t go unnoticed by the beauty sitting next to her.

“Am I turning you on again?” Biff smirked as his eyes fell on the bulge between her legs, that strange confidence coming over him again.

“Maybe a little” Mollie replied sheepishly, “you just look so…hot” she added.

“You’re so sweet” Biff smiled. He leant in a gave her a light peck on the lips, then another, and another. Before they realised their lips were locked together in a passionate kiss.

They continued like that for a few moments until Mollie began to move herself down the side of Biffs neck, peppering him with light kisses. She moved a hand up and slowly unzipped his hoody, releasing his new bosoms. He reached out and placed her now larger hands on one of them and gave a gentle squeeze. Unlike Sarah’s old form, Biffs were just the right size for a perfect handful. Biff closed his eyes as a low moan escaped his lips when she began to massage his new chest. He felt his arm almost move on its own, and he allowed his hand to slowly creep over her thigh, edging closer to her crotch.

“That feels so good Molly!” He gasped, “let me return to the favour” he added in a cheeky whisper. He expertly placed his hand on the waistband of her sweatpants and boxers, then pulled them both down in one move, freeing her throbbing meat. He grasped it tightly and began to stroke up and down. He was surprised to find that it had actually grown somewhat and was a little larger than it used to be on him. Mollie began to groan in pleasure, the masculine grunts sounding odd in her lilting female tone.

“Oh god Bufron, don’t stop!” She sighed.

“I’ll do better than that” He said in a sultry tone as he leant forward and began to lightly kiss down her shaft. Once he reached her balls, he stuck his tongue out and licked her entire length, causing her to shudder heavily and groan again. Once he reached her head he opened his mouth wide and plunged her meat into it. Closing his eyes, he found himself savouring the taste of her salty pre-cum.

“Oh fuck!” Mollie gasped as the sudden change of sensation, and the feeling of Biffs soft hand gently cupping her balls. He smiled to himself at the sound of her moans and slowly increased his pace. Her grunts and groans began more ragged and it wasn’t long until he could feel her cock twitching in his mouth. Suddenly he felt her grab a handful of his hair and gently pull him off her.

“Now it’s my turn!” She said, “I don’t want to finish this too soon” she added with a grin as she continued to pull him so that he was kneeling upright. She lightly placed her hands on his shoulders and gently pushed him down onto his back. With a gentle forcefulness she grabbed his legs and pulled them out from under him so he was laying straight. Then she slowly began to kiss his chest, starting at the collarbones, then moving gradually down the length of his body. Biff felt himself shiver every time her lips touched his skin. Finally she reached his stomach and she hovered her face over his panty covered crotch. He could feel the warmth of her breath through the material.

“Oh please baby!” He gasped as another shiver ran through him. He felt her hands press down on his thighs and slowly push his legs apart. Her fingers lightly brushed the crease where his thigh met his groin, then one of them hooked underneath the edge of his panties and moved it to the side. He had to bite his lip as a loud scream threatened to burst out of his lungs when her felt her tongue slide up along the lips of his pussy. He pushed up onto his elbows as his whole body tensed up as she began to determinedly lap away at his dripping nethers. The open sides of his hoody falling away behind him, revealing his perfect, plump tits.

“Oh…god…Molly!” He gasped through ragged breaths as her tongue flicked over his clit “just…like…that!” He moaned. Suddenly his whole body exploded as the orgasm overtook him. He let out a choked gasp and shuddered in place for a few moments, before falling down on his back, a wide grin forming on his lips.

“Just fuck me already!” He panted.

“With pleasure babe” Mollie replied. He felt her hands grab the waistband of his panties and she pulled them down in one swift movement. He watched as she got to her knees, feeling even more turned on by the way she towered over him now. She grabbed her cock and lined it up with his waiting fold before moving forward slowly. Biff bit back another loud moan as he felt her filling him up from the inside, and he reached down to hold himself open to allow more of her to enter him.

“You feel so good baby!” He growled like an animal.

“Thats cause your so tight babe!” She grunted back as she began to pump away. Biff could feel the force of her movements shifting him up and down, causing his new tits to bounce, and it felt great. He felt so weak and powerless under her strong ministrations and he loved it. He wrapped his legs around her waist and pulled her in tight. She bent over and grabbed his sides, and started him dead in the eye and she began to push deeper into him.

“You like this don’t you” she said sternly, the sweat beading on her brow. Biff could only nod.

“Say it” Mollie commanded, feeling an overwhelming wave of confidence.

“I love it baby. Don’t stop!” He pleaded. Mollie just smiled and continued at her pace. Biff could feel a second orgasm building, and before he knew it his body began to tense and shudder again. This time he couldn’t stop the scream, as lights seemed to explode behind his closed eyes.

“Fuuuuuuuuuu!” He squealed femininely in his masculine voice. Mollie felt his vaginal walls clamp down tightly on her cock, and she knew she’d hit the point of no return herself. Quickly she pressed down on his hips and pushed herself back. Her length slid out of him just in time, and her lower spasmed, spraying a thick rope of cum out of her cock and across Biff stomach. Biff was surprised to find he enjoyed the warm feeling, and he pushed back his sweaty hair and moaned in delight.

“I’m sorry babe” Mollie said, trying to catch her breath, “that came outta nowhere” she added apologetically.

“Don’t be! That was intense, and besides…” Biff panted as he reached down and scooped a load of her seed onto his finger. Not really knowing why he raised his hand and licked it seductively off while looking her in the eye.

“You taste really good!” He purred, genuinely surprised that he wasn’t lying. Mollie was also surprised at how hot that moment had looked. She watched as Biff sat up, his arms shaking with the effort.

“Looks like I need a shower” he said with a sigh as he got to his feet and carefully walked towards the door of Sarah’s en-suite. He stopped and looked back at her.

“Be nice if my boyfriend joined me” he said with a sultry wink.

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