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114. DMU - 4th morning at the MacMi

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DMU - 4th morning at the MacMillans

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Meanwhile, at the MacMillan Household, Sarah and Lucy were already awake and hade taken stock of the changes to their bodies. Lucy had now lost any of her former curves, now looking like a stock man with youthful looks. Her hair was all but gone, leaving her with a very short style. She was currently laying on the bed watching Sarah admire her new form. She had seeming matured overnight, her smaller breast had swollen up to her mother’s former size, and had also gained her piercings too. She had pulled the panties she had slipped on in the night down around her knees and was currently squeezing her now larger globes between her forearms.

“Well what do you think Luce?” She asked.

“I think you look gorgeous Sara!” Lucy replied. Sarah struck another pose and her pants slid down to the floor. She looked down to where they’d fallen and noticed how tight her body was, despite her apparent age progression.

“Damn right I do!” She giggled, feeling something akin to her former confidence returning. But this time it felt different, she truly felt comfortable in her body. She was a knockout and she knew it. She looked up and noticed a considerable bulge forming in her mother’s boxer shorts. Thoughts of the previous night began to float up in her memory. With a wicked glint in her eye she stepped forward and began to massage it.

“Looks like someone else agrees” she chuckled licking her lips, feeling her nether regions becoming damp as she felt the hard girth in her hands.

“Let me help you with that!” She continued as she pulled the shorts off her mother and pulled her muscular legs out. She straddled Lucy’s waist and deftly guided her rock hard member into her now glistening folds.

“God Sara, that feels so good” Lucy groaned, her still feminine voice emanating from the masculine face she now wore. Sarah looked Lucy in the eyes as she began to rock back and forth on her throbbing cock.

“It really does Locy” she panted.


Elsewhere in the house, Robert was already getting dressed for the day. Again the night had brought some significant changes to the former head of the household. Gone was the masculine body he was so proud of, and its place was the lithe body of a 20-something black woman. He was currently pulling up a tiny thong, studying himself in the mirror as he did.

His hair had grown out plenty, and he’d already tied it back loosely to keep it out his face. He was also now sporting a decent pair of firm perky breasts beneath the dark nipples he had acquired the previous day. With a sigh he picked up the black and white outfit he’d come to see as his uniform, not having been told to wear anything else by Mollie or Lucy. He stepped into the outfit and pulled it up to his waist. Then stopped for a moment and stared sadly at his reflection.

“Ow ‘as it come to zis” he said to himself quietly as he pulled the rest of the garment up and over his shoulders, sliding his arms into the long sleeves. He was regretting buying these variations on the same old maids outfit for his ‘sessions’ with Mollie. The compulsion to wear them somehow ingrained in him. He slipped his feet into a pair of heels then picked up the small white apron and started tying it around his waist.

Once he was satisfied with his attire he took a seat on the edge of the bed and put his head in his hands.

‘* je ne sais pas combien de temps je peux encore supporter*’ he thought to himself. After a few moments of self-pity he took a deep breath and took one last looked in the mirror.

“Pull yourself togezer Robet!” He said to himself, “zere is to much work to be done before ze party!” He added as he headed out the room ready to start on the preparations.

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