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112. DMU - Day 4 starts off well

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DMU - Day 4 starts off well

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The following morning Jon slowly stirred. Slowly opening one eye and giving a cursory glance, he could tell he was still in his parents bedroom. He was surprised to find he felt a little pleased with this result. He could feel a muscular arm draped around his waist, and the undeniable feeling of something hard pressing between his ass cheeks. As he realised he was still naked, memories of last night started flooding back into his mind. He shifted himself a little, and he felt the arm around him tighten its grip and pull him closer. With a sly grin he pressed his backside up against what he knew to be Laura’s erection, and wriggled slightly. He heard a womanly groan from behind him.

“Morning” he said slyly, “I hope you’re planning on doing something about that” he chuckled as he nudged her groin with his rear.

“Sorry” he heard her reply, “I can’t control it” she added as she loosed her grip and he felt her roll over. He turned around so he was laying on his side facing her. He felt his hair fall over his face, it was definitely longer now.

“I could always help you with it” he smirked as he studied her. Her hair was now really short, and a little messy, and her jawline was much more chiseled, displaying a light shadow of stubble.

“Thats a really tempting thought,” she said looking into his eyes. It was so strange to hear a woman’s voice emanating from such a masculine looking face. Jon bit his lower lip and ran a hand down her chest. He noticed it felt a lot flatter than yesterday. He moved his other hand to his own chest and confirmed that what Laura had lost, he had gained. Two sizeable orbs now rested where his pecs used to be. Oddly he wasn’t worried or disheartened by this change as he had been on previous morning, instead it made him feel a little sexier.

‘Let’s see if Laur notices’ he thought to himself as he continued sliding his hand gently down over her stomach, before brushing his fingertips over her morning wood. He felt her shudder under his touch as he stroked the length of her member once or twice.

“That feels nice” she purred with her eyes still closed, shortly followed by another gasp as he gripped her cock tightly with his soft hand. He gently began to pump up and down, revealing in the sound of her breathing picking up pace. Not knowing what had gotten into him, he continued at the same gentle speed, feeling her organ throbbing in his grasp.

“A little faster” she murmured between breaths. Jon smiled as he obliged, then gasped himself as he felt her own fingers brush against his lower lips. He felt her move her hand up from the base of his labia, before applying a soft pressure against his clit, where she began to rub in a circular motion.

“Oh” he whimpered with pleasure as he began to feel the tingles spreading over his body.

“Don’t want to be selfish now do I?” Laura grinned. Both of them seemingly synched up the rhythm of their ministrations, and it wasn’t long until Jon felt Laura’s cock throb hard in his hand. This was perfectly in time with the pulsing waves of pleasure that shot through him from his groin. He let out a loud moan as his whole body shuddered and he felt Laura throw the covers off of them to avoid the stream of cum that shot from her tip. Jon released his grip as he felt some of her seed trickling down over his fingers, and rolled onto his back. They both lay there gasping for a few seconds before Laura started laughing.

“Best way I’ve woken up this week” she chuckled.

“I’ll say” Jon replied, feeling a little giddy himself.

“Do me a favour babe and grab me some thing to clean off with” Laura said, indicating the large white globs on her stomach.

“Sure thing Laur” Jon replied, being careful not to touch the sheets with his sticky hand as he got up. He headed into the bathroom and washed his hands . As he did, he caught sight of himself in the bathroom mirror.

“Oh wow!” He grinned to himself, admiring his reflection. His hair was now longer and blonde, his face was really feminine and sitting atop a slender neck and shoulders. His chest had ballooned out overnight, giving him and impressive bust. He finally tore himself away from his reflection, pursing his lips and giving himself a wink before grabbing a few handfuls of toilet paper. He returned to the bedroom and handed them to Laura.

“So,” he said as she started wiping herself down, “notice anything different?” He asked as he folded his arms underneath his new chest.Laura looked up at him and her eyes widened at the sight. Apart from his voice, there was no trace of the old Jon, he now a stunning representation of womanhood. There was no other word for it, he was a milf.

“Oh my god Jorn!” Laura gasped, “you….” She was at a loss for words.

“I know, I look good don’t I?” He smirked, “now if you’re done staring, we should probably get dressed and make a start on breakfast before the kids wake up” he added as he turned around toward what he now saw as his chest of drawers. As he did he cocked his hips, pushing out his now ample backside and glanced back at her. He could feel his longer hair tickling his back between his shoulder blades.

“Unless you’re up for another round?” He said suggestively.

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