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111. DMU - Day 3 ends

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109. DMU - Sarah puts her plan into

108. DMU - Sarah confides in Lucy

107. DMU - Earlier with Sarah

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103. DMU - Jon’s turning point

102. DMU - Movie night

101. DMU - Jon and Laura’s evening

100. DMU - Jon takes a shower

99. DMU - Jon and Laura’s evening

98. DMU - Lydia discovers some mor

97. DMU - Lydia takes a nap

96. DMU - Simon and Karyn talk

95. DMU - Lucy’s plan

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92. DMU -at the mall part 1

DMU - Day 3 ends

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Eventually Sarah groaned and pushed herself up off the bed. Looking down at her sweat soaked skin she sighed.

“Looks like I really need that bath now!” She said with a wink as she made her way to bathroom. Lucy watched her naked ass swaying as she left.

“Damn” she muttered under her breath, her phone pinged with a notification. She picked it up and glanced at the screen. It was an email from Dr Grant that read:

Good evening Lucy,

Following a conversation with Jon Gibson, I have reached out to my colleagues and we have agreed to pass on the details of your party tomorrow to our respective patients.

I think this is a fantastic idea!

Kindest Regards

Ruby Grant

Lucy smiled to herself and quickly typed a reply

Hi Ruby

thank you so much. The start time is at 3pm, and you and your team are more than welcome to come if you have the time!

all the best


“There, hopefully everyone makes it” she said to herself as she hit send.” She continued browsing on her phone for a while until Sarah emerged from the bathroom. Lucy filled her in on the news as she began getting dressed for bed, pulling on a purple vest top and an old pair of panties.

“Right” she yawned, “we best get sone sleep then. Busy day tomorrow, and for some reason, I’m really tired” she said the last park with a sly wink as she climbed under the covers. Lucy grinned to herself as she got in behind her and wrapped her arm around her chest. She gave Sarah’s tit one last playful a squeeze.

“Can’t imagine why” she chuckled, as they both drifted off.

Biff and Mollie both lay naked and panting heavily after another round of intense sex. Mollie was on her back, with her arm wrapped around Biff who was laying on his side cuddled up next to her.

“Wow, I’ve never gone three times in a row before” Biff gasped, “guess I know what multiple orgasms feel like” he purred as he traced a finger over Mollies paler chest, her B cups already shrunken down to As.

“Mmm” she groaned back “it was really good. Sorry I couldn’t last much longer” she added.

“It’s fine” Biff replied, “I could never make it past two, so you seem to be doing better than I would” he said as nuzzled his head into her shoulder, and without realising, they both fell into a peaceful sleep.

Robert sat on the end of Mollies bed, he had finally eaten and cleaned himself up after a sweaty day of chores. He had just removed his towel and was sitting in the bed of the bed staring at himself in the mirror. His hair was longer, now black, and starting to curl a little. His skin was darker all over, radiating out from his groin. He stared intently at Mollies firmer pussy, cursing it as the thing that had cost him everything.

With a hefty sigh he pulled on a pair of panties, and one of Mollies sleep bras, then finally a long nightgown.

‘je devrai me lever tôt demain’ he thought to himself as he climbed into bed and fell asleep.

Simon rubbed his eyes, and looked over the piece he had finished drawing. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d just sat down and sketched for pleasure. He used to draw designs for furniture and buildings, but nothing like this. Maybe that was Karyn’s love of art coming through. He shrugged to himself, please with the outcome of the fantasy landscape he’d done. He stretched his arms and back, his swollen chest pushing out slightly.

“Best get to bed” he yawned as he got up from the desk and climbed into bed.

seriously, thanks again for the outfit. I’ve found a few other bits in Zoe’s closet that could work for me

Mikey sent the message to Sabrina after messaging her all evening. He could hardly bring himself to take his new clothes off, but it was getting late. He’d already removed the make up and re-applied it a few times, getting more accurate each time. Now he was finally laying in bed in one of Zoe’s oversized t-shirts and a pair of plain black cotton panties. He had a set of headphones in, and was enjoying a playlist he’d found of Zoe’s.

not a problem. Maybe I could come over tomorrow and help you put some stuff together?

Yeah, that would be great!

Mikey smiled to himself, removed his headphones and settled down into bed. He closed his eyes and was out.

Zoe was also texting before bed. Only her messages with Athena were getting quite steamy.

Wish you could have stayed. she sent, and almost instantly Athena replied.

me too. But your right. Last thing I want is to get caught up in any crazy swapping.

Zoe smiled, glad her girlfriend, god that felt good to think of her like that, understood. Her phone pinged again.

I mean, It would be a real shame if I lost this…

A second later another message arrived, a picture this time

Zoes jaw dropped and her cock started to swell.

holy shit you look good!

Glad you like it

I really do! You should see what it’s doing to me!

yeah? Show me!

Zoe looked around Jon’s room for a mirror.

“How the fuck doesn’t he have one!” She grumbled to herself. She ran to the door and checked out in the hallway and found it empty. With the coast clear she quietly jogged to the main bathroom and closed the door behind her. She quickly removed her t-shirt and pulled her shorts down. Waddling over to the mirror above the sink she quickly snapped a photo and sent it.

Here you go x

I never get tired of seeing that beast! I’ll be dreaming about that tonight, among other things…

can’t wait to see you again tomorrow Zoe replied as she hurriedly redressed But I really need to get some sleep now!

Ok fine, just make sure you don’t stop thinking about this ass!

I can assure you I won’t! Good night x

After her final message sent, Zoe started making her way back to Jons room. As she passed her parents door she could hear muffled moans of pleasure.

“Gross!” She muttered as she slipped silently back into her room and climbed into bed. She looked over Athena’s pictures one last time before settling down and falling asleep.

Lydia and Max had both settled down for the night in the respective dog beds on the floor. It was weird seeing Buster and Penny dressing themselves and closing the door behind them. Lydia was surprised to find the beds were a lot more comfortable now, but she was struggling to fall asleep. She kept detecting wafts of that strange smell from earlier and it was driving her mad. She glanced over at Max who was already sound asleep, curled up in his bed.

‘I’ll ask him if he knows in the morning’ she thought to herself as she finally dozed off.

Ruby had finally finished drafting her email, and pressed send to all the various address she’d gathered from her team

You are all invited to a small party at the McMillan estate tomorrow (Sunday) starting at 3pm. This is intended as a way for you all to get to know others in your unique situation. While this is not mandatory, the team would like to encourage you to attend as it may be beneficial to you all.

She sat back in her chair and smiled.

“Well hopefully that helps” she said to herself as she returned back to studying the latest batch of results.

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