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12. Time's up

11. Time out

10. Brad's a great guy

9. Late Night

8. Into the lion's den

7. Intercepted

6. What to do?

5. Door - Judy

4. AF: John, Divorced Father, exp

3. AF: John, Divorced Father, exp

2. John, divorced father

1. Altered Fates

Time's Up

on 2024-01-21 08:28:45

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Age Aware Bimbo MTF Magic

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John finished the book, hoping that eventually Bella will get to be a vampire in the next book. When he got up to put the book away, he noted that it was finally time to change back. So, now he had the medallion and the ability to use it, but nothing to use it on. If only I had that sock thought John, maybe it's in the car? He saw his stack of clothing, but decided not to risk touching the medallion early. He put on a pair of daughter's jeans and went down the stairs. Fortunately, he didn't pass anyone on the way out the door with the keys. He put the headlamp on, and started rummaging in the car. After a pretty good search, there was no sock.

Going back into the home, John thought of options on the couch. He could stay as Amy and hope to find the sock. He couldn't ask about it, as Amy wouldn't have it. He couldn't get into his office without the ID that was in his car back at his apartment. He could change to someone in the house and try to get back into his apartment, but he didn't have a key. Wait, the local Lowes at the mall had that keymaking device which he put his phone number into. He could make another key for $5! Now he just needed the money and transport. Maybe he could convince someone to go the the mall in the morning. John went back up to the bathroom before going back to Sara's bedroom. He took off the jeans, sighed and got into bed with his daughter.

John woke up to the smell of coffee.

"Hey sleepyhead, here's your mocha. After the amount of wine you had last night, I recommend water after this," offered Sara. John grabbed the coffee and enjoyed each sip. The chocolate made the coffee taste so much better, he would have to try it after he gets his own palate back. Sara left the room and closed the door. John got up and stretched, enjoying the lack of soreness but not the movement of his breasts. Getting out of bed, he walked to his clothing and was about to wear what he wore yesterday, but felt like he couldn't do that. He got the jeans from last night and put them on with a pretty pink top. He grabbed multiple tissues and picked up the medallion. Looking around the room, he found a adorable purse and put the medallion into it. Going downstairs, he saw Robin and Sara at the table.

"Good morning, Amy. Did you sleep well?" asked Robin, making intense eye contact.

"I read a bit, then went to sleep, thanks,"

"Well, this is awkward," said Sara getting up and out of the room.

"She's right. Amy, I didn't appreciate you walking in on Sam and me last night. Why would you do that?"

John panicked and said, "You sounded like you enjoyed it and I was jealous."

"Honey, you could probably get any man you want. You don't have to be jealous. I'll forgive you this time, but don't do it again," replied Robin. John had meant he was jealous that Sam was having sex with his ex-wife, but it got him out of the situation.

Just in time too, because Sara came back in. "Hey Amy, want to go to the mall for an outfit or two before my brother gets up?" John agreed and shortly afterwards the two were off to the mall. He couldn't believe his luck. Sara asked what John thought about the book, and the two talked about Twilight on the trip. A few minutes later, they were parked and they went into Kohl's. John walked towards the polo shirts and started looking. Sara grabbed her arm and pointed to the sign for men's with the other hand then the one for women across the walkway.

"Since when are you a tomboy? That's something my dad would pick, let's try something more normal, " said Sara before the duo went to pick out a few things. After 15-20 minutes, they went to the fitting rooms, where Sara gave him half the stuff that they had picked and then went into a stall. John went into his and looked at his options. While the dress was a color, he opted for the jumpsuit. Looking in the mirror, he had to admit he looked pretty in it. Stepping out, he saw Sara in a skirt that was quite short. When she spun around, John noticed she didn't have any underwear on...again. Sara gushed about how good the jumpsuit looked. She insisted he wear it the rest of the day, as they gathered their items to checkout. From there, they went into Gamestop before going to the foot court. John spent only $4.50 of the $10 bucks his daughter gave him. When Sara suggested going to the supplement store, John said he had an errand he had to run. The two split ways and John made his way to Lowes. Finding the key machine, he put in his number and cash. When the key tinkled into the tray, John felt excited. one step closer to being me again

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