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11. Time out

10. Brad's a great guy

9. Late Night

8. Into the lion's den

7. Intercepted

6. What to do?

5. Door - Judy

4. AF: John, Divorced Father, exp

3. AF: John, Divorced Father, exp

2. John, divorced father

1. Altered Fates

Time out

on 2024-01-07 08:38:00

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"Sorry Brad, but I have to go to the bathroom!" exclaimed John, getting up and leaving without looking at his son. As he went down the hall, he heard the moaning of Robin matching the grunting of Sam. He marched by, went into the bathroom and closed the door. He saw a clock and realized he had about 4 hours left to use the medallion. He felt the medallion under his shirt,. He took it out to stare at the damned thing that Brad almost touched. After a moment, he realized he couldn't find the sock he put in there. He put the medallion back, just in time for the door to open. Sara walked in, lifted the lid to the toilet, adjusted her night shirt then sat down.

" walked in on my mom?" asked Sara while peeing, "That's some kinky stuff."

John was stunned, both at seeing his daughter just doing her business in front of him and the topic.

"Amy, this is no different than the locker room, what's got your panties in the bunch? Is it my brother?" asked Sara, grabbing toilet paper to clean herself.

John replied, "Tonight's not been fabulous. I get kicked out of my pad and then have to have dinner with Robin and Sam. The best part is that Brad tried to feel my boobs."

"He was devastated when you left, sis. He got excited and you shouldn't go back in there. Come to my room when you're done," invited Sara was she finished washing her hands. After she left, John realized he had to pee. He looked at the toilet seat like it was made of lava. dang it thought John as he pulled down the thong and yoga pants. He sat for a few seconds, realizing the muscles were a bit different than he was used to. Eventually, he figured it out and felt relief. He was about to stand up when he remembered that Sara cleaned herself, and John did the same thing. He washed his hands after flushing, focusing on his small hands with cute red nails. John went to his daughter's door and saw it was ajar. He closed it after entering.

He had been in this room before, but it seemed different. The furniture seemed larger, the carpet softer on his feet and the posters of all the boy bands looked a bit more familiar. Another major difference was that the shirt Sara was wearing in the bathroom was on the floor, leaving her one of breasts uncovered by neither blankets or clothing. She too was busy playing TMNT: Shredder's Revenge on her phone to notice. John just stood, looking around the room, except at Sara's bed.

"If you go to the bottom drawer of dresser, you'll find some oversized shirts from various exes, feel free to pick one to sleep in. I find the Metallica one to be the most comfortable when I wear pajamas," shared Sara. John opened the drawer and shuffled the mess around until she found the Metallica one. Taking it out, she saw it had a tear going over about half the front. Putting it back, John grabbed the first one he could grab. Making sure Sara was engrossed in her game, he took off the medallion, put it underneath this outfit he was wearing and put on the t-shirt. He found a hairband and put his hair into a ponytail. Spying a mirror, he walked over to check himself out. Just as he thought, the "booty inspector" t-shirt barely covered his ass. The reflection of a hot girl in the mirror caused him to have pokies. Hoping Sara wouldn't see, he decided he needed to step away.

"So, like, where am I sleeping?' asked John. Sara pulled down the sheets on her full sized bed without missing a beat with her game.

"I'm going to read for a bit before going to bed, " stalled John. He saw the options and decided that Twilight looked like the best option. He sat down on the deskchair, but immediately stool up. The chair was so cold against his thighs. No wanting to get into bed with his naked daughter, he laid out on the ground. Finding his breasts got in the way, he flipped onto his back. Before he knew it, he was deep into the love story for the two protagonists.

At some point later, Sara turned off her game and got something from her bedside, "Here's my headlamp. I'm going to bed." John grabbed the headlamp. He had to see if they made it to prom.

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