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5. Lisa turns into a very convinc

4. go first"

3. A 17yr old guy and his loving

2. Chronivac Version 4.0

1. The Drafting Board

From girlfriend Lisa to cross-dressing boyfriend Levi

on 2024-01-07 17:57:24

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Lisa continued typing away at the keyboard, she wanted to make sure she got every detail the way she imagined it should be. Finally the tapping of keys ceased and Lisa nodded with approval at her work. "Yep, that should do it. Now here we go!" Lisa exclaimed while hitting the enter key as Eric watched and waited to see what Lisa had chosen.

Lisa sat for a moment, her breath heavy as she could feel the changes race up and down her body. Things were being pulled, pushed, molded, and formed while cloth rippled around to conceal everything. Eric continued to watch in amusement as his girlfriend squirmed about in her chair, moaning, but with no real changes being made visible. Suddenly he saw her legs jerk hard, open and closed, and her face turn as if she were pushing something out of herself. And then it all ceased and Lisa sat before Eric with nothing visibly changed.

"So that was quiet the performance for no changes, or am I missing something?" Eric questioned.

"Hehe, so it did work then" Lisa giggled as she got to her feet.

"What worked? I don't see any differences, unless you made a change to something outside of this room."

"Oh, I made a change to myself alright" Lisa answered back. "Maybe you'll understand what changed when I tell you what porn folder I selected. You see, while bumping around in your shemale folder, dirty-dirty by the way, I found one of your password folders called 'Traps'. That got my attention because I had no idea what a trap was when it came to porn. Shows I still need to surf the internet some more. Anyways, after 3 guesses I got the password, which was my name. Open up the folder and what do I see? Boys cross-dressing. But they are not just regular cross-dressers, nope, they are damn convincing. Like, I didn't know boys could look that much like girls. And then there was the text document, titled with my name of course. I open it up and it's a story about you and me, only in the story I am actually a boy cross-dressing. I think your writing could still use a little work, but you convinced me. That story, or at least the idea behind it was damn hot."

"So then, what you are telling me is the reason I can't see any visible changes is because you are cross dressed right now? You changed yourself into a trap?" Eric finished his question shakily, being so surprised that his girlfriend hadn't just searched one of his deeper porn folders, but that she found the whole thing (to include the story he had written) as being hot.

"Why don't you come over here and checkout your boyfriend for yourself?" Lisa offered, taking a small step towards Eric and offering her hand.

Eric took Lisa's hand and rose from where he was sitting. He extended a nervous hand towards Lisa, who in turn took his hand and placed it on her chest. Instead of feeling the softness of Lisa's breasts inside her bra, Eric felt stuffed cloth and tissue. Getting bolder, Eric slipped his hand under Lisa's shift and bra, and was met by a smooth flat chest. The realization was setting in for Eric at what Lisa had done, and so his other hand drifted South. His hand found the waist band of Lisa's pants, which she pulled open to let him move further down. Eric wasn't trying to move too fast, but in a moment a very erect penis was in his palm as his fingers traced lower across Lisa's hairless ballsack. Eric pull his hand up and looked to Lisa who was blushing.

"I've only touched other penises before, so having one of my own...I didn't realize they got so hard." Lisa attempted to breath a little to clear the red from her face before continuing. "It's not just the penis though, boys feel different, like I've been horny as a girl, but this is something else." Lisa's eyes then found there way down to Eric's pants which were failing to hide the very visible erection contained within. "Wow, I don't think I've ever seen you that hard before."

"Well, I've never had a girl who changed themselves into a boy for me before" Eric replied, his hands now more confidently moving across Lisa's new form.

"Glad I could please, but you know, you can do more than just touch your new boyfriend." Lisa moved a little closer, offering her...or rather himself to his boyfriend in an even more intimate way.

"My boyfriend? Fuck...I...I can't believe this is real. So where do you want to start? So many things to do, I" Eric was getting so excited his brain was starting to have trouble forming proper sentences.

"Let's start simple then" Lisa offered. "We'll start by you calling your boyfriend by his real name when it's just us, and then you give me a kiss before helping me out of this girl costume."

"Real name?" Eric questioned as he slowly moved in for a kiss.

"Yeah, just like the story you wrote, remember? I'm your boyfriend, Levi." Lisa, or rather Levi was cut off from saying anymore as Eric's lips pressed against his own.

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