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4. go first"

3. A 17yr old guy and his loving

2. Chronivac Version 4.0

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Lisa goes first

on 2024-01-07 17:55:01

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"How about you go first" Eric finished, being honestly curious of what Lisa would pick.

"Always the gentleman letting the lady go first" Lisa quipped. "I had ideas on what I wanted to do, but how about I prove I'm the best girlfriend ever. I've been on your computer enough to have found that hidden porn folder of yours, and I will say I was rather surprised by some of the stuff I found. I'm not really one to judge though since I have my own kinks I haven't shared yet, so how about this? I am going to make one of your porn fantasies a reality, and then you get to do the same for me.

Eric nodded and then asked "That's a good plan, but how much of my porn folder did you explore?"

Lisa responded with a devious smile "pretty much all of it, to include the password folders. Like I said, I was surprised at some of the stuff I saw, but we all have our fantasies and now we get to live them!" With that said, Lisa started typing away.

Eric sat patiently and tried to ignore the feeling of extreme nervousness that was attempting to fill him. He had a lot of porn and fetishes, and Lisa saw all of it...even the stuff he tried to hide from all of the world. Just what fantasy had Lisa picked to fulfill for him?

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