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3. A 17yr old guy and his loving

2. Chronivac Version 4.0

1. The Drafting Board

Eric and Lisa

on 2024-01-07 17:53:34

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Eric was your typical high school guy. Average height, average weight, brown hair, blue eyes, with decent grades. However, somewhere along the lines he was able to catch a beautiful girl for his own named Lisa. She was short, thin, blonde hair, green eyes, and very good grades. They both joked that their coming together was some sort of cosmic accident, but in truth, they loved each other with all their hearts.

It was one day that Eric found an odd website advertising strange software and hardware that could help alter not just one's body, but their entire life. Eric had been looking for something to spice up his relationship a little more, even though he really didn't need it. So with the hopes that this software could give him and Lisa experiences they had only dreamed of, he ordered it promptly.

While the days passed as he waited for the software to arrive, he made plans to assure his mother would be out of the house the day that it arrived. Besides wanting to be alone with Lisa, Eric knew his mother didn't like her, but that's how she felt about any girl Eric brought around since his father's death. So with the date set on Friday, Eric had a day at a spa lined up for his mother, and Lisa had her weekend cleared since Eric was promising her something special.

Finally the day arrived. While Eric let his computer load the software into memory, he help his mother with her things and sent her off to the Turtle Day Spa. With his mother gone, Eric went to check on his computer. 100% Loaded, the screen read. Eric then spent another 20 minutes performing the registration and set-up task. Oddly enough, when he had finished, he heard a knock on the door. Rushing downstairs, he was happily greeted by Lisa with a kiss. He lead her inside and to his room.

Once inside, Lisa finally questioned "Ok, now what is this giant surprise you have been hiding all week from me?". Eric grinned as he turned his computer monitor towards his girlfriend. "This is what I have been planning for. This computer program has the ability to alter anything. We can alter our bodies in anyway, or we could even alter the world around us. So I thought, with the house to ourselves for the day, we could have a little fun." "There is no way a computer program can do that. It's physically impossible silly" Lisa giggled back. "Oh really, then what about this?"

Eric's hands made a few quick key strokes, and then he hit the enter key. Within a few seconds, Lisa's B-cup breast swelled to a large D, while her clothing adjusted. "NO WAY" Lisa exclaimed as she groped her improved mounds. "Yep, and that is only a small example of the things we can do. There is no limit to what we can try with this. If there was anything you ever wanted to try in your life, we have the ability at our finger tips!" Eric finished, and then with a few key strokes, Lisa's bust was back to normal.

"So what did you have in mind?" Lisa questioned, "Cause, I mean, I know there are all sorts of things we would both like to try. Do you go first? Do I go first? I mean, do we start?"

"Good question" Eric said. "How about..."

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