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5. Sally targets another area of

4. Sally tries improving her look

3. I wish I was smarter

2. The Changing Mirror

1. The Drafting Board

Targeting Brains

on 2024-01-07 17:29:05

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After a few deep breaths, Sally realized quickly that wishing she was shorter would mostly likely make her, instead of implausibly massive, implausibly small. The mirror clearly wasn't one for specificity.

"Oh goodness...I can hardly walk!" Sally shouted, aghast at how difficult it was to move in her new, giant body. It wasn't impossible, but being so gargantuan made even pacing about the room a total chore. But as much as she wanted to fix this, Sally decided to do address another one of her concerns first. Aside from the fact she became short when she wished to be normal, the fact that she became dumber also bothered her. Perhaps with some more brains, she would know how to fix this?

Facing the mirror and bending down so she could at least see her face in it, she sighed before making her next wish. "I wish I was smarter!" Like before, she blacked out for a second, but when the haze subsided, everything seemed to have changed.

For one, Sally's clothes changed. Her casual garb had morphed into a sharp, professional business suit, and her sneakers had become high heels. Her hair had a bit of shine to it, and was rolled into a large, neat bun. She looked every bit the ideal businesswoman, and she appeared much older as a result (her otherworldly height certainly helping).

Moreover, Sally's room got a total makeover. It looked like a woman lived here. The walls were less colorful and more plain. Her room was stocked with trophies from academic competitions, and her open closet revealed more formal attire than she ever recalled buying.

But the most impactful change was how Sally felt. Everything felt so much clearer, more evident. Thoughts whizzed through her mind at a speed she didn't even know was possible. New ideas, new vocabulary, and a new perspective filled her head. There was a power seeping through her...and she knew it was the power of knowledge.

Sally knew intuitively that she was now a genius. A prodigy. What to do with her knew intelligence?

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