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4. Sally tries improving her look

3. I wish I was smarter

2. The Changing Mirror

1. The Drafting Board

Sally tries improving her looks one wish at a time.

on 2024-01-07 17:25:36

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Magic Myth TF

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Sally sat down on her bed and began thinking of ways to fix the mess she had made of her own body, feeling very uncomfortable with the unfamiliar way her new weight sank into the mattress. She still wasn't sure what exactly had gone wrong with that wish, but she surmised that it had probably been too general.

She thought over the specific changes that she had undergone. Most of them weren't very dramatic. She could lose weight, dye her hair, or get contacts, but there were a few that she had no hope of undoing on her own. The one that bothered her the most was her new height; it made her entire body feel alien, and she imagined that she'd look a little bit less dumpy with the extra inches on her frame. In fact, if she played her cards right, she might get a few more inches than she started with. Despite how attractive she had been, Sally still envied the statuesque models she saw in magazines.

She sprang up and somewhat clumsily made her way back to the mirror, having come to a decision. "I wish I was taller." Another haze, another momentary blackout, and when Sally returned to her senses, she was looking down at the mirror, her head nearly scraping against the low ceiling of her dorm room.

This time the mirror had given her exactly what she asked for, but much more than she wanted. At close to seven feet tall, Sally had become the tallest girl she'd ever seen. As she expected, her weight had spread out, and she was no longer chubby. Now, she was quite thin, but her curves had evaporated, leaving her with a flat chest and ass.

Needless to say, Sally was horrified. She thought she had the mirror figured out, but clearly she had been wrong.

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