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4. Sally's reflection ages, movin

3. I wish I was happier

2. The Changing Mirror

1. The Drafting Board

Sally Getting Older

on 2024-01-06 20:59:13

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Age Aware BE Magic Myth TF

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As the mirror warped it seemed the room around her became clouded in a purple mist. Alarmed the young school girl coughed trying to catch her breath.

"W-What is this? I can't see through the fog, is that?"

In the wake of the cloud the mirror appeared revealing her reflection. It was herself as the same before yet the mirror was glowing at the sides.

"My eyes..."

Normally the brunette had green eyes however was shocked to see them shift to the color of a vibrant blue. It was then that Sally saw her face age before herself as lines appeared under the eyes. With years passing by the young girl was growing into a much mature woman as hair became silky, a raven like mane that fell to the shoulders.

"My face, it's softer! This tingling sensation is all over me!"

Looking down she gasped in horror seeing her breasts. At the time Sally had been changing in front of the mirror so she was still wearing her tan bra with a matching pair of panties. For most of her youth she felt depressed at how her small breasts hardly helped her with any hope of romance. For that she was mostly a loner who kept to herself. It was today though that Sally moaned seeing her tit flesh mold in front of her. Pushing ever so more her girls strained the bra letting her nipples eventually firm as the fabric rode up. Soon her breasts became firm C Cups that could no longer be ignored as the bra only covered the upper half of her supple fruits.

"Ahh, wow."

With her arms under them she pushed her melons together feeling them meet for the first time. With a move of her limbs she felt them bounce a bit to her flushing realization.

"Woah, they're sensitive as hell! My stomach!"

Touching her midriff it was softer with a layer of pudgy fat. Come to think of it her legs felt sore as if some muscle was developing. Looking in the reflection she saw a much older version of herself that was fatter but not by much.

Looking about she was still worried about the mist around her.

Why hadn't it gone away?

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