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8. Emily changes a 40 something c

7. Emily turns Rick back, then th

6. Examine the camera and figure

5. ...a girl.

4. Rick

3. young college couple

2. Camera of Changes

1. The Drafting Board

Barney and Jen

on 2023-12-09 18:19:11

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Age BE FTM MTF Magic TF Unaware

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Barney was enjoying his day at the mall with his wife. It was a lovely Saturday and the two had decided to head out and pick up some new outfits for the kids. Barney looked over at his beautiful wife. She was a brunette with shoulder length hair. Her face was still as nice as the day Barney met her. She had an excellent ass and a decently cute tits. Barney was always an ass man himself so he loved that about her.

Jen looked at her husband and smiled. He was a tall red head with very short hair. It curled so he always cut it short to stop that, which Jen found funny. He let himself go a little as he aged but he was still the same beefcake Jen married all those years ago. Not to mention his member had stayed just as good, which definitely kept Jen happy. They were headed for the exit to pick up their daughter Abby from school when they stopped to take a quick breather.

The couple sat down on a bench for a minute and Emily decided to snap a picture of them. The camera flashed and the couple felt weird but didn't know why. Barney looked around but didn't notice anything weird. He scratched his hair which was now gaining past his shoulders as he thought that maybe he needed a haircut. As he looked around the room, he thought it might've been that everything looked taller but then he remembered it was always like that. He was unaware that the years were also slipping.

He crossed his arms to think and had to shift them as his chest slowly expanded to double d's. "Darn things." Barney grumbled as he looked over at his wife. She was looking the same. Her short hair and muscles chest were exactly the same, and her nice as-ick was massive and bulging as ever. Barney felt weird in the groin for a second as she scratched near her pussy. He butt expanded as her clothes turned into mom jeans with a frilly shirt as her hair curled out past her shoulders.

"Hey Jerry? Do you feel like you're forgetting something?" Barbara asked her husband.

"Yeah, I think we forgot to get diapers for Abby." Jerry said

Barb seemed to gleam. "Oh that must be it! Come along darling." She said as the happy couple started holding hands. They started to walk off as Emily was stunned.

"So?" Rick asked. "What changed? Who did you pick?"

"That couple over there. They were like 40 before. Now they're like 30 and the opposite genders!" Emily explained.

The two were stunned at the power they had. Emily brought up some slight discomfort but Rick talked her out of any doubts. It was his turn after all and he was loving this.

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