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7. Emily turns Rick back, then th

6. Examine the camera and figure

5. ...a girl.

4. Rick

3. young college couple

2. Camera of Changes

1. The Drafting Board

Mall morphers

on 2023-12-09 17:40:57

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Emily quickly altered the change and transformed Rick back into his male self. Despite the amazing power for good they had in their hands, they both wanted to have a little fun.

“Well,” Emily said. “If we’re gonna change criminals or whatever then we’re gonna have to learn how to do it right?”

Rick nodded. “Yeah you’re right. I mean, we should no what we’re doing before we mess with justice.”

Rick and Emily gave themselves stupid grins and then hopped into the car. The entire time driving they were giddy in their seats. They were about to have a lot of fun.

They pulled up to Clear way mall and immediately began searching for victims inside. The mall had a large roof that stretched beyond the shops and had a skylight running across it all. There were two levels and tons of stores from fashion to food and everything in between.

Rick and Emily weren’t interested in the shopping of course, but the people. They switched the settings to cause less chaos. The switched awareness to just the photographer. They couldn’t both be aware of each change so they both promised to take turns. Next the turned reality alterations on. It wouldn’t be fun if the first changes just started screaming in confusion.

Since Emily technically used it, Rick’s turn was first. He looked around the mall and saw tons of options. They both sat down and discussed who to change. Eventually Rick settled on a lonely looking teenage boy. He snapped a pick with the random setting and watched the change.

First, he shrunk 2 feet immediately. Then his hair, which was originally short and black, turned into blond waves and keeps past his shoulders. His face softened past the point of a woman’s, and appeared younger. His clothes morphed into a poofy pink dress and his one earring turned into a red bow.

What was once a 16 year old loser now had a fresh start as a little girl, no older than 4. A woman who wasn’t there before grabbed her hand as if nothing happened and they both started to walk off. Rick told Emily and she was shocked.

“That cute girl was some stanky 16 year old?! This is crazy. I have no memory of that. I just remembered that kid. Spooky, but my turn.”

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