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32. Biff notices

31. Biff starts to notice

30. P.E. Class

29. No skirt allegedly

28. Ronald contemplates Karyn

27. Karyn joins them

26. Ronald doesn't drop the stone

25. Return to Class

24. Jessie, back to class

23. Attempt to undo

22. Ronald checks his phone

21. Someone's coming

20. Help Find the Rock

19. GC9-P: Jon's Concerns

18. Ronald's Next Class.

17. Girls of Cloud 9: (B1) Birth o

16. Personal touches

15. Girls of Cloud 9: (branch 1) O

14. The end of Randy-- the Athlete

13. Playing with butterflies.

Biff notices

on 2023-12-09 03:54:59
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Aware BE MTF Musc Size TF

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The counter reached 20 when he realized. He was admiring Ronald’s form. he wasn’t gay. When he looked down the paper and squinted. In place of his name was a different one. Elizabeth Meadows. He had tried to avoid the strangeness he was feeling but he couldn’t anymore.

Despite this, he knew his name was Elizabeth. But Elizabeth was a woman’s name. Biff looked up. Glanced around. Ronald’s shoes squeaked on the waxed floor as he turned around just in front of him for another lap. No one watched him. No one looked at him strangely. He had to confront it.

He stuck his head into his shirt. FUCK The hard muscles were gone. The slim fingers that wrote in smooth looping hand wasn’t a hallucination. He had tits. They pressed into the shirt. AA cups popped into his head. This was wrong.

He quickly stood up, ignoring the sensation of her tits bouncing in the shirt and how good they felt. Ignored the conspicuously small sensation of harness in her pants.

“Can I go to the restroom?” She asked the PE teacher, wincing as her voice cracked.

The teacher opened their mouth, the room flashed with bright light, and, “No you can’t Biff. You should have gone before class. Your partner just finished with 38. Write it down or you will forget.”


“Pushups everybody. Let’s go” The teacher called out.

She turned and saw Ronald looking at her. Examining her. Surprised. Wait. She glanced behind her. The teacher's back was turned.

“You fucker.” Biff said as Ronald’s eyes went wide. She was only a few inches taller than him now so she hurried. She grabbed Ronald’s arm and twisted. He opened his mouth to scream but she clamped her other hand over his mouth. She could almost feel herself swelling with strength.

As if Ronald was being confronted with who she really was. She felt herself change, becoming more of that. Yes, she was the badass bitch that fucked people up. That’s why she worked out and did MMA. She was the head of the women’s wrestling team after all. She grinned as she twisted Ronald’s arm a little more. She liked beating people up. Then she let go.

She wasn’t a wrestler. She didn’t do MMA. She only pretended to be a bully. She wasn’t actually one. She was a footballer. A team leader. A friend. She just wanted people to be their best. Most importantly she wasn’t a she.

Biff let go of Ronald and watched as he slumped to the floor. Biff looked over himself. Some of his muscles were back but he also ached of bruises. Fights with his father. Fights at MMA. Wounds that weren’t his and tits he shouldn’t have. His mind was split.

“What the fuck are you doing to me!”

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