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30. P.E. Class

29. No skirt allegedly

28. Ronald contemplates Karyn

27. Karyn joins them

26. Ronald doesn't drop the stone

25. Return to Class

24. Jessie, back to class

23. Attempt to undo

22. Ronald checks his phone

21. Someone's coming

20. Help Find the Rock

19. GC9-P: Jon's Concerns

18. Ronald's Next Class.

17. Girls of Cloud 9: (B1) Birth o

16. Personal touches

15. Girls of Cloud 9: (branch 1) O

14. The end of Randy-- the Athlete

13. Playing with butterflies.

12. Girls of Cloud 9: Making Progr

11. Experimentation

P.E. Class

on 2023-12-09 03:04:52
Episode last modified by Marazh-no on 2023-12-09 03:06:00

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"Today we are doing fitness assessments. Last class, we learned how to do all the different exercises. Today, you and your partners will be assessing each other. I don't want to see any favoritism, which is why I assigned your partners," Ronald's PE teacher called out eliciting a series of groans.

Ronald glanced over to where Jamie and Karyn were sitting cross-legged on the floor. Jamie met his eye, smiled, winked, and turned back to the teacher. He wondered if he would end up with either of them. He wouldn't.

"Sarah McMillian and Jamie Gibson," the teacher called out. The two girls groaned.

"Karyn Black and Nicole Summers," another two groans. Wait Nicole Summers was on his list. Ronald craned his neck, getting a glimpse of Karyn's breasts in that much too-small t-shirt but he couldn't see Nicole. The teacher spoke again before he could.

"Ronald Hyde and Biff Meadows," Ronald watched as Biff stood up and looked at him. Dark eyes examined him as Biff sneered. Fuck. Wait. He had an idea.

"I wish Biff was also on my list," Ronald whispered and the stone flashed. Maybe he wouldn't kill him if he was falling in love with him.

"What list is that Ron?" Biff asked holding out a hand, the sneer gone from his face. Ronald reluctantly grabbed it and almost fell as the football player pulled him to his feet. No one had ever heard a wish before. Ronald was sure they couldn't. But apparently, they could...

"I have a list of people that I want to become friends with," Ronald replied. It felt like a pretty good lie but Biff didn't quite believe him. Biff usually hated boys like him.

"Huh, say I believe that. Why'd you say wish?" Biff asked. Ronald's grip tightened around the small stone in his gym shorts.

"It's just something I say sometimes," Ronald replied. It didn't look like that fully convinced Biff but the teacher's loud voice cut off any chance to continue the conversation.

"Line up, one partner will be recording the other's score then you will switch. This is the pacer test. You will run from one side of the gym to the other. Each time a bell will ring. Each time, the duration between rings will decrease until you can no longer make it to the other side in time. Now go!"

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